Reasons to Use Video Marketing on Instagram

The world of business has changed quite a lot over the past few years. However, one thing is still true today. No matter how big the size of your company is, video marketing can help your business to grow. Here are a few reasons which tell why video marketing in 2021 is essential. 

1. Video is the most engaging content  

Staying ahead in this competitive world is not an easy task to achieve, even with paid ads on social media platforms. Since millions of businesses of different sizes are finding ways to stand out from the rest, social media platforms can indeed help to spread your ads on social media platforms, and it will reach your targeted customers. However, it can assure you that people will watch or pay attention to your ads. The highly engaging nature of videos can influence your customer to see your videos. Using video ads, you can get the attention of the viewer. Having exciting video content can make your customer stop scrolling for a while. Facebook is the most popular social media platform. It has over a billion users. The human brain comes across static images for a few seconds, but using an engaging video can help hold the customers’ attention more than five times.

2. Video reduces the cost behind ads without compromising the results

Video adsVideos can help you reduce your expenditure and is an effective way to establish your brand. By spending a few dollars per view, you can evoke the interest of a highly targeted audience. Like Facebook, you may not have such a vast user, but it is the best platform for video marketers. It allows business owners to run ads. Video ads may comprise a list of products along with their prices as well. 

3. Video builds trust 

The landscape of the business is changing day by day, and trust is an essential asset of the brand. You can use video marketing to strengthen the relationship between the audience and you. So do you know the crucial tips for doing this? Well, you can try making a questions and answers video with the help of a video editor. If you can do this task, you will be able to foster trust and build a long relationship. Using video marketing, you can popularize your brand. 

4. Video drives customers on social media

influencer marketingDue to worldwide health issues, brands cannot typically interact with the consumers as they used to do before. According to a study, 90 percent of marketers think that video content can be an effective tool in the pandemic situation. On Instagram, sponsored photos do not receive much attention as video ads. The same theory also works on Facebook. On Facebook, you can receive more than 30 percent engagement than static images. 

5. Live streaming helps to strengthen the bond with the customer 

Live streaming has revolutionized the way that brands interact with consumers. Apart from organic video content and video ads, you can choose to organize live streaming to influence the audience’s mind. As mentioned, the pandemic has reshaped the world of business in many ways, particularly the way brands used to communicate with others. You can use the live footage in making other video content. 

6. Videos increase your website’s Google ranking

Adding videos to the website will help you to draw visitors. Your visitors will stay on the website for a longer time. When your website is embedded with attractive video, your website is likely to get 50 times more attention in the Google search results. Search engines like Google rank a particular website depending on various factors. Many marketing geniuses think that dwell time can help to influence the rank of a website. It refers to the amount of time for which a visitor stays on your website. Besides, including videos in the website helps to create backlinks which, in turn, helps to rank up your website. 

7. You can take advantage of old video content 

Some businesses do not use video marketing since they think it is expensive to promote your business. However, it is not entirely true. You do not have to make videos every time. You can share high-profile videos on other social platforms. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the best social media to share your videos. This platform guarantees you that your ad will be watched by a great number of users. 

8. There are vast numbers of mobile users 

mobile video consumerAlmost everyone in the world is using smartphones, and everyday people are watching lots of videos on online platforms. If you are making any videos, then they should be suitable for desktop and mobile sites. Most of the video formats in Instagram are now using vertical shape video format.   You can include engaging captions, subtitles, and thumbnails in mobile videos, as many users like to watch the videos without any sound. 

9. Video help to explain complex products and services  

 You can use short-term videos for your FAQ videos. Most consumers purchase certain products online after watching a tutorial or instructional video regarding the product. If your business deals with complex products and services, you should consider making FAQ videos to reduce your inquiries. 

10. Email marketing is more effective with video content

One of the best things about video marketing is that you can use it for marketing campaigns. A B2B software can make more than 100 videos within three months, and email marketing is not so different. Make sure your audience knows that your email is embedded with video content. For instance, you have a product to launch in the market, and attaching a video in your newsletter can help alert your audience regarding the latest offers. 

Is video marketing right for you?

The use of video content is no longer an option in modern business. It has become a necessity. Most of the businessmen have realized the power and want to take full advantage of it. In the previous year, about 80 percent of the brands were adopting the strategies of video marketing. If you want to use video marketing strategies on the Instagram platform, then you are at the right place.  Let SEO Design Chicago help you get started.

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