What Are Backlinks?

In simple terms, backlinks are links that bring you from one website to another. In SEO, backlinks are often called inbound links or external links. Backlinks essentially count as votes from other websites that your business produces quality, useful content that can be trusted. These backlinks work as a form of citation with other websites referring to yours as having relevant services, products, or a topic of expertise. These votes help you with SEO so that your website ranks higher in search results. In turn, this helps more users discover your website. The reason for this is that backlinks are an indication that your website is popular with online users and that they want to see your content. In this article, you will learn about what backlinks are, their crucial role in SEO, how to get quality backlinks, and plan accordingly.

The Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks play a significant role in building your website because they increase rankings, visibility, and referral traffic. These inbound links are important to Google and how they rank websites which in turn brings more website traffic. According to Google, links are one of the top factors that influences how highly a website is ranked. Backlinks demonstrate that a website can be trusted by its users and has valuable information that website visitors would find relevant. 

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Backlinks and Search Engines

When Google was first starting out as a platform, the most important part of website retrieval when a user looked something up was keyword matching. This worked for a while but led to users being matched with poor quality or irrelevant websites using tactics like keyword stuffing. This black hat SEO method involves a website overusing keywords in order to get more online hits and a higher Google ranking. These websites generally do not care about helping customers with a service, product, or information. Instead, they simply want to generate revenue. This practice would hurt Google because users were not getting what they needed since the websites provided meaningless information. Because of this, Google changed ranking factors. Nowadays, Google penalizes websites that wrongfully use keyword stuffing since it goes against their current guidelines. 

Since relevant keywords are not the only method of website ranking and visibility anymore, this is where backlinks come into the picture. Quality backlinks from reliable websites are a key factor in Google rankings in the current landscape. Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving because some websites try to find loopholes in the system to use to their advantage. That is why having quality backlinks that work as votes in favor of your website work. It shows that other websites trust the information and services that you provide. If your website produces consistent, quality content, this will assist your website in getting quality backlinks.

SEO and Backlinks

The connection between SEO and backlinks is that websites with high-quality backlinks will receive higher rankings from Google. Good SEO and backlinks go hand in hand since the latter is an important aspect of Google algorithms. This is vital to have strong SEO in order to build your website and have higher visibility. SEO backlinks illustrate a website’s popularity and that a post is relevant enough to be shared with others. It is estimated Google gives a website 50% of its total online traffic. Search engines see this and boost that website’s rankings because of this demonstration of value.


Qualities of a Good Backlink


The website backlinking to your website needs to be relevant to the information at hand. Google rewards backlinks that connect to the information being discussed because users deem it valuable. Visitors to the website are more likely to click on backlinks that relate to the material they are researching rather than ones that are not on topic. 

For example, if you wanted medical advice, you would go to a doctor rather than a lawyer. The same concept applies to relevant content online and what expertise your website provides. Google does not want its users to be provided irrelevant backlinks and content, so it is important to check where your website is being backlinked. Content relevance should be optimized to its fullest potential to demonstrate your website’s prowess. Quality content will attract visitors to your website and lead other websites to backlink yours.

Website Authority

The authority of a website refers to the amount of trust it has from search engines. The better the website’s authority, the higher it will rank in search results. In regard to backlinks, they are more valuable when they come from a website of high authority which gives the backlinked website better authority in Google’s eyes. The purpose of website authority and giving these websites higher search engine rankings is that Google wants to ensure that its users are directed to quality websites with worthwhile information. 

The two most important measurements of website authority to search engines are the quality of a website’s links and how established a website is with older ones having higher authority. So the backlinks of a website are crucial to developing authority with Google. Search engines put a lot of weight on backlinks from authoritative websites and these are worth more than a higher quantity of backlinks from less trusted websites. Backlinks from websites with a lot of authority are more difficult to get than other websites, but they are worth it because of how much more valuable they are. It is important to have quality content and build the authority of your website so other authoritative websites trust you and backlink your site.

Website Traffic

If you receive a quality backlink from a website with a high volume of traffic, then your website should gain a boost in referral traffic. High website traffic connects to website authority because those with the former are trusted sites with high rankings.

Link Placement

When a backlink is placed in an obvious location within the main content, it is seen as more valuable. The reason behind this is Google’s algorithm and how it detects links. So if your backlink is located on a sidebar or the bottom of the page, it will be passed over. The thought process behind this is if the backlink is placed in a location that is not visible to the reader, then it must not be that important.

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How to Create Effective Backlinks

Produce Quality Content

Content is king if you want to succeed with Google’s algorithm and attract visitors to your website. If your content quality is poor, then no authoritative website will backlink yours. This leads to a stagnant growth process. When you rank higher on the first page of Google search results, other websites are more likely to backlink your content because of its visibility and deemed worth.

Consistent Posts

When your business consistently produces content, this will increase the amount of visitors to your website over time. In turn, the more visitors you have on your website, the higher the chances that they will backlink your content. When your website posts consistently, your business appears more reliable and professional. This will keep visitors coming back for more.

Keyword Optimization

One of the most important factors of SEO is proper keyword usage, which can greatly increase organic traffic. The right keywords for your website leads to greater traffic, leads, and sales, which increases online visibility and the potential for backlinking. The key to keywords is to use them repeatedly and consistently throughout your content, but not to overuse them which can lead to penalization from Google. A benefit of using ideal keywords is that your desired audience will find your content and website which will help grow it. Through this exposure, others can backlink your page as a quality, high ranking website.

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Strategies for Backlinking

Everything is about connections and backlinking success is no different. In order to properly facilitate the backlinking process, it will take time and effort that should eventually pay off. Here are 3 strategies to carry out backlinks for your website.

Guest Posting

This method involves volunteering your services to produce content for a quality website. This enables promotion for visibility and to earn backlinks as a legitimate method. Make sure to not get paid for this work since paying for backlinks is a blackhat SEO method which can lead to consequences from Google and negate your process.

Press Releases

If your website has something relevant that needs to be shared to a large number of people, a press release is the way to go. This method can help you gain backlinks through exposure. A good way to go about the press release for backlinking is to use keyword optimization and anchor text.

Social Media

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and they are a great way to network with like-minded companies and people. These proactive tools are a great opportunity to get backlinks if you are consistent with it. Social networking can help build relationships through outreach and by posting valuable content that demonstrates your company’s expertise in whatever field you are in.


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