Why Local SEO Is Important for Staffing Agencies

Are you looking to expand the scope of your staffing agency? If you are, then search engine optimization, or SEO, is an excellent tool to boost your business! SEO utilizes keywords to group search results on a search engine. Results with the same keywords will come up in the user’s search results because of SEO.

SEO can boost marketing and advertising, as well as bring in both more employees and clients that will utilize your agency’s services. In this article, we will explore how staffing agencies can use SEO to boost their business.

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SEO for Staffing Agencies

What types of keywords should SEO for staffing agencies include? Any words surrounding work in general, or staffing, such as “employees,” “temporary work,” “staffing,” or “staffing agency” are great options to use for staffing SEO. Because staffing agencies rely both on several employees and clients, the SEO that staffing agencies may use can also have to do with this side of the business, as well. 

For instance, staffing agencies can use words that someone looking for a job may use, such as “unemployment,” “how to find a job,” “temporary work,” or “entry-level jobs.” On the other side of the business, staffing agencies may also use words associated with companies who are looking for employees, such as “job opening,” “job vacancy,” or “now hiring.” The utilization of both sets of keywords will ensure that your staffing agency is reaching both future employees and future clients. 

Local SEO for Staffing Agencies

Local SEO for staffing agencies takes the conversation above and puts it into a local context. The use of local SEO in particular will ensure that you are reaching potential clients and future employees in your area.

Local keywords should be used in conjunction with the keywords surrounding employees and clients to increase brand awareness in a staffing agency’s area of service. Keywords for location may be “near me,” as in “staffing agency near me.” Any words or phrases related to location should be included in SEO because they will bring local traffic to your business. 

Staffing agencies can work largely online, however, some of their work is in-person, depending on what industry it’s in. Regardless, you can still market your agency locally to try to help people in your area find jobs and employees. 

It is best to know your area well to optimize SEO. For instance, SEO Design Chicago has a team of writers who work in the Nashville area. To get the most out of SEO in Nashville, words and phrases include the name of the city and words like “Downtown,” “The Gulch,” “East Nashville,” “Music Row,” “Antioch,” and “Walker’s Hermitage.” These are all keywords that Nashville locals will know, so it’s great to use them in your SEO phrases. 

Staffing agencies can also market locally in different ways. For example, they can take out advertisements in local papers, placemats at restaurants, billboards, buses, and anywhere else you may find an advertisement. 

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SEO Design Chicago and Staffing SEO

In Nashville, we help staffing agencies advertise their services using SEO, both local and online. We use a variety of different tools to make your agency appear more relevant in future employees’ and future clients’ searches. 

For instance, we use local search rankings to make sure you’re ranking high in local searches. We also make sure you have online business listings, too. Online business listings are important so that people interested in finding a staffing agency will not only just find your company in their search, but they will also be enticed to click because of the strong listing they see with details involving your business. 

We also ensure you have a foolproof and comprehensive online presence (translated to in-person business, too). Having a bold and confident presence online will make people feel more comfortable with the services you provide because they trust you more. We can use Google My Business and Yahoo and Bing local for staffing agencies, too. These, as they are part of your online presence, will appear when people search for your services. As long as these profiles are well-developed, people will be interested in clicking. 

Websites for Staffing Agency Marketing

Staffing agency marketing is comprised of keeping up a professional presence online while using different advertising techniques to optimize the searches of people looking for your services. A good website is essential for any staffing agency looking to expand its business. But what does a good website look like? 

About Us Page

A strong website has many elements. For example, it will have an “about us page” with information about your business. It should also include a “services we provide” tab to explain your services to future clients. Because you will also interest future employees, there should be a way for people to inquire about applying to your staffing agency, as well as a form for future clients to fill out if they are interested in your business, too. 


Your website should be comprehensive and easily accessible to optimize user engagement. Web users shouldn’t have a hard time navigating your website. After all, your services exist to help these people, not to hinder them in their search. 

Content Creation

Staffing agency marketing is not complete without good content creation. There are many ways staffing agencies can make their websites more dynamic through their content. You can include blog posts, social media links and posts, articles, videos, and testimonials on your website. 

Having content shows future customers and employees that you care deeply about your staffing agency and that you have put your heart into marketing it. It’s not just marketing though. When people see that you have put a great deal of time into generating content for your website, they will appreciate your work ethic, and you will build credibility in this way. 

Blogging is an especially helpful way to market your business. Blog posts will keep your website fresh and interesting. It will also generate more clicks, as you can link to other internal pages on your website, such as other blog posts or tabs. You can use permalinks to easily link to other posts, allowing easy navigation of your content. 

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Other Marketing Methods

There are other ways that staffing agencies can market their services. For example, staffing agencies can use pay-per-click, or PPC, marketing, as well as Facebook advertising and LinkedIn marketing. These will help with your online presence, as well as staffing SEO. Indeed, these provide excellent opportunities to utilize keywords. 

Staffing agencies can also take advantage of social media by using it to advertise their services and grow their customer and employee base. Instagram has the most engagement out of all social media platforms, so this is a site you should use to market your staffing agency. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also provide marketing opportunities almost every social media site has a way to incorporate keywords into posts and searches, most commonly through the use of hashtags. 

Social media is also a great marketing tool because it encourages people to talk to each other. This way, you can get reviews of your services, which will help increase your business. These sites also do a great job of creating communities, so you can use this to your advantage by finding communities of people who either want your services for their own companies or are looking for a job. 

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Take Some “Agency” in Your Business

All in all, SEO for staffing agencies is extremely helpful in increasing traffic to your business. Both traditional and local SEO play their role in helping you develop and market your company. SEO tactics also increase the number of clients you service, along with bringing in interested job applicants looking for work. 

Local SEO is important for staffing agencies, too, as this generates in-person traffic to your staffing agency. This is not to say that all the business a staffing agency takes part in is only in-person, though. It depends on the company. For some staffing agencies, much of the business you conduct will happen online. For others, most work will be in-person. 

Because it varies so greatly from company to company, it is essential that you know the market in which you are advertising, along with the area you are promoting in. Be aware of your audience and any future clients. Check out our website today to learn how we can help your staffing company with local and online SEO!


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