What is the Skyscraper Link Building Technique?

When you hear the word “skyscraper,” you probably are envisioning a highrise condo or mega-corporation building in a metropolitan city. The reason we can admire the architecture behind a beautiful high-rise building is that it represents a location that holds infinite possibilities. Furthermore, impressive high-rise buildings represent the best of the best when it comes down to infrastructure and opportunities. Well, the same principles should be kept in mind for the skyscraper link building technique. Skyscraper link building is all about building upon pre-existing content by providing the reader with infinite possibilities. Even more so, the skyscraper technique should be instilled as a means of giving the reader the best quality information that there is to offer on the web. 

skyscraper building

What is Skyscraper Link Building?

In a nutshell, the skyscraper technique is a link building tool that will enable you to make improvements to the popular content that already exists on your website. This is done through the replication of backlinks. 

First, you will need to locate any popular content that has quite a bit of backlinks. Then, you will want to add the necessary modifications for improvement to the content. Finally, ask the original creators for permission to link your newly created content. Now that you have an understanding of what skyscraper link building actually means, we can delve deeper into each step more thoroughly. 

Skyscraper Building

Locating Popular Content With Backlinks

At a glance, the first step of locating popular content might sound daunting. After all, what may seem popular to some may not be as popular to other online users.  However, digital media has made it possible to locate a broad range of considerably popular content from all corners of the interweb. There are several blog platforms, like Twitter and Tumblr that can provide you with a variety of insights on the latest and most trendy popular subject matter. 

Overall, the key here is to make sure the content that you choose has a lot of available backlinks. In order to find the most suitable popular content with a lot of backlinks, try using Site explorer. The Site explorer will enable you to narrow down the type of content that you are searching for. Most importantly, this tool will provide you with the necessary backlinks that you will need for replication purposes. At times, the search process can become difficult as the Site explorer may bring up unwanted results. It is imperative that you save yourself some time by filtering your search. Be sure to set your language preferences beforehand, so that your target content is shown in the desired language and format. 

All in all, Site explorer has millions of search results that are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to take advantage of all the search results that these sites have to offer you. Now let’s move on to the next step of our skyscraper link building process. 

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Making the Current Content Better

Now that you have located the content of your competitor, it’s time to build upon the popular interests of what they have already presented to users of the site. The key factor here is doing all that you can to make the content much better than it was. Recall the last time you upgraded your smartphone. The new features and capabilities were the key selling factors that the sales agent showcased to you. Now you are a satisfied customer with a new and improved gadget. 

The same rules apply to creating better content. You must be willing to take the necessary time and energy to research the most up-to-date information. Your users will most likely have a pretty short attention span, which is an added challenge of creating digital content. However, if you aim to go in-depth into your topic, you will be able to adequately provide your users with a robust piece of content. The goal is to make your users think of your site first when they want to gain access to quality information. Aforementioned, users typically have a shortened attention span. So, generally, they do not want to waste unnecessary time and energy sifting through useless content. Your job is to aim to please and to build a stable Skyscraper website.  

How to Improve Existing Content

Here is a list of ways that you can improve pre-existing content. 

  • Update any outdated information.
  • Provide even more insights. For example, if the original site gives 10 “how-to” strategies, then you need to provide at least 15 strategies to compete. 
  • Looks certainly matter, so be sure to hire a professional web page designer to create a pristine page that viewers enjoy looking at. 
  • Do not simply scratch the surface of a topic because users always want to know more information. Aim for one hundred percent satisfaction whenever possible. 

Now that you have made the necessary upgrades and modifications, it is time to spread the word about your quality content. After all, you have worked hard to construct a high-rise building full of useful tips and tricks. It would be a shame to allow all of that hard work to go to waste. The next step of reaching out to others is crucial to the success of spreading the content. 

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Reaching out to Others

You have done a brilliant job at building the links that you need to generate content. Unfortunately, this next step is where content creators end up falling off their beautifully crafted skyscrapers. When you are preparing to reach out to others, it is important to choose the right people. Choosing the right people means making sure the individuals chosen have already featured the topic of your content on their sites at one time or another. The key here is frequency. Make sure that the people that you reach out to have recently used the topic at hand. This ensures that they will have an expressed interest in the relevance of your new and improved skyscraper content

By now, you might be wondering what the best way to reach out to others might be. We recommend emailing the individuals whose sites you believe would serve as the best platform for your linking strategy. Be cautious when using your email, because you do not want to accidentally reach out to bloggers who have never even heard of your content. Remember, the key is reaching out to those who have already featured the subject matter of your content online. 

Skyscraper Website

Now with the word “skyscraper,” you probably won’t simply think of envisioning a typical highrise condo or giant corporation building in a major upscale city anymore. Remember, our admiration of high rises or skyscrapers is indicative of their seamless ability to offer us the best of the best opportunities. Now that you have a deeper understanding of the skyscraper link building technique, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of quality content that is constructed and linked through a network of site administrators. Skyscraper link building is all about building the links as “high” as possible in order to generate quality content for the everyday user who is scrolling the net.  

Ultimately, skyscraper websites serve as excellent reflections of popular content that already exists. These websites achieve that through the successful replication of backlinks–that which this article has provided you with all of the information needed to complete the replication. 

There are several SEO resources that you can use to ensure the success of the completion of a skyscraper website. These resources can help you capitalize on the pros of skyscraper link building, and most importantly avoid the cons.

skyscraper link building technique

Pros of Skyscraper Websites

  • Gaining recognition as the #1 most reliable and trusted source for content
  • Generating traffic to other content that you have created 
  • Establishing a trusting relationship with site users
  • Keeping an edge on the competition
  • Building a network-based community of bloggers who can help to promote you in the future

Cons of Skyscraper Websites

  • Losing traction to your content 
  • Loss of readership
  • Unreliable bloggers failing to feature your content 

Last Looks

Hopefully, you are feeling much better about your skyscraper link building abilities by now. Remember, this tool can prove to be either highly successful or can leave you tumbling down the attempted high rise pile of links if done incorrectly. But not to worry, you can successfully master skyscraper link building by keeping the previously mentioned steps in mind. These steps are the fundamentals you need to master the link technique effectively. 


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