How To Get More Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks on the internet. Did you know that Pinterest has just about tripled its amount of users from 2014 until now? It is becoming so much more than just a recipe and DIY website. Now Pinterest has started to create a new ground for entrepreneurs who want to promote their business. There are so many pins saved every day, and 70% of the pins on Pinterest are business pins! Every person with a company should be getting in on this opportunity. So how do you get more followers for your business on Pinterest? 

With a reputation for more serious content and a strong ban on anything inappropriate, Pinterest is a great platform for businesses to show off their products and services. But what makes Pinterest a little more difficult to use is that popularity depends so largely upon followers. 

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How Does Following on Pinterest Work?

On most social media platforms, you follow your friends and see what they’re doing. On Pinterest, it’s a different story. Most people are on Pinterest to look for things they like. Whether that’s recipes, artwork, memes or clothing, it’s all available on a single search. You can save things you like to your pinboards, which is why each post on Pinterest is called a pin. If you do follow your friends, you don’t see things that are personal about them, like pictures of their family; you see the things they pinned.

Why this is exciting for a business is that if someone likes the pin that you create, they will attach it to one of their boards, and all of the people who follow them will be able to see that. Also, if you have your own business page, you can accrue followers: people who always see what you add to Pinterest. Your followers see what you re-pin and what you post or create. Following someone is easy! You go to their profile and just click on “follow”. Then you will see everything that person pins, makes, or comments on. The more followers you have, the more your pins and posts will be visible to people throughout Pinterest. Pinterest followers are key to a business who wants their products seen, so how can you get them? 

Creating Content 

To attract followers on Pinterest, you will want to create good social media-style content. Creating a pin to be displayed on Pinterest just isn’t as easy as posting on other sites. It has to be an image, and it should be something that people will be interested in. On other social media sites, it is usually enough to post something like a picture of people talking, then if it has interesting text, it will still get attention. This doesn’t happen on Pinterest. There has to be something intrinsically exciting and different about the image you choose.

This is why you will need professionally taken photos to display on your Pinterest. These images cannot be ones you take from someone else on the internet. If you do post someone else’s images, make sure to have permission or that they are royalty-free. Something different you can do is ask an artist to create some images for your site. This is an innovative way to get new content that is interesting! 

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Pin Interesting Things 

One of the best ways to get followers where you don’t have to be creative is by sharing other people’s pins. Make several boards and post things that are related to your business. This will help you gain Pinterest followers as people see your posts and re-pin them. If you are pinning a lot of different kinds of content that can all tie back to your business, you will attract many different kinds of Pinterest followers. This is a great way to find people in all different areas. For example, if you have a wedding planning business, repin pins about wedding dresses, cakes, tuxedos, decor, DIYs and more! There are a lot of different things to choose from when it comes to Pinterest, and it will help you quite a bit to gain followers. 


Just like in SEO, another thing that will boost your Pinterest followers is the use of keywords. Keywords are so useful because they are commonly searched words and phrases. Using long keywords works just as well, and sometimes they work even better than short ones. Don’t just use them in your posts, use them in your page name, board names, and comments! People search keywords on Pinterest to try to find things that they want to pin. This works to your advantage if you want to gain followers. Be specific when creating your keywords, and also use hashtags.

Hashtags connect important things on Pinterest and they are useful when you are searching for things that are similar. Just like on Twitter, hashtags are used to tag items so that you can click on it and find all the pins that share the same word. Linking things together will help your Pins become more popular, as they will be easier to find and categorize with other similar items. People will be more attracted to your pins, and will be more likely to follow you. It’s relatively simple, but very effective! 

Pinterest Follower Generators 

Now, there are websites and companies that will create fake Pinterest followers for you. This may seem like a good idea, but fake followers are not the same as real ones. If you buy followers, you will receive more followers on your page, but because they are not engaged and do not offer anything except for empty follows, you will not receive anything beneficial other than a higher number on your follower counter. This means that the money you spend on generating fake followers will not really help you in the long run. You won’t have more customers or visitors to your website. You will just look like more people follow you than those who actually do. 

How to Get Pinterest Followers

Should You Buy Pinterest Followers? 

From a professional standpoint, you really should not purchase Pinterest followers. First of all, it isn’t exactly fair, but you are also not getting the benefits you would actually want from gaining followers. It’s also not allowed, and Pinterest will ban your profile if they find out. But the main reason why you shouldn’t is that Pinterest doesn’t actually measure success on their profiles through the amount of followers you have. Instead, they use something called engagement analytics. Engagement analytics analyze how often people interact with your boards, pins, and comments.

If you buy a bunch of fake followers, your analytics will show that you have a lot of followers, but that only a small percentage of your following interacts with your content. Because of this, you could have 1,000 fake followers and 1,000 real ones, and because you only have 900 people interacting with your pins, your page is only getting 40% of the following it should have. This shows Pinterest that your posts and pins are not interesting enough, and your page will actually be less likely to show up in searches or in recommendations. Real Pinterest followers are so important because of that! What may help you instead are using the analytics to your advantage. 


No matter how many followers you have, when you use Pinterest or any other site, you need to be aware of the type of analytics that they use. Analytics work by measuring data and showing how much interaction you have with your site or page. But how do you use analytics to your advantage? Finding a company that can analyze and help you improve your profile and site will help you make changes that will increase your interaction and followers.

On Pinterest, this could mean measuring the amount of engagement your boards and pins receive, then helping figure out how to increase that engagement by creating new pins and following patterns that are working for you. Do you ever wonder why some of your Pins become extremely popular while others do not? You can begin to figure that out by using analytics. Luckily, Pinterest’s analytics for your profile become available when you turn it into a business account. Then you can use that information to see what is working, and what is not! 

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Pinterest Followers Will Find You! 

As you apply what you learn from analytics and seek out new followers, your page will continue to grow and become more popular. The only valuable followers are real ones! As you interact with your followers, they will in turn begin re-pinning your posts and saving your content as well. Finding new things to pin and post will benefit you so much, so be creative and do all you can to make posts that are interesting and exciting. Your followers most likely interact with what you post when you create content frequently as well.

Try to make new posts as often as possible, and you will start to see real results! Pinterest followers are key to reaching your goals, so keep creating new content, stay active on other people’s pinboards, and keep looking for innovative ways to improve! 

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