Why Local SEO Is Important for Physicians

Are you a physician trying to expand the way you market your services? You’re in the right place! Search engine optimization, or SEO, is important for physicians. SEO is a set of tools used to make your website appear higher up in users’ searches. Local SEO is perhaps the most important type of marketing for physicians because they rely on in-person visits to make money. In this article, we will explore how and why local SEO is important for physicians, and what you can do to boost business as a doctor. 

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Local SEO for Physicians

Local SEO refers to SEO in a specific location or area. For physicians, local SEO is crucial for marketing because doctors rely on in-person patients for business. 

SEO utilizes keywords that group together different search results, making certain ones appear more relevant in a user’s search. SEO terms for physicians may be words associated with health, doctors, illness, and preventative care. To make this SEO local, you should pair these keywords with other keywords associated with your location. 

For instance, doctors in Denver may use keywords like “doctors in Denver,” or “physicians in Denver county.” The pairing of these two different types of keywords is essential for local SEO for physicians. The use of both will boost your listings in search results for people in your area. 

Since local SEO is so important for physicians, professionals can also utilize some more tips to boost business. For example, physicians can use local search rankings and online business listings. These will help people in the area looking for specific services find your practice. Additionally, Google My Business and Bing Local are great tools that you can use to bring foot traffic to your practice. 

Physician Marketing

You may be wondering, since going to the doctor is an essential task, why must it be marketed? The short answer is that physicians are conducting business, just like any other. Plus, even though physicians’ services are technically essential, many people have a hard time going to the doctor. Some people are afraid of physicians, while others stress about fitting them into their busy schedules. Physician marketing should play to both of these concerns. 

For example, some of the marketing physicians do should revolve around humanizing doctors so that people aren’t as afraid of them. This is especially true if you’re a pediatrician or family doctor – although adults are certainly as afraid of doctors in some cases! Physician marketing should also show patients that you will work to fit into their schedule, not the other way around. This will help patients appreciate you and your time because you’re appreciating theirs!

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Where to Advertise

There are many great marketing tactics that physicians can use. For example, they can advertise locally on placemats, newspapers, billboards, buses, and anywhere else advertisements can be placed. Physicians can also create television commercials, radio jingles, YouTube videos, TikToks, and more. In fact, the use of social media is extremely important for physician marketing. 

What are the best social media platforms for physicians to market on? Facebook, YouTube TikTok, and Instagram! Sites like these utilize keywords to group together search results, which is great for SEO. Additionally, these sites allow pictures and videos to be shared, which is another great way of humanizing yourself as a physician to any future patients you may have. Facebook is great, too, because users can join different groups. These groups may correlate to health issues or illnesses, and this is where you should look for potential patients. 

Physicians should also network with other professionals to get their names out there. This way, when someone is looking for the services you provide, another person can tell them about you through word-of-mouth. This is especially why local SEO is so important for physicians – much of the business growth that occurs in a doctor’s office happens because of networking. 

Websites for Physicians

All businesses should have an excellent website, and for physicians, this is no different! Websites for physicians should include a set of core elements that will attract new patients. The first and most important element is the “contact us” page. The “contact us” page should have your office’s phone number, a form to fill out to get in touch, and information about your location. Patients cannot, after all, obtain your services if there is no way to contact you!

Another essential aspect of websites for physicians is the staff directory. A staff directory will help again with humanizing you as a physician. The directory can list all the doctors in the practice, along with their schooling, experience, and credentials. The directory is also a great opportunity to portray yourself as you would like patients to see you. Are you more of a goofy doctor? Then put a joke in your profile! Are you super outdoorsy? Talk about that, too! 

Websites should look appealing to the eye, and a logo helps, too. They should be comprehensive and accessible for all people, along with full of great content! Yes, physicians should be creating content for their websites. Physicians can write blog posts, and articles, create videos or shorts, or post pictures with captions. All of this content will make your website burst with personality, and make you more appealing to anyone looking for your services. 

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Medical Clinic SEO

Medical clinic SEO is important for physicians, as the clinic is a huge part of the practice. Physicians can use keywords like “clinic” or “urgent care,” combined with a word about their location to appear high up in user’s search results. 

Since many patients are accessing a medical clinic on short notice, it is important that you market these services to show that you are timely and have many appointments available on all days at different times. Essentially, you must make it clear that you are accessible to patients, even on short notice. 

Physician SEO in Denver

Here at SEO Design Chicago, we help out physicians in many different cities! One of them is Denver, Colorado. We can assist physicians in Denver with local SEO to help boost business in-person and online. 

Since local SEO is so important for doctors, our services in Denver will be attuned to the area specifically. For instance, we may use keywords that non-locals would not know about, like locations in Denver. These may include “LoDo,” “Cherry Creek,” “River North,” “Stapleton,” or “Capitol Hill.” This is just one example of an element of local SEO that we can help you with! Working in Denver also means we are in tune with the culture there, and peoples’ unique needs. 

In the context of physician services, this may mean figuring out exactly what health conditions are afflicting people most commonly in the Denver area. This can help a lot with marketing, as it will allow you to zoom in on a more specific illness or disease. This also gives you an opportunity to show the public that you are equipped to handle these issues and that you want to provide help. 

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Start Using Local SEO for Your Medical Practice

Overall, what distinguishes a physician from another business person is simply the nature of the work. Physicians deal with health, and their services are generally seen as essential. Just because physicians deal with health, which is quite serious, doesn’t mean they don’t need to advertise. In fact, physicians should advertise to get the word out about their services. 

Many people have a hard time going to the doctor for an array of different reasons. Physicians should use this to their advantage, and market accordingly. Which doctor would you go to – one that has no website or advertising, and doesn’t make an effort to work with you around your schedule, or a doctor who makes their face known in the public and works with you to schedule a visit on your time? Most would choose the second, and that’s because there is a marked interest shown here. 

By combining the use of local SEO and other important marketing basics – such as having an attractive website and accessible contact information – physicians can boost traffic to their practices. 

Are you a physician looking for marketing help? Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you! We can help you create a local SEO strategy that will bring your business to the top. In addition, we can help with many other aspects of marketing, including content creation, social media marketing, website development, and more. Check us out today to get started!


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