What is Local SEO?

This article talks about Local SEO and what factors contribute to a great local presence for your business.

How do you get found Locally?

So you have your business set up and everything looks great. You open your doors, sit back and wonder what you could be doing to get more traffic in your location(s).  Should you resort to hiring a man to stand out in the street in front of your location to flip a cool sign?  

What is Local SEO - Sign Flip

Perhaps you may want to just get an inflatable flailing arm tube man to attract new business to your location? 

What is Local SEO - Tube Man

How about we consider utilizing technology to see what we can do by localizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts and become more relevant in your community!

Let’s first start by finding out what Local SEO really is.  At this point we’ve all heard that becoming relevant within the major search engines is a very important part of being found on the web.  Most content out there will help you drive traffic to your website, but is that going to help you drive traffic in your doors? There is currently a movement by consumers where they want to purchase within their community.  They want to go out and touch what it is that they are purchasing. They don’t want to research for days and sift through the masses of online content, they want to ask a professional, you! Confidence in online reviews is slowly but surely decreasing.  Now that online sellers are buying great five-star reviews for products and services the average consumer doesn’t really know what to believe. Consumers want to talk to a person and get a feel for the places they do business with. What we want to do here is ensure that you are quickly and easily able to be found within a geographically relevant area to your future customer.


Getting to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) results

Search engine algorithms are getting more and more complex with each passing day.  These are intricate programs to deep dive into the depths of the internet and provide you with appropriate content based on your needs. 

What is Local SEO - Google Algorithm

This is great for a consumer, simply and easily finding what you want is the ultimate goal, isn’t it?  As a business, things are flipped in reverse. You need to find a way to be that name on the top of that list.  As with any brick-and-mortar business, it is imperative that you appear on these searches. The average person allots less than a minute in their local searches for what they are looking for and unless that business upsets them or fails to meet their needs, the consumer is satisfied.  Where does that leave you? Local SEO will get you on the frontlines of this battle for attention.  

What is Local SEO - Battle for Attention

You will need to create an image for yourself online that represents you locally so that a local search will ping you as the premier local provider. Wow, that’s a local tongue twister!  This will drive up your relevance in key word searches. This will put you in the ring with the biggest retailers on the planet simply because you used intelligent technology to drive traffic your way and create noise for yourself.  And isn’t that what every business wants? You need to invest your efforts in creating as much online noise for yourself as possible, all while speaking a local language. There are many things you can do in this area and the more personalized the item is, the better!  Start getting your gears turning on how you can represent your community with your business.


Steps to getting found locally

All of this sounds great and I’m sure by now you are more motivated than ever to get out there and start plugging away on your website and your online channels to drive your Local SEO. I wish it was just that easy.  There will be more that any business owner or marketer will need to know. We’ll have to discuss Title Tags and how best to structure your URL’s or hyperlinks.  Hey, I’m sure you’ll want some images to show a little flash or product/ service info, how should you approach this?  What photos should you use? Do you have a navigation menu? How should this work to best drive traffic and make your business more relevant to the search?  Is everything on your site going to show up correctly on every device? Most local searches are now conducted on mobile devices, give it a try and see what the experience is for your business.  This is all starting to really add up! It’s ok, take a deep breath, we’re here to help you. We’ll provide you the tools and resources to be successful.

It may take a lot to become an expert in this area, although any effort will be better than no effort at all. You will always have to remember, if you are not an online business, you need to talk to people and they need to find you.  Local SEO is the driving force behind the consumer and their ability to purchase your products or services. How do you rank amongst your local competition when you try to find yourself? Do you appear easily on Google Maps or do you need to zoom all the way down to the exact building you are in to find yourself?  You were bold enough to open your doors or put together an aggressive marketing plan, now let’s get bold with our local presence and capture more customers. 


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