Does A Contractor’s Website Need A Blog?

Are you a contractor looking to expand your business? Don’t fret, there are many ways you can do so. The nature of contracting work requires that contractors consistently market and advertise their business. In fact, it is a good idea for contractors to market both online and locally, as both types of advertisement will boost business. 

One way that contractors can get more clients is by starting a blog on their website. If you’re unfamiliar with how a blog can get you more traffic and more clients, keep reading. By the end of this, you’ll want to start a blog right away!

contractor keywords

Contractor Keywords

One of the most important parts of your blog is the keywords you use on it. You may be asking yourself, what are good contractor keywords? The answer is quite broad; any word related to your work as a contractor can be used as a keyword. With that being said, there are some common words you can use. For instance, words and phrases like “metal roofing,” “vinyl siding,” and “renovation” are great keywords to use. 

Words revolving around contracting itself are also good to use for blogging and SEO. Words you could use include “contractor,” “contractor services,” or “how to build a house” which will all optimize your content! 

In addition to the keywords listed above, it is also essential that you combine these keywords with local keywords, too. Local keywords revolve around your area of service. A good phrase that all contractors can use is “near me,” as this makes your services appear locally in people’s searches. In addition to “near me,” you can also use the names of your area of service. For instance, if you do contracting services in the San Jose area, you can use keywords like “San Jose,” or “Santa Clara County.” These keywords will make your services appear in searches by those in this location.

It is key to combine keywords regarding your services with keywords that mention your location. This way, your content is optimized to the fullest extent, and people will see your services in their search results. It is also important to repeat your contractor keywords throughout your content, as this is what boosts your page in the search results. 

blogging for contractors

Blogging for Contractors

You may be wondering, how can a blog benefit my contracting business? Although contracting may not seem like an industry that could benefit from blogging, contractor blogs are actually a great way to boost traffic to your services, both in-person and online. 

One way to engage your future customers is to create content. Creating content shows that you care about your industry and that you’re dedicated to not only being a contractor but also educating others about your services. In this way, content creation builds credibility on your part, and makes people feel more confident in your services. 

Blogging for contractors is an excellent way of creating content! Blogs can be about anything related to contracting. Just like the keywords you use can be about anything remotely included or adjacent to the contracting field, your blog posts can be this way, too. Contractor blogs can be about the contracting business, but they can also be about the services you provide. For instance, you could write a blog post explaining what contracting is, or business tips for contractors. However, you could also write a blog post about how to build a house or construction tips. 

Contractor Websites

Blog posts will be featured on your contractor website, so it is imperative that you make sure your website is comprehensive, accessible, and informative.

There are certain things that every good website should have. For example, a good contractor website will include an “about us” page, as this helps people understand your services and get to know you. They will also have clear contact information to make sure that no one has trouble accessing your services. Additionally, a good website will have an attractive design and logo, as this increases brand awareness. Brand awareness is important for services conducted in person, as people like to have a reliable contractor on hand when they need it. If you can become that local contractor that everyone knows about, your business will see some huge growth. 

Contractors should also include client testimonials on their websites. Testimonials are an excellent way to show future clients that your services are reliable and trusted by others. Testimonials are another great form of content, too, and they can diversify your website. 

contractor blogging

Advertising for Contractors

Blogging is one way that contractors can market their services. In fact, content creation as a whole is likely the best way to engage in contractor marketing. Content creation, to review, is the output of various forms of media and advertising. 

We can divide advertising for contractors into in-person and online marketing. In-person, or local marketing, uses SEO just like online marketing. However, the way in-person contracting services are marketed differs slightly. For example, in-person advertising will be on local physical advertisements, such as those on placemats, billboards, buses, bulletin boards, and more. 

Online advertising, on the other hand, can be done in many different ways. Contractors can get more clients by blogging, so creating a contractor blog is a must when you market your services. However, blogging isn’t the only way to boost your online presence. Taking out digital advertisements is a great way to gain traffic to your business. 

Social Media for Contractors

Blogging is an excellent way for contractors to get more clients, and one avenue they can pursue that is related to blogging is the use of social media. Social media, like other forms of advertising, is another great way to create content related to your industry. In some ways, social media for contractors is an avenue for blog posts. For example, on Instagram, the caption portion of a post can act as a short blog post. It helps that many social media platforms utilize hashtags, which is another great opportunity to incorporate keywords into your content. 

So, which platforms should you use as a contractor? The answer is, quite frankly, all of them! Instagram has the highest engagement out of all social media platforms, so it is a must to post there. Instagram is also a great platform to use because it allows you to share images. Since contracting often revolves around building structures, it is important that future clients see your work, not just read or hear about it. Similarly, sites like YouTube and TikTok allow users to share images and videos, and this is another great opportunity to share pictures and shorts featuring your creations or projects you had a part in. 

For professional networking, contractors can use sites like LinkedIn to share their experience, and credentials, and to connect with other professionals in the field. Again, since contractors can get more clients by blogging, contractors should use sites like LinkedIn to post short-form captions and textposts that can function as blog postings. Here, they can employ the use of keywords to optimize their content. 

Additionally, contractors can use sites like Twitter or Pinterest to share information about their services and show pictures and testimonials of their work. 

Overall, social media should definitely be a part of marketing your services as a contractor, as these platforms provide excellent opportunities for marketing and growing your business. 

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Build Your Blog Today

In conclusion, contractors should create a blog in order to diversify their content, which will lead to better search engine optimization and more traffic to their websites and services. Blogs provide a great opportunity for contractors to educate the public about their services, market their services, and increase brand awareness. In this way, by using a blog to market your services, you increase your brand awareness, and become the reliable neighborhood contractor that your community relies upon! 

Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you market your services, including on your blog. We can help you set your blog up for the first time or improve it if you already have one. In addition, we can help you identify topics that you should cover that will help increase traffic to your website. Finally, we can also show you how to repurpose your blog content with other digital marketing tactics to really make your business grow. 

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