How to Tell if Your Business Needs a Website Redesign

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Do you need a website redesign or update?  If your website is starting to feel a little outdated, it’s probably time to dust off the cobwebs and have your site redesigned. Or, perhaps your website isn’t performing as well as it could or used to, and a redesigned website may just be your answer.

Since your website is a major part of your company’s online presence, you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. How do you know what websites that need to be redesigned? Popular websites are redesigned or updated regularly. Below are several common reasons it may be time to update your website:

  • Doesn’t offer a responsive user experience
  • Looks and feels outdated
  • Uses old technology, such as Adobe Flash
  • Doesn’t work correctly on all browsers
  • Offers a Poor User Experience
  • Has a recent or gradual drop in conversions
  • Takes too long to load
  • Doesn’t adequately represent your business

If you find your website suffers from any of the items above, it’s time to consider redoing your website. And it certainly is time if your website is guilty of multiple items on the list above.

The Website Isn’t Responsive

It used to be easy to create websites that would look good on all screens back when there were only a few different screen resolutions available. Today, with how popular internet browsing is on mobile devices and tablets, it is impossible to code a web design specifically for all screen sizes and resolutions, which is why we now have responsive website design. With responsive website design, your website will automatically adjust to fit the screen it is being viewed on.

An easy way to tell if your website is responsive is to try enlarging and shrinking the browser on your computer. If the website adjusts as you change the size, then it is responsive.

With so many people browsing and shopping online with their devices, you certainly don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because your website is hard to view on a phone.

The Website Looks and Feels Outdated

Website design trends make it easy to tell when a company is still using the same website from years back. When your website’s UX design is obviously old, it causes you to lose credibility with potential customers. Even if the site has all the information they need to make a decision, they may decide to go with a different company simply because the site looks newer.

Uses Outdated Technology

Similar to your website being old, using old technology isn’t the best idea. Websites that still use Adobe Flash are prime examples of sites with outdated technology. Another great example of an outdated website would be one that is still using frames.

Website Browser Compatibility

Sometimes a website will look great on one browser and terrible on another (We are looking at you, Internet Explorer and Edge). Each prospective client has their preferred search engine and internet browser, and if your website doesn’t work on the one they use, they aren’t going to view your website. It’s important that your website works on the latest versions of all major browsers and, if possible, also works on the prior version for people who aren’t quick at updating.

Poor User Experience

If visitors to your website can’t find what they are looking for quickly and easily, then they will move on. So, if it is difficult to navigate or hard to find information on your website, then it’s time to consider a website redesign and site architecture overhaul.

Decreasing Conversions

If you have noticed your website becoming less successful over time or increased bounce rates, it’s time to look over the site and see where it can be improved. This also applies to websites that have never done well with conversions.

Usually, it’s best to have a professional company, like SEO Design Chicago, take a look at the website since they are well equipped at spotting areas of improvement. It may be that you need new content to optimize word counts or just to improve readability. Conversion Optimization can be increased in many ways; your current website may be a component that is holding you back.

Long Load Times

No one likes waiting for a web page to load, so if your website is taking longer than a few seconds to load on the computer, then you are risking someone leaving your website without even seeing it. Older sites, certain types of hosting, websites with lots of plug-ins, and poorly coded sites all risk slow load times. Don’t lose potential customers due to waits. Get your website redone.

Doesn’t Represent Your Brand

We get it. Brands develop and change over time, so websites don’t always represent a brand completely accurately. Or, sometimes, the person who was in charge of creating the website simply had a different vision than the rest of the company. It’s important for your website to match your brand.

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