How Do I Write a Great Call to Action?

How do you write a great call to action? A great call to action can help guide potential customers through the buying process and ultimately help you positively draw conversion rates. This article will show you how to not only draw the attention of those potential consumers, but pique their interest and purchase decision.

how do i write a great call to action

Call to Action Definition

What is a call to action? A call to action is a piece of content intended to induce the reader to do something, typically like “buy here” or “click now.” Sometimes, it is the part of your advertisement that tells the users on your site what they should be doing once having clicked on your pay-per-click ad. You see these types of ads often in persuasive writing. It is what leads potential customers to your website.

The simplest example of a call to action would be those “Buy Now!” ad links you see when you are web browsing. The more information you are able to provide using your call to action, the better it is for you and your potential customer. You are able to let your audience know what to expect once they click on your call to action ad. This comes in addition to preventing the wrong audience from doing so. It is very important for you to specify industry-related expressions to attract the correct target market. 

What Should Your Call to Action Include?

Since you have limited character availability within your ad, a 35-character limit, you want to remember to be clear and to the point. But, how do you do this effectively?

Use A Commanding Verb For Your CTA

You have to let the audience know exactly what you want them to do, so begin writing out your call to action with the desired action itself. Use words like:

  • If you want consumers to purchase: “Shop,” “Order,” “Buy Now”
  • Or if you want to focus on promotion: “Subscribe,” “Download”
  • And if you want the audience to solicit additional information: “Find Out How,” “Fill Out..”
  • call to action definition

Use Emotionally Provocative Words

Your target market is going to mirror the same type of enthusiasm that your call to action gives off. So, to create a strong response with your target market, you must elicit liveliness in your ad. For example, “Buy Two, Get One Free!” states a benefit when the consumer purchases more than one item, giving them more of an incentive to purchase one in the first place. Plus, who is going to deny a two-for-one offer? It depends on who your target market is, but let us just say it is families planning out their yearly vacation. Creating a call to action that says, “Book Your Dream Vacation Now!” will create an exciting factor that will make the target audience click on your Ad. Exclamation points are also a good and easy way to generate enthusiasm and emotion while giving it that extra marketing type of push. 

Give The Audience a Reason to Click On Your Ad

You need to let the audience know what you can do for them, benefit them with offers and/or a solution to their problem. Using a unique selling point (USP), which is one of the most important constructs when inquiring advertisements, you should state the action you want the potential customer to take while giving them a reason as to why they should take it. For example, “Call Today For a Free Consultation!”, the action you want the audience to take is to call your business and they should be doing this in order to receive a free consultation. 

call to action examples


FOMO stands for fear of missing out. Even though it is slang term, it applies to all aspects in business because it’s motivational capacities. Many people buy products due to the fear of missing out on a certain offer or opportunity that might not come around again, creating a bandwagon incentive. The fear of missing out heavily applies when the company uses a sale or promotion within their call to action. An overzealous amount of these types of, “Sale End Tomorrow” emails can be annoying, except maybe when it comes from your favorite brands. These types of advertisements are very common during the holidays or any type recognized weekend. This is once again provoking a type of enthusiasm by entitling the fear of missing out on a great opportunity or sale. It is sure to get you some direct linked clicks. 

Simple Call To Action Examples

Writing the perfect call to action in order to attract prospective customers can be hard and intimidating. Many people abandon check out carts before even completing a purchase, they do not sign up for your newsletters, and some do not even bother to read your blog articles that contain so much useful information about your company and product. It is disappointing, but a compelling call to action can bring hope to your website and turn prospects into customers. Just remember that a good social media marketing strategy that shows results also implies a great call to action. Here are a couple of call to action examples including those on some social platforms:

“Sign Up”

In this example, the potential consumer may be invited to do a free trial, online course, an in person event, or product. This depends on your call to action’s context.

“Join Us”

If your product is within a community that is built in collaboration with other users, you have a great type of placement for your call to action advertisement. So, try placing it somewhere on your website!

“Get Started” 

This can drive a variety of behaviors from the consumers depending on your call to action’s intention for them.

“Learn More”

This is used if your intention is just to give your potential audience some additional information on your brand so they can be ready to buy something. 

“Try It For Free”

Almost every company site has a free trial offer that usually only lasts for a certain amount of time. These calls to actions vary to enable potential customers to try out the product before making a final purchase. 

cta marketing

How Long Should a Call to Action Be?

While it is more common to see short calls to actions, sometimes the longer ones are more effective. So yes, it absolutely can be longer than a sentence. Concise does not always mean two to three word advertisements. As long as your ad is direct, contains focus keywords, and is brief, it will allow the focus to shine on the important parts without additional distractions. Let us begin to discuss different length and content worthy call to action examples.

Long Call To Action Example


Many companies put images under their call to action advertisements on Facebook ads. Yet, CanvasPop has placed it above the picture stating: Show off what’s most important to you, like your loved ones and your pets! @damn_delicious and @petergubernat did just that and these canvas prints turned out great! #canvaspop” 

Cook’s Illustrated 

Another example of a more elongated “Sign Up” call to action is one of Cook’s Illustrated’s Facebook posts which says: “Sign Up for FOOLPROOF RECIPES developed by the experts at Cook’s Illustrated delivered straight to your inbox!”

Call to Action Marketing

A call to action itself is a marketing term for a type of advertisement used to prompt an instant response and stimulate a proper sale. As we had stated earlier in the article, these types of advertisements consist of words and/or phrases that are incorporated messages or websites in order to urge the audience to do what you want. We have already covered how to write a perfect call to action. You can also change your call to action at any point in time, but how exactly do you market your perfect call to action?

Add A Call to Action Button

Let’s say you want to promote your DJ business using a call to action on your Facebook page. If you want people to take action and contact you, you should link your CTA button to it. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Once you are on your page, select “Add Button”
  • Under categories, choose a type of action
  • Click a specific one for your call to action
  • Enter any additional information
  • Finally, click submit

what is a call to action

Testing and Editing Your Call To Action Button

  • Begin on your Facebook’s business page
  • Scroll over your call to action and click the Test button. (You also have an Edit and Delete button if you choose to do any of these options to your CTA)
  • If your CTA is deleted, you are able to restore it by refollowing the steps in adding a CTA button

Promoting Your Call to Action Button

  • Select promote on your Facebook business page
  • Click Promote your ____ button
  • Then, choose an ad creative
  • Choose your audience 
  • Once audience is chosen, name it and save it for future advertisement use
  • Set a Budget
  • Set Your Ad duration
  • Review all payment methods
  • Finally, submit your ad

A call to action ad is one link in between you and a potential purchase. Remember to use a button that drives the behavior you want from your customers towards your site. Pick the correct target audience, budget, and promotion strategy for successful call to action marketing. You are always free to remove and recreate this ad at any time. SEO Design Chicago specializes in digital advertising, including creating a great CTA to encourage your potential audience to buy from your company. 

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