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SEO Design Chicago is a Chicago content creation agency that has a complete content strategy marketing development team. Web content creation is inarguably the most crucial aspect of your website. Good content drives people to visit and buy from your website. Our professional content creation team can create content for any niche or market. 

Whether you need brand new content to maximize your website’s SEO or need a refresh, our SEO Design Chicago content marketing team will be able to write relevant and SEO-friendly content. Our content creation experts and marketing managers will analyze your website content and determine the best digital content marketing strategy for your business. When you have great content, web searchers will find your website more effectively.

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How Does How Does Content Creation Help Your SEO?

High-quality, consistent content is critical to your business’s SEO and digital marketing strategy. You may have a fantastic website, great products, and excellent services, but you won’t get very far without high-quality content to market it online.

Through SEO-optimized content, you can organically rank for keywords and increase search queries and online traffic. Search engine algorithms will rank your website higher on the SERP if you consistently provide valuable, informative content. With a solid content marketing strategy, you’ll have the edge over your competitors in the search rankings.

Here are several ways professional content creation helps your SEO:

Consistent content provides more opportunities to rank for keywords.

Without content creation, you only have small amounts of copy on your website’s homepage and the alt text descriptions on images. Such limited space doesn’t allow you to rank for keywords in your industry.

On the other hand, if you use articles, guides, blog posts, and other written content on your website, you can use more keywords to describe what your website is about and what people are searching for. Your readers will find your content valuable and informative, and you’ll have more opportunities to include keywords and rank higher in searches. 

Pages that rank higher in Google’s SERP have the highest amount of content.

Meaningful, informative, and detailed content tends to be on the longer side, so, logically, it ranks higher on Google’s SERP. Today, optimized content is more than just densely populating your article with keywords. You’ve got to create factual content that visitors can engage with and fully appreciate if you want to increase your search engine rankings.

High-quality content will keep readers on your webpage for a more extended time.

If someone finds your website from a search engine but can’t find what they’re looking for, they will leave immediately without visiting other pages. This action is known as “bouncing.” The percentage of people who do this on your web pages is called the “bounce rate.”

Google doesn’t like pages with a high bounce rate. High-quality content can help you solve your bounce rate problems. Use content to teach visitors about your products and services, introduce your company, and suggest where they get started on your website by linking to other pages. This tactic can keep users on your page longer, help them navigate to other pages on your website, and reduce any confusion they might have.

Original content can help you rank for long-tail keywords.

Keyword research is crucial to successful SEO, and while you may want to rank for the number one keyword in your industry, you may have better luck ranking for long-tail keywords. 

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific search queries that get a small number of searches per month. Because of their length and specificity, these keywords often have a higher conversion rate than their “head” counterparts.

Using long-tail keywords can help you create original content that no one else has. These unique and relevant articles can help you snag additional spots on the SERP, rank for different keywords, and reach a broader audience.

Benefits of Original Content Creation

For small businesses, in particular, investing in custom content creation is the key to success. Despite hearing this, you, a business owner, have a full plate, and you may think it is unnecessary to devote time and resources to creating content. However, we’re here to clear up any confusion and explain why content creation matters.

Here are five benefits of original content creation:

Increase Brand Awareness

You can’t grow your company if no one knows you exist. To succeed, you’ve got to establish your brand’s voice and positive values and get your name out to customers and clients. The best way to do this is to create original content and post it on blogs, social media platforms, and websites.

Retain Customers

When customers do business with you and are pleased with their experience, they will likely follow your business on social media or subscribe to your blog or newsletter. When you provide regular updates via your blog, newsletter, or social media, you keep your name at the forefront of those customers’ minds. When you regularly remind customers of the value you offer, you encourage repeat business and ongoing customer loyalty.

Enrich the Customer Experience

Content creation can also provide customer service and a richer customer experience. With original content, you can educate your customers and provide frequently asked questions, product demonstrations, and how-tos to satisfy your customers.

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Nurture Leads

When you prioritize content creation, you can educate your leads about the “how” and “why” of your products and services at every step of the sales process. High-quality content explains the benefits of your products and services, guides leads through the sales process, and encourages leads to sign up for your email newsletter.

Prove Value

Prove your value to customers by sharing good content. Original, educational content shows that you know what you’re talking about and are a thought leader in your industry. Quality content also shows customers that you’re prepared to share that knowledge in ways that benefit them.

Types of Content Creation

Successful SEO content strategy marketing combines sponsored content, content marketing services, and internet marketing content in your specific niche. Our web content creation is original, and we have the experience and the knowledge to create great content for your site that can fit any niche. Our SEO-driven focus will result in not only great content but will also increase your ranking in organic searches. We offer several original content creation options and have been rated one of the best content marketing agencies with content marketing service options to fulfill any needs.


The types of content creation that we offer include website content creation, content marketing, blog writing, sponsored content, email marketing and newsletters, landing pages, social media content, product descriptions for e-commerce pages, copywriting, and technical writing.


Website Content Creation

SEO Design Chicago offers two types of website content creation. First, we will create the pages on your website that help customers learn about your business, including your history, your work, and reasons they can hire you.

Additionally, we can create content to share information. These blog posts and articles will give readers more information about your industry and topics than just the products and services you offer.

Targeted Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and drive profitable customer action. Targeted content marketing from SEO Design Chicago provides genuinely pertinent and valuable content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their problems.

Blog Writing Services and Blog Posting

Blog writing services from SEO Design Chicago will provide your business with various benefits, including:

  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Converting traffic into leads
  • Driving long-term results
  • Improving your link building strategy
  • Sharing company and industry news

Our professional blog writers will create content that aligns with your content marketing strategy and improves your website’s SEO.  We will also post to your blog for you, so all you have to do is sit back and reap the benefits of your new blog!

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Sponsored Content

Sponsored content from SEO Design Chicago gets your company in front of people in places they’re already looking. Our sponsored content contains helpful information and feels appropriate for the content, so it’s a compelling way to tell people about your business without disrupting the user experience.

Content Creation for Email Marketing

With email marketing services from SEO Design Chicago, our professional writers will create your email newsletters and send them out to the appropriate audiences. Our email marketing services increase click-through rates and encourage visitors to go to your website and make a purchase.

Geographic Landing Pages

If your business has more than one location, you need geographic landing pages! Geo-targeted landing pages from SEO Design Chicago show users where your business offers products and services. They are unique for each location, and they give your business an advantage when users are searching for services or goods that they need or want locally.

Content Creation for Social Media

SEO Design Chicago will create content for your business’s social media accounts and help develop your social media content strategy. We will post relevant content consistently and help your business grow its audience, improve brand awareness, and create a stronger connection with followers.

Content Creation for E-Commerce

If you have an e-commerce business, SEO Design Chicago can write product descriptions for your e-commerce pages. With these accurate and informative product pages, you can increase interest and quality traffic to your website.

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Copywriting Services

Copywriting is one of the most critical elements of marketing and advertising. SEO Design Chicago’s professional copywriters can create engaging copy for your advertisements, slogans, web page content, SEO content, email campaigns, and more!

Technical Writing Services

Technical writing involves communicating complex information more clearly to help people complete a task or goal. Our technical writers are subject matter experts with experience in the most prevalent types of technical writing. SEO Design Chicago’s professionals can create various documents that will help explain your products and services and how they work.

Content Creation and SEO Dashboard

When you invest in content creation services from SEO Design Chicago, you will receive access to a reporting dashboard for your business’s website. Depending on the content creation package you choose, you may have access to the following reporting options: SEO, Analytics, Social, Ads, and Local.

The SEO report provides information about the quality of the search engine optimization on your website. It can also tell you more about the backlinks, referring domains, and your website’s ranking.

The Google Analytics report tracks website traffic to help you get a deeper understanding of your customer base. Analytics makes it easy to understand how your site and app users are engaging with your content, so you know what’s working and what’s not.

The Social report measures the performance of your social media accounts. We can monitor interactions, audience engagement, and posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Set Up and Successfully Run Social Media Ads

The Ads report lets you know the number of impressions and clicks your ads receive. It also tells you the average cost per click and the click-through rate. SEO Design Chicago can manage ads for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft (formerly Bing Ads), and Twitter.

The Local report provides information collected from BrightLocal and Google My Business. With this report, you can learn more about your Business Profile’s visibility on Google.

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Content Structure

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The text structure is essential for SEO because well-organized text improves readability. It notifies search engines of “user signals” that can help increase the page’s ranking on the SERP. Additionally, when people understand the message you are presenting, they like more likely to share that blog post on social media or buy what you are selling.

All of the content that we create at SEO Design Chicago follows the ideal blog post structure. Some crucial components of our articles include headers, internal links, meta descriptions, page titles, and a featured image. All of these components improve your SEO.


Headers guide users through your web content. Header tags make it easier for web crawlers to gauge the relevance of your web content. An H1 text header is vital to SEO. It is the page’s title, so search engines look for keywords to categorize and provide content for users.

In addition to the H1 title, other headers ranging from H2 to H6 impact the user experience. Headers make your content easier for people to understand and digest. They also help readers navigate through the content.

Internal Linking

Within every article, we include internal links that navigate readers to other pages on your website. Internal links are a valuable aspect of an SEO strategy because they improve usability through anchor texts, help spread link juice, boost page views, improve page rank, increase time on site, and help search engines crawl and index your pages.

Meta Descriptions

Every article we write also includes a well-written yet concise meta description. A meta description summarizes the content on the page, and it acts as an organic text ad. Compelling meta descriptions from SEO Design Chicago have the power to increase the click-through rate of your organic search results.

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Page Titles

We provide every page with a keyword-rich title. Page titles, also known as title tags, tell people and search engines the topic of the web page. They also tell search engines the approximate relevance of a page to the searcher’s query. Page titles remind visitors about the content of your page simply and memorably. When they appear in the SERP, page titles entice searchers to click on your result. They also clearly describe the content of the page.

Featured Images

A featured image, or post thumbnail, is a visual representation of the content on the page. Featured images add visual interest to your website, and they improve search engine optimization. At SEO Design Chicago, we choose featured images that fit the style of your website. We also include appropriate alt text and optimize the images for your website.

Keyword Research and Strategy

Our content writers always start with keyword research as the first stage of the content creation process. Our generated content is available in many different content product packages. While creating digital content, we always look at the buyer’s persona and thought leaders in the industry to create content that ranks and leads to increased web traffic.

Our content contains keywords, long-tail keywords, and key phrases to increase your search engine ranking and attract new customers. Keyword research is crucial to increasing your website’s visibility, and we know how to use it to your company’s advantage.

Our high-quality content includes the exact keywords for which your prospective customers are searching. We also make sure that the content explains information and answers questions your readers may have, ensuring that people visit your website repeatedly.

Competitor Analysis

All of the Content Creation Packages at SEO Design Chicago include competitor analysis. Through this process, we can identify competitors in your industry and research their various marketing strategies. 

Competitive analysis helps us identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses, understand your market, spot industry trends, and set benchmarks for future growth. We can communicate why your product or service is the best choice for potential clients and customers by analyzing your competitors.

competitor data presentation

Visual Assets

Visual assets include videos, memes, diagrams, GIFs, screenshots, photography, or images. We have visual assets in our written content for several reasons.

  • Adding visuals to content helps grab the audience’s attention, hold it, and establish a deeper emotional connection.
  • Visual assets help break up text-heavy content, so it’s more digestible, engaging, and scannable.
  • Visual content evokes emotional responses from readers, establishes connections, shapes opinions, and inspires action.
  • Visuals help cement information in our long-term memories.

Overall, visual assets can improve your business’s content marketing strategy.

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Variable Content Length

Content creation packages from SEO Design Chicago include content of variable lengths. Depending on your business’s needs, we can use short-form content, long-form content, or a combination of both to develop a solid content strategy.

Both short-form and long-form content have their place in a successful content marketing strategy, and both can be practical tools in your marketing toolbox. Our content creation experts will choose the correct form of content in the proper context.

Short-form content is an excellent option if you want to get a single message across quickly and effectively. On the other hand, long-form content is ideal for genuinely engaging audiences and explaining a topic in depth.

Short-Form Content

Short-form content is typically less than 1,200 words long, and it is quick and easy to digest. Often, it covers a specific area of a topic without going into too much detail.

Common types of short-form content are:

  • Short blog posts
  • News articles
  • Infographics
  • Social media content
  • Emails
info graphics

Long-Form Content

Long-form content is typically more than 1,200 words, and it dives deep into a topic and covers it in great detail.

Common types of long-form content are:

  • Long blog posts
  • Evergreen web pages
  • Guides and tutorials
  • White papers and ebooks
  • Webinars and training

The ideal length of the content depends on its purpose. Our content creators understand how to choose the correct format of content for different purposes. Additionally, we take the time to understand the search intent of other similar content. Custom content from SEO Design Chicago can help you reach your content marketing goals.

Content Creation Packages Cost

No matter what content creation strategy you choose for your business, SEO Design Chicago’s Content Creation Packages can meet your needs and fit your budget. All of our content is custom-created for your business by U.S.-based, college-educated writers. We never outsource our content creation overseas. Contact us today for custom pricing!

We offer a variety of Content Creation Packages to fit any size business.

Custom Content Creation Package Examples

Content Creation Package

starter content creation package

(Requires a 6-month contract.)

  • On-site blog creation (500-1000 words) 
  • Articles with off-site links from our network sites 
  • Original content creation (up to 1000 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages) 

Content Creation Package

basic content creation package

(Requires a 6-month contract.)

  • On-site blog creation (500-1500 words) 
  • Articles with off-site links from our network sites 
  • Original content creation (up to 1000 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages) 
  • Original content creation (up to 1500 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages) 

Content Creation Package

intermediate content creation package

(Requires a 6-month contract.)

  • On-site blog creation (1000-1500 words) 
  • Visual assets for blogs 
  • Articles with off-site links from our network sites 
  • Original content creation (up to 1000 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages)
  • Original content creation (Up to 1500 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages) 

Content Creation Package

advanced content creation package

(Requires a 6-month contract.)

  • On-site blog creation (500-1500 words) 
  • Visual assets for blogs 
  • Articles with off-site links from our network sites 
  • (Original content creation (up to 1000 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages)
  • Original content creation (up to 1500 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages)

Content Creation Package

Professional creation package

(Requires a 6-month contract.)

  • Onsite blog creation (500-1500 words) 
  • Visual assets for blogs
  • Articles with off-site links from our network sites 
  • Original content creation (up to 1000 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages)
  • Original content creation (up to 1500 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages)
  • Original content creation (up to 2000 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages)

Content Creation Package

enterprise content creation package

(Requires a 6-month contract.)

  • Keyword optimization monthly (up to 50)
  • On-site blog creation (500-1500 words) 
  • Visual assets for blogs
  • Articles with off-site links from our network sites 
  • Original content creation (up to 1000 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages) 
  • Original content creation (up to 1500 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages)
  • Original content creation (up to 2000 words) (product page, blog, geolocation pages)

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