Facebook Content Creation

Facebook content creation is so key to creating a business image. But what kinds of things should you post? Over 80 million small businesses have Facebook pages, so how can you make yours stand out? Your content creation will directly affect what people will think of your company.  

Facebook Content

Facebook Content Creation

Facebook is a great place to begin crafting a social media persona for your company.

Every business is unique, but there are a few things that universally make a good post. Creating one with good content is the way to go.

The first thing you need to determine when creating content for Facebook is deciding what kind of content you want to be posting and the tone you want to portray.

Is your product fun and exciting? Then you might want to make some amusing and interesting posts that will reflect your product and company. This tone might not work as well for a law firm. Figure out the tone you want to set, so you can make your own Facebook content creation strategy. This will help you know what kinds of posts to create, and it will help your clients recognize what your company is like.

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The next thing you’ll want to look for when creating Facebook content is finding images for your posts. If you want to catch the eye of someone scrolling through, you need an image that will be attention-grabbing. Find images that reflect your company. Make sure that any photos you already have to use are high-quality and not blurry in any way. If you take photos of your team or clients, make sure you have their consent before posting about them. If you don’t have photos available, check places where you can find royalty-free images for commercial use. Never use an image without checking if it is royalty-free! You can sometimes use other images if you credit the photographer or artist. You can also look into getting professional custom photos taken for your business. This is usually a simple process and is worth it in the long run.


When you’re ready to add text, make sure to include things that match your company’s vision. Your Facebook content creation strategy needs to match your company in values and goals. There are so many different things to post about, but it is best to keep it simple. Never let the caption drag on! A general rule of thumb is to keep the text from reaching the point where someone would have to click on the post to read the rest. You want to keep it short and sweet so that people will read the entire post. It keeps things interesting for your viewers. Make sure that whatever you’re posting about is relevant to your business but is interesting to the general public. Don’t use technical words or jargon if you can help it.


Look over your post several times before actually posting it to your page. Check the grammar and spelling! If you aren’t sure, look it up. Having misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and other mistakes will make your company look unprofessional and less trustworthy. You may also end up creating problems you don’t want to deal with. People online can be harsh if you make a mistake in your content.

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Facebook Content Creation Strategy


Another thing to include in your posts are links to other sites. You can create an entire post around a link! Connect your Facebook page to your company’s website, blog, or anything else you want to promote. Linking will help you get more visits on your pages other than Facebook. If your pages operate on PPC (Pay Per Click), this can be incredibly helpful to your company, and help you make more money.

When you do add links to your posts, make sure to add them correctly. If a client clicks on your link and goes to the wrong site, they might not try again. Keep your links updated in older posts if you make any changes or consider deleting older posts after a year or so.


A great way to make posts that will influence people is to create events. Events on Facebook are easy to make on your page, and they can announce a special release, exciting event, or even a promotion you offer. These will get people interested in learning more about your company. It can also get more people to visit your location or buy things from you. Most companies offer promotions, and this is a tried and true way to get people interested and buying.  

Facebook Live

If you are comfortable with it, Facebook live is another great way to get people interested in your products or services. You can show off products, talk about them, and even interact with people who are watching. It can be hard to figure out, so maybe practice on your personal page first. A benefit to this is that the people who follow your page will get notified if you go live, which will remind them to check out your page and see what else you offer.


Another way to create interest is through videos. A product-inspired video can definitely boost your sales! Making a video can be difficult but hiring someone to make one for you is usually not too expensive. You can also share videos that are inspiring, related to your product, or just exciting and interesting. When you are deciding what kind of video to share, make sure they are short, usually less than 2 minutes long. Avoid sharing things that are political in nature. You want people to enjoy your videos and ‘like’ them, so that their friends will see them as well. ‘Likes’ are important for that reason, so you’ll want to get as many as you can.  


Make sure to respond to people who comment on your posts! The way you respond will highlight the good qualities your company has. If people comment that they were not satisfied or unhappy with your product, you can respond to that complaint and correct the issue easily. This may also answer other people’s questions, which is especially helpful if you receive comments of customers that have had problems. This is one of the best ways to correct misconceptions and get good reviews and responses. You can also support and thank people who give you kind reviews. This helps your brand retain those quality customers that will return again and again.

Facebook Content Creation Strategy

Content Creation Agency

If all of this seems like too much work for you, especially when you are busy running a business, there are people who can do it for you! Content creation agencies specialize in making the perfect post so that you don’t have to do it on your own. Many agencies offer social media management for not only Facebook, but other pages as well. They will find the images, write the perfect text, then post it for you. The prices can vary depending on how many posts your company would want per day or per week, and how much work needs to be done. It may be worth it for your company to look into having others manage it for you.

What Does a Content Creation Agency Do?

Most of the time, a content creation agency will assign a social media management specialist to discover your specific needs, then make it a reality. This person will ask some questions to find out what you want. They will create a social media strategy with you that will influence their Facebook content creation. They will make a calendar with you to schedule when they will post. This way, you can keep track of when content will be added to your pages. There are also times in the day or week that are the best times to post content, which your manager can help you figure out specifically for your product or service.

Sometimes, sharing too many posts or sharing things that are not interesting can hurt your company. This is another reason why a content creation agency can help you. They can fix any damage that may have been done in the past, and help you create a better image.

What Should I Look For in a Content Creation Agency?

When seeking out a content creation agency, you want to look for one that specifically mentions Facebook, especially if that is your main social media site. You will also want to look for a company that creates content, and not just ads. You want to find a company that has good reviews and makes Facebook content creation a focus. There are companies that offer programs, and companies that offer month to month payments. Make sure to look into options so you can select the best one for your needs.

There are so many ways to inspire people, promote your business, and find great customers on Facebook. Content creation is so important to succeed in our technology-centered world. Now you can use the tools you need to gain more customers and keep them interested on social media!

Facebook Content Creation

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