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Can I Advertise On A Podcast?

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Thinking back to the mid 2000’s, there aren’t many cultural trends that have held public interest in the way that podcasts have. The iPod, for which podcast gets part of its naming origin, is only a distant memory; soon to be a retro fascination. Over the last fifteen years podcasts have not only stayed relevant, […]

How Schema Markups Can Improve Your Web Pages

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When looking at the search results on Google do you ever notice that not all results are equal? Do you ever notice some links have fully fleshed out details such as ratings, prices, or video links while others do not? Ever wonder how these details got listed and how you can list your own? All […]


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Should you outsource Digital Marketing? Digital marketing agencies exist for one main reason: they work. They are a great resource for any company that needs to outsource work.  Sometimes you may have projects or initiatives that are beyond the scope of what your employees can do.  An experienced agency can fill in the gaps, so […]

Choosing the Correct Keyword Category for Your Paid Advertising

Keyword Research

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, offers three different keyword types and if you are not correctly using the three categories you won’t get the best possible results or ROI for your campaign. The three different keyword categories are broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Each of the keyword match types was created to pull […]

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