Time Management for Social Media Marketing

At SEO Design Chicago we are focused on all things search engine optimization and digital marketing. Nestled within this category, one finds social media marketing.

Are you starting a business or trying to build your business’s digital presence? Social media marketing is certainly part of your strategy. So you may be asking, how much time should social media marketing take each week?

In this article we will tell you how to evaluate your business and its social media presence. This will help you figure out exactly how much time you should spend on social media marketing each week. 

We will cover Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and Twitter marketing. However, the practices detailed in this article can apply to a variety of social media platforms.

For more information on social media marketing and generating a social strategy read the following article, Choosing the Right Social Media Content.

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing encompasses your entire digital presence on social media platforms. It should be a large part of your marketing strategy and include the entirety of your brand image.

Below are a few tips on how to gauge the time needed on social media, and increase efficiency so you can get the best results.

Keep in mind that time spent on social media does not always mean you will get the best results. The reality is that quality of content is more important than quantity of content.

So how much time does this take? For large companies this can take a whole team working constantly to produce social media content. Smaller businesses may only need to dedicate 5-10 hours a week sending out social media messages.

For you to find out what kind of investment it will be for your business, establish a clear schedule with goals of what needs to be accomplished. Focus on how much time each task will take. Then combine all tasks and see the total time needed to run a social media presence. Voila!

Time spent on social media is directly related to your company. While we can’t offer a definite answer for how long social media marketing will take for you, we can offer great advice on how to tackle social media marketing. Along with in depth information on what each social media platform offers below.

Research has been done on Which Social Media Channels Work for Your Brand. This could be a huge benefit in managing your time effectively.

How Much Time Should Social Media Marketing take Each Week

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

The market for potential customers is massive. Social media dominates in terms of access to digital platforms for people all over your market and the world. 

In 2019, 200 million people visited at least one business profile daily – Hootsuite

With these numbers every day, on only one social media platform, it becomes clear that social media alone can be a massive portion of your company’s potential clients.

Social media marketing is more than just sending out a few posts. With the incredibly large audience that social media brings it is more important than ever to formulate a clear strategy on how to create social media messages and when to send them out.

Below are some of the most important things to do for any social media campaign. You can expect to do these main tasks for any social media marketing strategy. 

Customized Social Media Campaigns

If you are taking a look into starting a social media campaign to expand your digital presence, make sure that you first take a look at your business.

A digital marketing agency will do this work for you if hired. At SEO Design Chicago we know the importance of having a group of people looking over a social media strategy and provide this service ourselves.

To avoid any mistakes contact a digital marketing agency and have them create a customized and personal social media strategy for you.

Social Media Schedule

Setting up a consistent social media output schedule can help with the overwhelming aspects of marketing on social platforms.

When you create a strategy for social media marketing for your company, decide on a consistent social media schedule. You need to post regularly and consistently, ideally at least one post per day.

Creating a social media schedule will help ensure that consistent social media marketing content is released on time.

Respond to Inbound Messages

Companies who engage directly with customers do better than those who don’t. A social media platform is one of the easiest ways for customers to reach out to you either by tagging you in a post or sending direct messages.

When you respond to these messages quickly people get a feel for your brand and begin to see you as human and likable.

Staying on top of this portion of customer service is definitely something that you should budget for when deciding how much time to spend on social media marketing.

Measuring Social Media Marketing

What good is implementing social strategies and content without seeing how it performs?

Like all digital marketing in 2020 there are countless ways to measure the impact of your ads and social media content. Within most social media platforms, promoted posts or organic content gives you built in metrics about engagement, clicks and more.

Social media marketing companies and full service marketing agencies will analyze this data and use it to better optimize their content moving forward. It is crucial that with social media marketing you actively measure the impact of social media content.

If you are interested in measuring social media marketing success, you can see how large companies behave in, How Should Companies Measure Their Social Media Marketing Success?

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest fish out there. While you may think that Facebook is being edged out with competition, this doesn’t change the reality that Facebook is a massive player in social media.

A staggering 2.5 billion people use Facebook monthly.

Facebook marketing has such a massive audience worldwide that it makes perfect sense for you to market products in this platform.

Some of the benefits of Facebook marketing are:

Facebook is very important in increasing brand awareness. Facebook is a perfect space to use social media in awareness-broad marketing because of its massive audience waiting to be captivated by ads or organic posts. 

Marketing on Facebook offers quick, fast and cheap advertising. Ads on Facebook are easy to implement and can be hyper targeted. Facebook allows you to advertise with incredible impact due to its extensive user base and intellectual targeting capabilities. 

Learn more about Facebook marketing and its many benefits.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is a growing market that helps many businesses make significant leaps with gaining new customers. It is all about visual brand representation. Instagram posts need to be clearly color coordinated, have branding material present and communicate a strong brand image.

Due to this Instagram is very powerful in getting advertising awareness. 

However, Instagram made several steps to improve their marketing capabilities. They are effective and ready to use.

Instagram is increasingly sophisticated in its ability to measure engagement with promoted content on the platform. Tracking paid and organic content on Instagram is very detailed and great for campaign optimization. 

From a marketing standpoint, this is very important moving forward since optimizing social campaigns is just as important as having them in the first place.

For consumer goods companies Instagram marketing is helping increase conversions and sales. The platform offers many features for a “business” account. When properly using the business feature of Instagram you can increase conversions, click-throughs to your website and much more in terms of engagement.

Many transactions take place within Instagram’s local platform for purchasing merchandise. Since Instagram offers easy promoting features and a user friendly purchasing page many companies are seeing considerable revenue coming directly from Instagram.

Overall, Instagram could become not only a marketing channel but also a place of business, marketers and companies may end up spending a lot of time on this platform.

Learn more about how to develop an Instagram marketing strategy that works. 

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is another useful tool for promoting your brand or business. Marketing on Twitter can help your company in many ways.

To start Twitter helps companies remain relevant. Twitter is known for trending topics, and being relevant in today’s digital world can do a lot for your brand image.

In addition to staying relevant, Twitter content increases website traffic with click-through opportunities. For this reason it is important to be active on Twitter.

Twitter is a great way to engage with customers and monitor your brand image. Due to Twitter’s naturally conversational format, users often reach out publicly and directly to a brand page. That makes it even more important to monitor activity closely and get timely feedback to customers.

Overall twitter marketing is a great tool to establish brand identity and personality. It is a platform to stay in touch with customers and increase brand awareness.

Many people ask about creating content on twitter and if it is beneficial. It is certainly a benefit for many businesses. 

At SEO Design Chicago, social media strategy is very important to our entire suite of digital services. Reach out to us for more information on how to optimize your digital marketing today. 

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