Online Marketing for a Chiropractic Business

This article will tell you all about chiropractic online marketing. The chiropractic industry is thriving right now, but that means it’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the competition with online marketing. We will discuss how to make your chiropractic business online, including Facebook ads and other kinds of digital advertising.

Chiropractic Online Marketing

Who are Chiropractors?

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals who specialize in adjusting muscles and bones in your body. People often chiropractors if they have pain in any of their joints, neck, or back. Chiropractors perform adjustments by maneuvering the body in certain ways. They crack people’s joints and by doing this it will release a gas, which helps relieve the patients. The chiropractic industry is growing every year, which means it gets more competitive every year. That is why chiropractic online marketing is so important. 

Chiropractic Online Marketing

Marketing a chiropractic business is different from other kinds of businesses. Your success as a chiropractor is based on how many customers you have and your overall popularity. Therefore, your marketing plan should be tailored to getting more customers.

Being a healthcare business, there are also many factors that will affect possible customers. Some of the fundamentals are location, insurance of patients, and online presence. These three are examples of what can affect a new consumer. If you are far from their location, or don’t support their insurance then they are most likely not going to pick you. Ratings are everything now, having a high rating will highlight you from the rest. 

Chiropractic Facebook Ads

Best Platforms to Market Your Chiropractic Business 

The first step of online marketing is selecting the social media platforms that are best to market your chiropractic business. Here, we will break down the different options of social media platforms for chiropractors to use for marketing their practices. 


Facebook is the most popular social media and one of the best ways to market your business. With over 1 billion daily active users, the possible reach is endless. Facebook also allows you to set up a business page for free where people can easily set up appointments, ask a question, and interact with your page. Facebook allows you to connect with your patients and helps organize possible new customers. Instead of calling in or emailing, they can send a quick message through Facebook. 

Google My Business

One of the first places people go to when they are looking for a chiropractor is Google. Google has its own business feature where you can easily showcase your hours open, photos, your website, and a phone number. Also, Google ranks your business based on many factors including proximity, relevance, and quality of content. These variables are all part of SEO (search engine optimization) companies, whose role is to help your company show up more based on certain keywords or search results. Google, because it is the number one search engine with 90 percent of the total internet, is a must because it’s the first-place people go.


Yelp was started as a ratings application for restaurants in someone’s area where they can filter what type of food they’d like with the closest restaurants nearby. However now it has evolved for any type of business that provides services. Therefore, people can search for chiropractors. Like Google, Yelp displays your business’s hours, phone number, website, and pictures. They also have an option where people can set up an appointment straight through the site or send a personal message.  

The three of these platforms have many things in common, especially the rating system. Ratings matter because customers want the best services, so other people’s testimonials are important. Also, the overall appearance and presentation of your business on these platforms are influential. More on appealing to customers will be talked about later in the article. 

Chiropractic Digital Advertising

Tips for Marketing Your Chiropractic Practice Online

Edit Your Website

Your website can make or break whether someone picks your chiropractic business over another chiropractor. Chiropractor websites should have simple and grasping designs that engulf people to want to look at more. Websites represent your brand and are an important aspect to getting someone’s attention. A professionally built website displays that you are trusted and know what you’re doing. 

Respond to Reviews and be Social 

Because reviews affect the chiropractic industry so much, it’s key to stay on top of them. If someone gives a bad review, respond to them so people can see that you are handling it. If people just see bad reviews, they won’t know the whole story or will assume your business isn’t for them. Your business is on social media for a reason. If someone comments on your Facebook post, respond to them. Responding to people makes them have a personal connection to your business. 

Create Videos of Patient Testimonies

A positive review on Google is good, but having a more social way to show off your business is taking videos of people talking about your business. This can be used for many things like being displayed on your website or shown as an ad on Facebook. Videos receive 100% more engagements than regular posts, so use them to your advantage.  


Search engine optimization is a must for any small business. SEO will enhance your chiropractic business’s presence through search engines. When someone types in “Chiropractor near me” on Google, chiropractic business will show up based on a ranking. SEO will make your website rank highest among others. SEO services include both front end and back end enhancements to your website’s code and design. It tags your business with certain keywords so your business will show up more frequently if someone searches a specific keyword. 

Chiropractic Marketing Tips

Chiropractic Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is more than just marketing, it involves more of the visual elements of advertising like videos, colors, and contrast. Digital advertising doesn’t only need to be done through ads, it can be done on your website and social media. Here are a few tips for digital advertising for chiropractors.

Goal and Mission 

With digital advertising, each piece you create should answer the question “Does this represent my company”. Advertising should reflect your company’s missions and goals. There should be a purpose for each piece. Is it to keep people engaged on social media or trying to grow your business? Content shouldn’t just be developed if there’s no purpose behind it. 

Color and Contrast

It’s important that all of your media that is released follows a similar color palette. They usually match the logo or share a common theme. Using consistent colors will give your company an identity and make it easily recognizable.


Your website is its own advertisement. Social media and other platforms will all link to your website so it will be the epicenter where most people will go. Therefore, the quality of content should be high. The color scheme and contrast should be appealing. It’s important to build a great, effective website for your small business.

Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic Facebook Ads

Facebook is the best social media to market and advertise your chiropractic business. Facebook offers lots of services which include posting ads. Facebook’s ad maker is really easy and has a lot of tools that can help you. You can advertise a post, video, your website, and just about any aspect you want for your business. You can also target certain demographics and people within a certain radius near your business. Facebook gives you full control of what you want to make.

For a chiropractor business, the best ad to run would probably be a video of you doing adjustments to someone’s body so people can watch and be engaged. If they see how you treat a patient, they can decide whether they like it. Since videos get the best engagement, the video advertisement will most likely yield positive results. After running your advertisement, Facebook offers analytics for you to see how effective the ad was. You can see the age and sex of who viewed it, how many people clicked on your website, who liked your page, and more. Facebook ads are easy to use and will yield positive results for your chiropractic practice. There are only five simple steps to create a Facebook ad.

Help with Chiropractic Online Marketing

From picking the right platforms to picking what type of marketing strategy you should pick are the first steps. SEO is an important factor which helps your business’s ranking in search engines. Other than SEO, the chiropractic industry relies on ratings and testimonials. Therefore, digital advertising will help the look of your website, advertisements, and user experience. The content of ads is extremely important, with Facebook ads you have a lot of freedom on what to post. Videos prove to be the best way of marketing, bringing in 100 percent more engagement than just photos.

Marketing and advertising your chiropractic business may be tricky when you’re on your own. Here at SEO Design Chicago, we have experts in the online marketing industry and would love to help you out. For help marketing your chiropractor practice, contact us at SEO Design Chicago

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