Is Link Building Still Important Today?

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), link-building is an important part of efficiently helping search engines find your website. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. will crawl billions of different websites a day. These search engines are more likely to find websites that have the essential keywords or phrases as well as important links and rank them higher. This is because link building allows them to discover important web pages to crawl and index the content within those pages. This allows your website to show up in users’ search engine results pages, SERPS, which will increase organic traffic. 

So, yes, link-building is just as important now as ever, as it creates many benefits for your website that will help it stand out. If you own a website, it’s important to have a link-building strategy that will cater to your site’s needs and help its ranking. A link-building strategy will help create a more concrete marketing structure that will allow your business to thrive. After reading this article, you will know exactly what link building is, why it’s important for your SEO, and how having a link-building strategy can positively impact your website. 

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Link-Building: What Is It?

Website owners can do many things to help their site’s SEO ranking and link-building is one of those things. A link is something that allows two different web pages to be connected. It can refer anyone to a separate webpage, post, or image with just a click of a button. For instance, you’re reading this article and see that some texts are blue and underlined. When you click on those, it will take you to a different website. In most cases, the webpage you are taken to is related to the original page in some way. The act of link building is an attempt at getting other websites to create a link that connects back to a page within your website. 

These hyperlinks are known as backlinks, which are also referred to as external links or inbound links. The process of link building can take time, but it can be faster for sites that rank high in SERPS. This is because more people will use your website for a link within theirs as your website is one of the top choices when others search. When keywords or phrases being used are highly competitive with search results, backlinks are crucial. The more competitive these phrases or keywords are, the more they will drive traffic to your website. For the most part, this process can take time as you must build relationships with other websites that are willing to link your content to theirs. Other websites can be willing to do so when it can also enhance their content and benefit them. 

It’s Worth the Effort

The process of effective link building is still relevant in today’s digital world, even though it can take time. It’s worth the time because these backlinks are utilized by search engines such as Google when ranking web pages. Search engines rank web pages based on several factors, one being the quantity and quality of the other web pages that are linked within it and vice versa. Therefore, establishing strong relationships with other professional and high-quality websites as a website owner is beneficial for your business

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Why Link Building Is Important

There are several reasons why link building is important, especially when it comes to your off-page SEO. Link building is beneficial for sites because it can help increase their search engine ranking. This will allow more users to find your site faster which will result in more sales for your business. Search engines rank websites based on many different factors, but the most important is how relevant the content within its web pages is. The more relevant content is, the higher the chance of increasing traffic to it.

Build Your Brand

Not only will this process help your website build strong relationships with other sites, but it will also help build your brand. With other trustworthy and professional websites containing backlinks to your web pages, you are building brand awareness as more people can view your site. This will benefit your SEO as your website looks more trustworthy. This can generate a good amount of referral traffic as well, which can lead to an increase in sales, leads, and overall revenue. 

Increase Credibility

Any extra exposure to your website is beneficial and worth the work, in other words, trust the process! Since search engines discover web pages via links billions of times a day, link building can determine how well your web pages rank. With link building, you can build your site’s credibility and brand authority. This is because the more high-quality backlinks within your link-building process, the more credible your website will appear to not only search engines, but viewers as well. As written previously, when other websites contain links to your web pages, this can generate traffic to your site. 

An increase in website traffic when link building comes due to many other beneficial factors. When search engines see your web pages as an authority due to link building, the keywords you use can be ranked highly more easily. It also helps generate referral traffic. This means that people who find your site from another site they trust are more likely to become a customer. When people find your website via other websites in their SERPS, it makes your brand more memorable in their minds. When your webpage’s content is related to another webpage’s content, viewers clicking your link are most likely already interested in what you have to offer.

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Creating a Link Building Strategy

Having a strategy of some kind when link building is important for its success. Making sure to have content worthy of linking is crucial when starting. The quality of your webpage’s content is the backbone of your strategy. After all, this is what will help sites decide whether to link your website to theirs or not. Having engaging, informative, relevant, and well-written content is key for starting your link-building journey. There are different strategies and techniques that are used by website owners to get the most out of link building. First, let’s dive into the steps to creating the perfect strategy of link building for you. 

Starting Your Link Building Strategy

First, you should start by studying your target audience and what websites they use most. Putting together a target audience profile is important for knowing exactly what type of websites attract your customer base. Knowing this will help you know what platforms to turn to when creating your link-building strategy. Next, it’s important to persistently keep track of and edit the content of your web pages. Making sure to include only relevant and up-to-date content is key when trying to get other websites to include it within their external links. If there is simply too much content to handle on your own, SEO Design Chicago can help you manage it! 

When updating content, look for any errors in your internal linking structure. Internal links are important for improving your site’s navigation and the user experience. The most difficult and time-consuming part of the link-building process is reaching out to other websites. This part requires some patience, as you must personally build strong relationships with other site owners. This will require some level of strategy, as you need to know what platforms to reach out to. Remember, you want to remind them that they can also benefit from this in some way. 

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Finding the right link-building strategy or technique for your website will make the biggest difference when it comes to successfully growing your brand and website. For example, there is the Skyscraper technique, which is a tool used when link building that allows you to improve your most popular content. The anchor text linking strategy is also popular and is used when backlinking. This involves finding similar articles to yours and using them within your anchor text. How-to articles, blogs, or any content related to entertainment are great sources for link building, as it can relate to many other sites’ content. These examples of how to link build efficiently will help you get your website and brand growing.

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SEO Design Chicago offers services by professionals and SEO experts that can help anyone with their off-page SEO. Our team can help you create and organize high-quality content within your web pages that will help get your site noticed by other sites. This is important when it comes to obtaining high-ranking keywords, as this can help search engines such as Google find and crawl your website faster. 


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