What to Look For in an Event Videographer 

Before learning about what you should be searching for when looking for a videographer, it may be helpful to learn more about what that is in itself. An event videographer is a person whose profession is dedicated to capturing and documenting special moments in a person’s life. That could mean many things, whether that be a wedding, a concert, a sporting event, or any other significant event. It gives people a unique opportunity to look back on these special moments afterward.

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What Does an Event Videographer Typically Do? 

Before an event with a videographer takes place, you will need to discuss the expectations, outcomes, and requirements of the job itself. This will allow them to connect with the client beforehand as well as make sure everyone is on the same page as far as what they are hoping to get out of their event video production services. Whether you are just sitting down to discuss the general theme or if you are doing a walk-through and getting an idea of the actual event, you will need to meet to make sure that this is a good fit for everyone. 

The only job that comes next is the actual event itself. There, the videographer will be shooting the event and capturing live footage of the event. By being well-versed with the equipment as well as the space itself, they will be able to beautifully capture important moments, performances, as well as interactions throughout the entirety of the event. One of the most important aspects is the atmosphere and the setting. Recording a moment is important but it is also important to remember the atmosphere, how everyone is feeling, reacting, and taking in the moment. 

While capturing the moment is very important, editing is also vital. These final touches are very crucial to the end result of the product itself. Even though there are great moments that are captured, if they are not all combined and blended together perfectly, then the final result will not produce the same feeling as once hoped. When searching for someone who specializes in video event production services, you will generally find a portfolio or examples of past work to see if it aligns with what you are hoping to receive. 

What to Expect as a Videographer’s Quote 

Each videographer has a different fee or rate that they charge per event. This fee generally depends on a few key aspects. This includes what the videographer will cover, whether they need to travel, and how long they have to complete the work. The videographer’s quote can also vary based heavily on what is all required of them or how successful in their field they are. There is not generally a flat rate. If they are an independent contractor, they can charge whatever they please. However, if you are looking to get this service through a company, there could be a flat fee with other negotiables within. Each videographer’s quote will be different depending on experience and the job itself. So, when you go looking to hire one, that is something to keep in mind. 

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How Would This Work Differ for a Corporate Event?

If you are looking for corporate event videography, you are searching for someone with slightly different experience. The purpose of corporate event videography is to allow companies to preserve important events through the years for both themselves as well as the public. This footage may be used in future marketing efforts or simply as a way to remember the growth of the company itself. These event videos are a great way to communicate what the company is all about as well as show off the brand as a whole. Whether you are using a videographer at panels, speeches, presentations, activities, launches, or any other special moments that are worth the documentation, all of these events can be made special with the right person behind the camera. 

Your Own Marketing Team 

For most companies, there is a department that is strictly marketing, branding, or content creation. These are the creative minds that help the company further its growth and brand awareness. A lot of the time, those who earn these degrees have taken creative classes at colleges and may have even dabbled in videography itself. If you are lucky enough to have hired someone with this type of experience or background, then you can obtain an event videographer at no extra cost than what you are paying your marketing team already. However, not everyone in marketing has these credentials and knows what they are doing. If you are contracting out to either a company or an independent videographer, you would be obtaining someone who has the credentials and already has a portfolio and experience in the field to get you the desired result. 

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Video Streaming and Videography 

As we all know, social media is the way to get and keep your business in the public’s eye. Both social media platforms and streaming sites allow companies to create video ads. Most streaming services even charge a higher price for you to not have ads attached to every movie, video, or series. They do this so they can make money off your higher subscription, as well as make money off of the brands who use the advertisements to promote their product or business.

Whether you are working for someone who is doing an at-home cooking show, which has become more popular with celebrities, or if you are live streaming a sporting match, those who are producing it are in the videography/event videography business. While they are similar, they aren’t exactly the same concept. Videography is filming footage and using it to create something on a very broad scale. Meanwhile, live streaming is using the internet to get something that has already been created out to a wider-scaled audience. 

What To Look for When Choosing an Event Video Production Service

When looking to hire an event videographer in your area, you need to look at three main things; their portfolio, the videographer’s quote, and their presence online. All of these components are important when searching for a new videographer because each can tell you something about the person you are looking to hire. 

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Their Portfolio

When you are looking for a videographer, the first thing that you should look at is their portfolio. By looking at their portfolio, you can tell if they produce the type of content you are looking to have. For example, if you are looking for a specific type of video or aesthetic, you need to look at the previous work they have created to determine if you feel they are the right person for the job. 

The Videographer Quote

Next, you need to reach out to the videographer for their quote in order to see if you can afford their services.. Whether or not they have the experience and the ability to do the job, if they are out of your price range, then you must continue your search to find the perfect person or company within your budget. If your job requires more time and dedication, then the quote may be higher. However, you should expect that and factor it into your budget regardless. 

Their Social Media Presence

The final thing to do before selecting a videographer is to look into their social media presence. If accessible, you should also look at any other work that they may have conducted for other businesses or persons. The creator themselves should have also posted other works other than what they have showcased in their portfolio. This will help give a broader range of what they have experience with, not just what they consider their “best work.”

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