How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

Utilizing different social media platforms is absolutely essential in the business and advertising world. Pinterest, a major social media platform that allows users to pin images and small videos to boards, is allowing people yet another channel to market products and increase business. A Pinterest Business account is an underutilized feature, but proves very beneficial for marketing and advertising, as it efficiently allows people to share and save photos and short videos. This platform is particularly beneficial for small businesses that may have a hard time gaining traction on larger social media platforms. Within the last 10 years, this social media platform has become unquestionably advantageous for business owners and is constantly evolving to become even more beneficial for a business. Pinterest makes it easy for businesses to promote products, send traffic to their website, and create awareness of their product or service.

What is Pinterest?

Before discussing how to create a Pinterest business account, it’s important to understand the platform as a whole.

How it Works

Pinterest allows people to conveniently share their interests through images and short videos, as well as view and save other people’s images and short videos. Users can follow other Pinterest users and see the content that these users post. Pinterest establishes a feed that contains an infinite quantity of pins based on your perceived interests. It conveniently allows users to organize their different interests by creating boards. For each board, a user can establish a title as well as a cover photo. Then, when a user goes to pin a picture or short clip, they can put it under handpicked categories such as “Cooking” or “Interior Design.” This simple naming of boards is incredibly helpful and time-efficient because a user can reopen the app and easily find something they previously pinned with limited searching.

The Algorithm

Pinterest’s algorithm takes note of what your interests are based on what you search, click on, pin, and who you follow. It then floods your feed with content that matches these interests. Pinterest ranks what they think users want to see.

Do other users want to see your content? Pinterest determines this by domain quality or the popularity of your pins. How popular are you? Next, Pinterest takes into account pin quality. What’s the quality of your pins? Do other users save your pins and follow your account after seeing your pins? The next step of the algorithm is to determine your Pinner quality. How often do you use this platform? It is ideal to both be an active user, but also have other people interacting with your content. Lastly, Pinterest measures your topic relevance. Do people search for the content you are producing? Do you use keywords and hashtags on your pins to help people find them?

How to Beat the Algorithm With Your Content

How do you get your ideas and interests to the most people possible? Firstly, you want to create a profile name as well as a description. This is important for traffic on your profile because it allows users to determine instantaneously if your interests align with their interests. Do they want to keep scrolling and look through your boards?

Additionally, the user will look at your board names next, so it is crucial you accurately label your boards and organize your pins accordingly. Another way to beat the algorithm is by posting high-quality pins, while simultaneously staying active on the platform. Pinterest values users that use the platform and therefore circulates those users’ pins more. The goal of beating the algorithm is to circulate your content and gain followers so that your content reaches more people in the future.

Pinterest for Business

Although attempting to use a social media platform you have no experience with is daunting, Pinterest is incredibly accessible for the technologically savvy as well as those who may not understand technology as well. To learn how to create a Pinterest business account, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Search Pinterest on any internet browser
  2. Click Sign-Up on the top right corner of the initial Pinterest screen
  3. Follow the steps to fill in your email, create a password, etc.
  4. Fill out a Business Profile

After completing these steps, Pinterest will prompt you with questions to build your Business Profile. It will ask you prompts such as, “Describe your Business.”

Why Using Pinterest for Business is Beneficial

Finding Trends

Firstly, Pinterest business accounts are great for spotting trends. Users share products they have consumed and loved, as well as products they consumed and would not recommend. This can help businesses better understand what aspects of products or services users like and do not like. Businesses are then able to change their product or service accordingly.

Promoting Your Business With a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest creates a space where you can share both your business’s name and its interests. Users may come across your page or pins, and engage with your company further. This can create traffic to your business’s website or other social media platforms. Not only does having a Pinterest business account increase traffic, but it allows companies to access new pools of people with the potential to buy your product or service. A major way to promote your business is consistently posting your product or service, and making it clear to viewers what your business is and what it provides.

How Pinterest Business Accounts Provides Analytics

Creating a Pinterest business account allows users to access analytics, whereas a Pinterest personal account does not allow access to this feature. The analytics feature allows businesses to see which pins are the most popular and which pins received little to no traction. The analytics reveal how many people your pin reaches by telling you how many views it has. Additionally, the Pinterest business account user is able to see charts of how many people clicked on your pin or how many impressions the pin had. The charts are easy to understand and show Pinterest business users whether their popularity is increasing or decreasing. Users can sort the graphs to visually show what pins were most popular as well as the popularity within different date ranges.

How to Advertise on Pinterest

Advertising on Pinterest has been proven to be incredibly favorable for businesses. According to small business trends, 87% of Pinterest users say the content compelled them to buy something, and 90% of campaigns saw an increase in sales due to Pinterest. Pinterest is able to track substantial amounts of data and can show overall shopping patterns. Pinterest is targeted for businesses to advertise and users to be consumers. As a global platform, Pinterest can help you reach all across the world and the amount of users is constantly growing.

Pins are Ads

Pins themselves are a form of advertisement. Businesses with a Pinterest business account can promote themselves by posting pins. This will give their business exposure, and therefore a form of advertisement. People then re-pin these pins, and your advertisement reaches more audiences. Each pin allows space for up to a 500-word caption. These captions can be an additional tool for advertising. You can convince a user why they should visit your website and view all your products or services. It can also give prospective buyers a better understanding of your company. Businesses should utilize both the image feature and video feature of pins to draw users’ attention. This is your chance to sell your products or services to users.

Shopping Feature

Businesses can utilize Pinterest’s shopping feature to post products easily accessible to the consumer. The shop tab on a Pinterest business account provides users a place to search for something they are looking to purchase and view all the products that match their search. Users can even check out their cart directly on Pinterest. This is much more convenient than shopping on many different websites for the same product and buying items from different stores separately.

The shopping feature also allows users to view an image of a product they want and immediately know how to buy it. Previously, on Pinterest, it was difficult to buy products because users would have to find them on an internet browser. Now, businesses are able to post their product and a link to exactly where consumers can buy it. With only a few clicks, a user can buy a product.

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Pinterest Tips & Tricks

It is incredibly important to make your account accessible to potential buyers. It is vital to include keywords, hashtags, and add descriptions. When a user is searching for a product, including these three things will increase the likelihood that your product appears. Keywords, hashtags, and descriptions beat the algorithm. Target your audience with these three tips. Who do you want to see your product? How will these people find your product? Another tip is to utilize all the features a Pinterest business account has to offer. Post often and carefully monitor your business analytics. Which posts have the most interaction and traffic? Do you see a pattern? How can you better your posts in the future?


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