How to Advertise on Amazon

Businesses are always searching for a new place to advertise. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a place where your product will be seen by as many people as possible. Especially when it comes to products, where it seems like all the space has already been taken up. One of the websites that thousands of individuals visit every single day is Amazon! Advertising on Amazon is sometimes overlooked, but it is a great place to reach a diverse audience. Did you know that more than a quarter of search results on Amazon are paid ads? It is also very secure, user-friendly, and it can be an option for every kind of budget. Learn everything you need to know about how to advertise services and products on Amazon.

what to know about advertising on amazon

Best Industries to Advertise on Amazon

There is no doubt that Amazon is the best place to find products. First of all, the items on Amazon are made in such a wide range! Companies can sell anything from food to workout gear, or furniture to technology on the site. Amazon seems to sell just about everything. This can work to your advantage, because consumers come to Amazon in order to find something specific. If your product fits into a strange niche or applies to a broad range of people, you can easily find potential customers who will want to purchase your product.

More Than Just Products 

Amazon is also one of the great websites to advertise services. Yes, you can sell your professional services on Amazon. Some might make the mistake of assuming that only people who sell products can advertise on Amazon. In fact, there are several different kinds of ads for all kinds of unique things. Products do have the upper hand when it comes to Amazon, specifically because it is a shopping site, but there is so much more to Amazon now than just shopping for stuff. Whatever your business, there may be a place for you to advertise with Amazon.

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Types of Amazon Ads

When you start advertising with Amazon, there are many different kinds of ads you can place. Some are really only for products, but there are several for other categories as well. Amazon has some options that are unique to them, because of their placement in the online community. Amazon is so far-reaching and it has branches that extend out into so many different kinds of products and services. This gives you a lot of choices and combinations when you want to start advertising with them! There are several kinds of ads that are for all various kinds of budgets. Take a look at what they have to offer, and you can pick what works best for you.

Sponsored Products 

This is a pretty easy style of ad to understand. When consumers search something related to your product, Amazon will place your product at the top or bottom of the search with a tag above it that says, “sponsored”. This will give your product visibility in comparison to other options, even if yours isn’t exactly what they searched for. These ads are also cost-effective, since they are run with CPC, or Cost Per Click. Similar to PPC (pay-per-click) ads run elsewhere, CPC are ads that you only have to pay for once someone actually clicks on them. This means that when people are seeing your ad but they aren’t clicking through, you don’t have to pay anything. You can also set a limit for how many clicks you will pay before your ad stops running, so it fits any budget!

Sponsored Brands

Similar to sponsored products, sponsored branding is a way to get someone to visit your seller’s page. A seller’s page is where all of your products are shown, and it is customizable to your brand. You can display photos, changing special offers, and more! A seller’s page, also called Amazon Store, is also free of charge to set up and use. Using content from your own website helps build your brand, too. This is a great way to use content you have already created to better entice customers to learn more about your company!

Product pages are key to getting more customers to purchase your items long-term. The sponsored brand ads that connect people to your Store get shown at the top and bottom of searches, with a large banner that spans most of the page. They also have a small tag that says sponsored, but these tags are located at the bottom. These ads are also paid by CPC, which is why many companies choose to pay for sponsored products and sponsored brands at the same time. Amazon also reviews and approves ads very quickly, promising to have them reviewed in 72 hours or less!

best industries to advertise on amazon

Sponsored Display

These ads are also run through CPC, but they are a little different. These ads don’t just promote your products on Amazon! They actually are projected across several platforms and places all around the web that are related to your products. You don’t have to make ads, they are automatically generated using your product information. These are a little more pricey, but they do expand the reach of your product to a much bigger audience.

Audio Ads

These ads are available to companies who sell products on Amazon and those who do not. This gives ad space and audio time through their streaming services: Amazon Music and Audible. This does have a minimum price for ad space, so it definitely isn’t for every business, but it does offer some great perks. These are played between songs or in breaks of audio books, and can be extremely well targeted to fit the audience.

Video Ads

Video has been proven to be the best way to advertise in many different ways. People love to watch videos and they pay attention to them. Amazon helps you to create these videos, and places them in various parts of the web as well as on their site. They also provide analytics to show how your videos are doing in popularity, and how many people are watching them. Your ads will appear in several distinct forms all across the web, using a secure platform. This ad style also has a minimum amount to begin, and it is a little pricey, so this may not be for everyone but it is definitely accessible!

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Custom Advertising Solutions

Amazon offers some options for advertising that are entirely unique. They offer things like adding a brand to some of their boxes, inserting your product into another ad, and more! They also offer ads that can be viewed on their Kindles, on Fire TV, and IMDb as well. Mobile phone applications are also available on Amazon for phones that use Google Play, so they offer ads within apps as well! They handle your ads in a personalized plan that can stretch over hundreds of different sites, even in a global way. Amazon is really starting some amazing things in regard to advertisement in an overarching way!

Register to Advertise on Amazon

When you are beginning to advertise on Amazon, you need to register and create a special business account As we mentioned, Amazon Stores is free to register and create, and you can make sponsored brands or product advertisements with that. These are localized only to Amazon’s site. If you want other ad experiences, you have to create a specialized kind of account which has to start through contacting an Amazon Advertising Consultant. It is very simple, you only need to send them a profile of your business and basic business information. Then, they can contact you with their goals and set up a strategy that works best for you. Amazon is so user-friendly, and they definitely extend that level of service to their advertising!

What Else Should I Know About Advertising on Amazon? 

Before you start advertising with Amazon, you need to make sure that your business is well-developed and that you are ready to have an online presence if you don’t have one already. You will essentially be working with a company that is globally recognized, and they can easily take your products or ads off of the site if you are not performing well. Make sure before you advertise on Amazon that your company is ready to handle any issues that may come up! You want to keep on good terms with the customers and get good reviews as well. Managing your content and your company well can set you up for success when dealing with Amazon.

how to advertise on amazon

Free Advertising Sites Alternatives to Amazon

Amazon is just one marketing channel to help you reach your target audience. Some local businesses need a free option for their marketing campaigns. Here are a few options:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Google Business Profile
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Online Directories
  • Email Marketing
  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Customer Reviews

Advertising on Amazon and You 

Now that you know how to advertise on Amazon, you can decide what you personally want to do. Advertisement is such an important part of building your company’s online presence, and Amazon isn’t the only option available. There are many different types of online advertising. Just be sure that you are doing what you feel is best for your company. Amazon could be the place for you! Our digital advertising team can help you create our marketing strategy for your online business or brick-and-mortar business.

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