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With over two billion users, Facebook is the biggest social media platform. So many different groups and audiences have established themselves across the platform. Facebook Advertising gives you the opportunity to find customers with similar interests to your brand or products. Most people use Facebook for more than just communicating with their friends. Following pages and being a part of groups has been a major reason for Facebook’s continued success.

Whether your business already has a presence on Facebook or you have just started, you can connect with your consumers on a whole new level. Facebook, like any social media platform, can let you update customers and potential customers on sales, new products, or upcoming events. When it comes to advertising on Facebook you can do all of this while also reaching out to those beyond your initial followers. Depending on what you want to accomplish advertising on Facebook we can help get you going in the right direction. Once you establish your Facebook Advertising objectives, it is time to start creating an advertisement for your future customers.

Facebook Campaign Objectives

Every business is different when it comes to advertising objectives. Knowing how and where to spend your budget can be a difficult decision but we can help inform those decisions. We will help you select the right audience, decide where to run your ad, set your budget, and manage your ad. We can measure your results on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, giving you accurate and consistent data upon request. Increase your brand awareness and reach the maximum number of potential customers with your budget.

What are you looking to accomplish most? Is it an increase in web traffic? Awareness of a new store opening? What about generating new leads? Starting with some of these broad goals can help us in figuring out what types of ads to generate. These objectives can give us ideas of where to advertise within Facebook. Whether it be a timeline post, a video campaign, or a collection ad directly listing a product for sale within Facebook. Maybe you don’t have an immediate objective in mind. We can work together to strategize where efforts should be made.

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Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is the system that Facebook provides to place ads. This system also controls Instagram’s advertising efforts. In Facebook Ads Manager you can decide what you would like to promote. Are you looking to gain a bigger audience on your company page? Do you have a specific post that you would like others to see? You can even promote your own website specifically through Facebook. All of these options play into your overall strategy and specific goals should be addressed at this time.

SEO Design Chicago also provides custom Facebook Ads Manager training for businesses of all sizes.  With over a decade if experience running Facebook and Instagram ads, we are ready to train your team on how to be more successful in your campaigns.

Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy

The most important part of working with Facebook ads is to build an advertising strategy. Whether you have a current digital advertising strategy or you are completely new to using social media ads, SEO Design Chicago can help you create a strategy or adapt an existing plan that will create success for your campaigns.

By establishing a clear strategy for Facebook ads we can make sure all of our efforts are being made in the right areas. By targeting the right audiences and starting ad campaigns with specific goals in mind, we can ensure every dollar you invest in your advertising budget and marketing strategies are making a return and providing you with better, optimized results.

SEO Design Chicago Facebook Strategy
Facebook Advertising Objectives

Facebook Video Ads

Advertising on Facebook is more that just promoted posts and listings on the homepage. Facebook marketing strategies should include video content if possible with high production value.  Video production can be produced by your own company or by an agency that specializes in Videography.

Facebook Video Ad Content

Videos in general are a huge part of what people on Facebook spend their time viewing. Videos naturally require the viewer to maintain attentiveness while viewing it. This means that people are alert and engaged with the content they are viewing. There are three main ways in which you can advertise on Facebook video

  • In Stream

  • Feed

  • Stories

An “In Stream” ad plays during another video that someone is watching, like commercials on TV. There are a vast amount of content creators on Facebook uploading videos daily. These pages generate a lot of viewership and allow for you to reach these audiences. This is a good way to reach new audiences by advertising directly on content that someone is actively viewing, leading to a stronger engagement with your ad.

A “Feed” ad shows up directly in someone’s timeline. While someone is scrolling through their timeline they will see your ad. among the rest of the posts they follow. Feed ads are a seamless integration with a user’s viewing experience, allowing for your ad to mix in naturally. This method also works for image and post ads.

“Stories” are a more recent feature to Facebook. Like Instagram stories, a person or page can upload a short post or video that is time sensitive. While it is a great idea for you to be making Facebook story posts for you business in general, you can also advertise through this avenue. When advertising through Facebook stories you will have you ad show up within the mix of all of the other Facebook stories that specific user follows. This method can help you reach a different audience who may only use Facebook for stories and wouldn’t see your ad otherwise.

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Cost of Advertising on Facebook

When it comes to placing ads on a social media platform there’s no better place than Facebook. Its large audience is one thing but their prices are also some of the best you’ll find. It was reported last year that the cost of advertising actually decrease 6% in 2019.

Facebook ads allow you to pay as much or as little as you’d like. Obvious there will be varying results based on your budget but spending more isn’t always better. There are a lot of different elements that factor into the cost of a Facebook ad. Some of these factors are the location in which you want to advertise, the length of the campaign, and demographic reach you are looking for. At SEO Design Chicago we will help you find the answers to these questions so that you aren’t paying more than you should.

SEO Design Chicago Advertising Cost

How to Win at Facebook Business Goals

Facebook advertising allows some companies another way to get leads and conversions, even if their website design is somewhat lacking. Facebook business goals should include short term goals and log term goals from your marketing team or social media agency. Optimization of your website and website design should be top priorities of your SEO agency or ad agency, because a great user experience will only make your Facebook campaigns more successful.

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