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Are you a business owner in Baltimore, Maryland? Do you have a plan for digital marketing in Baltimore? The internet is here to stay, so if you do not have a digital marketing plan, you are missing out on a huge market. A search engine optimized online presence can bring you an increase in traffic and ultimately sales. In this article, you will learn how to use Baltimore SEO and Baltimore social media agencies to craft a digital marketing strategy that attracts local customers.

Baltimore SEO

A major part of successful digital marketing in Baltimore is understanding local SEO, or search engine optimization. The objective of SEO, in general, is to boost your search engine rankings. The higher you rank, the more likely a searcher is to click on your link and visit your website. Ultimately this should lead to more sales and business growth. Local SEO is a subset of SEO. Local SEO organizes your online presence in a way that raises your ranking on the search engine results page for local searches. Baltimore SEO is a type of SEO that targets Baltimore residents specifically.

baltimore digital marketing

Baltimore Keywords

Keywords are a major aspect of SEO. They let Google’s algorithms know what your content is about and how likely your content is to answer a search query. For Baltimore SEO, you want to target keywords that your local target market is searching for.

Local keyword research is important. Guessing is not effective enough. You do not want to spend time targeting a keyword you think people search for only to find out that no one is using that keyword. If you are having trouble thinking of keywords, take some time to understand what types of products or services you offer, what keywords are commonly used by others in your industry, and what local indicators a searcher might use to search for your business. 

For example, a flower shop could target the keywords “flower shops in Baltimore,” “peonies for sale in Baltimore,” or “wedding flower arrangements in Baltimore.” Once you have decided on which Baltimore keywords to target for your digital marketing in Baltimore, you can strategically sprinkle them throughout your online content, in the titles, and meta descriptions. 

Update Your Information

Outdated information is a mortal wound to your business. Luckily, it is easily remedied. Claim your Google My Business profile and update your information. Your address, contact information, and hours of operation are especially important. This gives your customers a way to know when and how to contact you. Your business’s address will also give Google an indication of how closely your business is located to the searcher. Because distance is a ranking factor for Google’s local search, the closer in Baltimore your address is to the searcher, the more highly Google will suggest your business. 

In addition to distance, another local ranking factor is relevance. Verifying and updating the information regularly indicates to Google that your information is accurate and can be credibly suggested to searchers.

digital marketing in baltimore

Keep Contact

While the internet is great for keeping in touch with those far away, it can be just as effective in helping you form relationships with customers close by. You could send out promotions or information on planned events for Baltimore residents. You could create content that shows off what you do for the community. Digital marketing in Baltimore allows your business to establish itself as a company that cares about the community and its residents.

It is also important to take advantage of reviews. Good reviews signal to Google that your business is reputable and is another important ranking factor. A prominent business will have many good reviews and few bad reviews.

Bad reviews are not the end of the world if they are outnumbered by good reviews. In fact, they allow you to show off your customer service skills. Respond to bad reviews to make things right. Perhaps the customer bought a defective product. Apologize and offer to replace the product. You can garner a lot of respect just through kindness. If the customer is genuine, they should change their bad review once the problem is resolved.

While it is common sense to reply to bad reviews, replying to good reviews is just as important. Unfortunately, most people only leave reviews if something bad happened, so if they took the time to give you a good review, you should show your customers that you appreciate it. A simple thank you can suffice, but the more personal the reply, the better. 

baltimore seo

Web Design

The way you choose to layout your website is a part of SEO.The right color palette, font, image-to-text ratio, and many other aesthetic choices will contribute to the credibility of your website and thus how high you rank on the search engine result pages. 

Mobile responsiveness should be a priority. Customers should have the same quality experience whether they are on a phone, tablet, computer, or other devices. Even though the text alignment and image size might change, the ease of navigation and emotional appeal need to remain the same. 

You can take advantage of Baltimore SEO on your web pages. Use local SEO strategies to attract local clientele. Be sure to include your address and contact information in a highly visible and accessible part of your website. The way you format your address and contact information needs to be consistent every time you write it. If you abbreviate avenue to ave. once, you need to do it every time. If you include the +1 (xxx)-xxx-xxxx extension on the phone number once, you need to include it every time. 

The front-end aesthetics of an optimized website are crucial, but the back end is just as important. Your web pages need to load quickly. A slow-loading web page will chase even the most patient customers away. 

It takes a lot of work to build a website. It takes even more work to optimize that website for Baltimore SEO. Consider hiring a web-design business like SEO Design Chicago to help you create an effective website that will garner more traffic and more sales. SEO Design Chicago has a team of expert web designers and web developers with knowledge of the Baltimore area ready to build the perfect website so you can reach your goals and grow your business.

Baltimore Social Media Agencies

Digital marketing in Baltimore does not need to be difficult. Utilize various social media platforms to reach a large audience. The best part of social media marketing is that you do not need to pay anything to advertise if you do not want to. Create posts outlining who your business is and what benefits you have to offer. Create engaging posts updating your followers on cool things your business is doing in Baltimore. 

Engaging, high-quality content will get you the most impressions. A great aspect of social media is its shareability. Make content that users want to share. Perhaps it solves a common problem, makes people think, or sparks a discussion. Include relevant hashtags when appropriate. Many social media platforms organize content through hashtags. Users might browse through hashtags to find similar content. The hashtags you choose can make your content more discoverable. 

Beyond posting, you need to scan social media for mentions of your products, services, or brands. Much like reviews, you should engage in these discussions by either thanking someone for a positive mention or solving a problem from a negative mention.

You can use mentions to get a rough idea of the local public sentiment surrounding your business and create long-lasting relationships with Baltimore customers. If they enjoy the content you post, they might just get the idea that they would like your products. 

baltimore social media agencies

Why You Need a Professional

Social media marketing strategies are often labor-intensive. You need unique posts optimized for the different social media platforms. While the information might be the same, the way you present it on Facebook will be very different from how you present it on TikTok. Not only is the format of the two platforms very different, but so are the demographics. Even if everyone you reach lives in Baltimore, the people using different social media platforms require information to be presented in unique ways. On top of that distinction, many people use multiple platforms. If you want people to follow you on more than one platform the content needs to be different enough to hold their attention on both sites. 

Consider hiring Baltimore social media agencies to help you create, post, and monitor paid and organic content posted on multiple social media platforms. SEO Design Chicago has a Baltimore social media agency with social media experts who can help you navigate the world of social media, so you can create meaningful connections with customers and build brand awareness.

SEO Design Chicago for Baltimore

Digital marketing in Baltimore is easy with SEO Design Chicago. Our team of expert web designers, social media marketers, and content creators are armed with the resources needed to help make your business successful in the Baltimore area. 


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