The Difference between Boosted Posts Vs Ads

Boosting a post or creating an ad, which one is right for your business? Each one is unique and aims towards different goals.

Boosted Post vs Ads

Before you consider which one is best for your business, make sure you have your goals in mind. The ultimate goals of your company might help you see if boosting a post or creating an ad is best for you. Facebook has a wide audience but tends to be more mature. If your business has decided this is your target market, it is time to learn how to advertise on Facebook.

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Boosted Post

If you run a business account on Facebook, you have probably seen Facebook trying to get you to hit the “boost your post” button. What does that really mean though? A boosted post is Facebook’s simplest way to advertise. With just a few easy steps you could have your top Facebook post in front of the audience you select. Boosting is selecting an already existing photo or post on your profile and paying for it to be placed in the news feed of others. When boosting a post, you can add a call to actions like “learn more” or “shop now.” This is a great feature if you are new to advertising because you can let Facebook’s algorithm decide what is best for you, your budget, and the goals you had in mind.


Creating an ad gives your business a lot more options for how your advertisement is displayed and targeted. To create an ad, you will go through Facebook’s Ad Manager. Since Facebook owns Instagram as well, you can control both platforms in one convenient place. Ads can appear in the news feed, just like boost posts. The biggest difference with ads is that they can also appear in other places as well. Ads allow you to select a goal anywhere from getting more leads to promoting your business locally. There is even an option in Facebook Ads to boost your post, and this allows you to get past the limitations some people don’t like when hitting the “boost” button.

Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts

Boosting a post can be great for getting a wider and more engaged audience. It can branch your brand to a new audience or target existing ones more actively. If your business’s Facebook is great at creating content, boosting a post could be a great option. You already put in the effort and it is engaging, so there is no need to create a new ad for it. If you don’t know if you are creating good content for Facebook, take a look and evaluate your goal behind every post. If you are hoping to achieve brand awareness or audience engagement with your ad, boosting a post is a great way to achieve this.

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How to Select a Post to Boost

When selecting a post, you want to select one that has already performed well. There are reasons it has many likes, shares, and comments. Users are more likely to engage with content with more interactions. If you are still lost, look at your Facebook Insights to see which post is performing the best.

Pick the Right Posts

If you don’t like the posts you have already created, no need to worry. If you don’t like any of the posts on your page, you can create a new post. Instead of clicking publish, you can select boost instead.

Cons of Boosting

Boosted posts don’t allow you to add any customization from what you originally posted. You can’t add headlines or anything on your post other than a button to lead somewhere else. Boosting a post is simple and can be effective if you are new to advertising on Facebook. It can also help if your goal is to get people to be more active on your Facebook Page.

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How Long Should You Boost a Post?

Just because Facebook tells you that if you run a boosted post for 30 days you will reach the greatest audience, doesn’t mean you should. If you run a post for longer than a week, you are likely to start to see a decline in your post. The audience won’t have to see the same boosted post over and over again either. Keeping boosted posts short will keep your target audience happy. If you are solely boosting a post for your marketing plan, switching out content is a way to keep audiences engaged in what you are posting.

Differences Between Facebook Ads and Boosting

What one is best for my business? This might be a question you are asking yourself. It is tricky if you don’t know the main differences between the two. Besides the budget your company has for advertising and how long you are wanting to run the boosted post or ad, there are key differences between boosting a post and creating an ad.

Should I Boost a Post?

If you are new to using ads, boosting a post is a great starting point. When you get more comfortable with the Facebook ad setup, you can venture out to create an ad. Even people who have created ads before can think that Facebook’s Ads Manager requires in-depth knowledge about ad structure. If these sound like what your company is trying to achieve, consider boosting a post on Facebook.

Boosting a post…

  • Is the simplest way to create an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram for your business.
  • Can narrow who sees your advertisement by selecting audience traits like gender, age, interest, and location.
  • Gains brand awareness and audience engagement

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Should I Create an Ad?

Creating an ad gives your business the most control and flexibility. If you are wanting to create an ad on Facebook and be able to do more, and if you have experience or want to experiment, try using Facebook ads.

Creating an ad…

  • Gives you the ability to choose which platform your ad appears on (Facebook mobile, desktop news feed, Instagram stories, or Messenger). You can select the platforms where you want to see your advertisement.
  • Allows you to select what goals you want your ad to focus on. You choose what you want your ad to focus on, but you can manage ads through Facebook Ad Manager.
  • Using Ad Manager to create your advertisement allows you to be creative with how it is displayed. Facebook gives you the ability to create carousel ads and call-to-action buttons. Boosting a post doesn’t allow you to add these features.
  • Helps you to target your audience in a way that boosted posts don’t allow. You can still select an interest to narrow who sees your post, but you can do it in a more advanced way. You can create overlapping audiences and reach more people who might have an interest in your business.

How Do You Boost a Post on Facebook?

Boosting a post is simple. Follow this guide step-by-step and you will be boosting your posts in no time.

  1. Log in to Facebook. Make sure you have access to be able to advertise through the company’s Facebook page.
  2. Find the post you are wanting to boost on your page. If you don’t have a post, remember that you can create a new one.
  3. Select “Boost Post” in the right corner of your post. If “Boost Post” is not an option for you, then this feature might be unavailable for the specific post.
  4. Now you can customize the post. The image and caption will stay the same, but you can add your exact target audience. Facebook might recommend an audience for you, but you can select specific characteristics to hit who you want to see the post.
  5. After you figure out your audience, it is time to move on to your total budget. You will be able to see how much boosting a post will cost. From there you can set limits and see how many people you have the potential to reach.
  6. Along with the budget, you will also decide how long you will boost the post. How long you choose to boost the post will determine the price of the advertisement as well.
  7. Now that everything is selected and formulated the way you want to boost your post, you just need to add payment. Once you have finished that your post is boosted.

Make sure to check back to see how well your post does! You will want to know if it is an effective way to gain your target audience’s attention. If you are wanting to step up your ad game, you can boost more or create ads. Just remember it depends on the goals you have in mind for your company.

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