Increasing Your Sales on Amazon

Are you wondering how you can increase your sales on Amazon? The Amazon Marketplace is a fantastic platform for businesses that want to sell their products online. With access to over 197 million global customers each month, it can provide a huge boost in customer traffic and sales. However, it is also a very competitive market. In fact, the Amazon marketplace gains a new seller about every 30 seconds! This is why learning how to stand out in the infinite crowd of sellers is key to using Amazon to the fullest. In this article, we will give you valuable tips for increasing Amazon sales. We will also discuss how this relates to SEO and other marketing strategies.

What is the Amazon Marketplace? is one of the world’s largest online retailers. The site sells over 12 million products and represents about 50% of all e-commerce sales in the U.S.

When shopping on Amazon, most customers are unaware of the fact that they are actually browsing from two different stores combined into one. sells new products under the Amazon brand name and keeps the profits. The Amazon Marketplace is a third-party retail market that is seamlessly incorporated into the Amazon shopping platform. The marketplace offers a greater variety of products, both new and used, from external sellers.

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Selling Products as a Third-Party on Amazon

Third-party sellers have two options to choose from when selling products on Amazon. The first option is Amazon Vendor Central. If your business uses Vendor Central, you are a first-party seller. This means that you essentially act as a supplier and sell your products in bulk to Amazon at wholesale prices. Amazon then sells the products on and keeps the profit. Vendor Central is invite-only. This service is typically only used by manufacturers and/or distributors.

The second option is Amazon Seller Central: The majority of third-party sellers on Amazon choose this option. With Seller Central, online retailers sell their products directly to the consumers. In exchange for the ability to sell their products on Amazon, third-party sellers give Amazon a portion of their profits. Sellers also have the option to manage their inventory and fulfillment themselves.

How to Increase Sales on Amazon Marketplace

The internet is full of blog posts and articles claiming to have the best tips for increasing Amazon sales. While a lot of these tips are helpful, there is a lot of information to weed through! The five tips listed here are some of the most important things to consider when trying to increase sales on Amazon Marketplace.

Be Competitive with Your Prices

On average, 70% of online shoppers list price as the most important factor when deciding whether or not to purchase a product. As we touched on before, the competition on Amazon is very steep, so make sure that you are pricing your products competitively. Do research on your competition and try to come up with a price that balances profit and competition.

Consider Using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

With the Fulfillment by Amazon service, sellers can send their inventory to Amazon and let them handle the rest. The seller pays for storage and shipping, but usually at a discount. After an item sells, Amazon will package and ship it for you. Most of the top sellers on Amazon take advantage of this feature. As a bonus, qualified FBA listings are eligible for Amazon Prime. This can help sellers reach out to customers looking for one or two-day shipping.

how to increase sales on amazon marketplace

Try to Get into the “Buy Box”

Getting a spot in the Buy Box is one of the best ways to significantly increase your sales on Amazon. The Amazon Buy Box appears on the right side of the product detail page. Customers can click here to add items to their cart. Amazon chooses who gets in from a pool of sellers with similar items. The criteria to be chosen includes:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Seller performance
  • Shipping options.

Get Good Feedback and Reviews

About 95% of customers read reviews before they make a purchase. Customer ratings and feedback are especially important on Amazon because they appear in the search results. Reach out to your customers after purchases and ask them to leave you a review. When you get a positive review, be sure to thank the customer. If you get a negative review, try to resolve the situation quickly.

Advertise on Amazon

Advertising directly on Amazon is a great way to be seen by a larger audience and increase sales. If you are new to advertising on Amazon and want to increase your visibility, you may want to give Sponsored Products a try. This service will show your product listing above or below related searches, with the tag “sponsored.” There is a charge, but it is a PPC (pay per click) service, so you are only charged when it gets used. If you qualify, you can also sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program and have your products promoted on other sites.

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Using Amazon SEO to Increase Sales

When we think of SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is usually Google and other search engines. While it is very important to optimize your business’s website for search engines, it can also be worthwhile to consider how your business is optimized on Amazon. Optimized listings are another great way to increase sales on Amazon.

Amazon SEO is exactly what it sounds like: making sure that your product listings on Amazon appear high in searches. Amazon’s algorithm works differently than Google (and other search engines). This means that the process of optimizing listings for searches on Amazon is different too! While there are many factors to keep in mind, the most important aspects of Amazon SEO are the following.

#1: Product Title

Similar to regular SEO, you want to make sure that you put the most relevant keywords in the title of your listing. Since searches on Amazon are all based on products, you want to make sure that you include your brand name, product name, and other important info in the title. The best way to get more sales on Amazon is to include as much information as possible n the title. Amazon listing titles can be pretty long, often containing information such as specific colors, sizes, and ingredients to attract as much traffic as possible.

#2: Product Images

Including quality images is one of the most important ways to increase sales on Amazon. Products on Amazon with higher quality images consistently have more traffic and higher conversion rates. Amazon itself even has suggested guidelines for product pictures. They suggest that the height or width of your images should be 1000 pixels or larger. This minimum size requirement helps to make sure that the zoom function can be used (which has been proven to increase sales).

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#3: Amazon Back-End Keywords

There are two types of keywords when selling on Amazon. Front-end keywords are the keywords in your product listing and are visible to customers. Back-end keywords are hidden keywords that can only be accessed in your Amazon Seller Account. The purpose of these keywords is a lot like the meta description in SEO. They tell the Amazon algorithm what a product listing is about and if it is relevant for certain keywords.

Overall, there are five important rules for filling out Amazon back-end keyword fields:

  • Try not to repeat words
  • Avoid quotation marks
  • Don’t use multiple variations of the same word
  • Don’t use commas (they are ignored by the algorithm)
  • Try to include spelling variations or synonyms

#4: Brand Field

On Amazon, a product’s brand field appears just above the name of the product (title) on the listing page. Clicking this field will link to a search results page with the brand’s other products. Amazon shoppers are usually searching for specific brands when they shop online, so making sure your brand name is accurate is a great tip for increasing Amazon sales. You’ll also want to double-check the spelling to make sure that your listings are being found.

#5: Product Description and Bullet Points

Making up the bulk of your product listing, the description gives you a chance to explain the details about your product. This is where you want to be very specific. Tell potential customers what all of the best features are of your product. You can also explain how it compares to your competitors’ products and why they should buy it. Including bullet points breaks this info down into bite-size chunks that are easy to read. This is also a great space to work in even more relevant keywords!

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Increasing Sales on Amazon

Overall, the Amazon Marketplace is a great way for online sellers to get more sales and promote their business. Since it is a very competitive market, it is important to follow best practices and do your best to optimize your business and product listings. Combining effective Amazon sales techniques with the SEO of your business’s website can have even greater results. If you want to see if your website is fully optimized, it is a good idea to seek help from a knowledgeable team. The experts at SEO Design Chicago can provide a host of services, including SEO analysis. This audit can help you decide the best actions to take to increase traffic and improve user experience!


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