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Soleil Moon Band is a group with an international following, mainly residing in Europe and Australia. The band needed an updated website that was responsive and looked visually appealing with their new band photos. Their fans now have a place to purchase their CDs from their website and listen to each of their albums online. We enhanced their social media following by creating their Facebook page and their SoundCloud page, which hosts all their music. When the band released a new album we were able to update their social media platforms with all of their new music.

Albums and Song Lists


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Built in music players for each album


An international band needed a new website that would allow their fans to purchase music directly from the site itself. The site needed to be visually appealing as well as responsive. The band also needed help promoting their music and merchandise on social media.

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Website Design

We built a custom WordPress website that was easy to use for the band. They were easily able to make any updates and add new content to the site. As they toured across Europe, they had the ability to add new content and music to their website with very little web design experience.

Social Media Content Development

Part of our strategy for improving the band’s social media experience was giving audiences a place to listen to their music. We added two music players with their entire library and added the ability to listen to each song straight from the website. By embedding music videos from their YouTube channel on their website, we gave their fans an easy place to watch and share their music.

Facebook Advertising

Through Facebook Advertising, we were able to help better promote the band and their online presence. We ran multiple campaigns that promoted their website and their Facebook page. We were even able to run campaigns promoting their upcoming world shows for audiences in those cities.

Google Analytics

By establishing a Google Analytics account for the band’s website, we were able to help them find their online audience. This was done by showing them where they were getting the most interest. With this information, they were able to find new places to tour and to where to return.


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