Marketing Strategies That Work for Electricians

There are many skills that electricians learn in trade school, but how thorough is their training when it comes to electrician advertising? As one of the most established occupations in the trade industry, learning how to market your electrician business can sometimes be overlooked.

Most electricians build their businesses on high-quality services, experience, and passion for the craft. This is no simple task. If your electrician business has lasted more than 2 years, it has already outperformed 34% of small businesses. If it lasts 5 years, it has lasted 50% longer than its neighbors.

Unfortunately, electrician businesses cannot only rely on these qualities. Although it is a trade, the electrician industry is extremely competitive. Electricians are also in high demand. To break through these constraints, contractors must effectively utilize electrician advertising. In this article, we will discuss electrician ads and how to market an electrical contracting business.

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Electrical Contractor Marketing and The Buying Journey

The best electrical contractor marketing ideas are engaging and focused. They should support efforts throughout the customer buying experience. Let’s briefly discuss the four stages of the electrical customer experience that should structure your business’s electrician advertising.

  1. Awareness – The customer first realizes they have an electrical problem (ex: they need a new chandelier hung, they want to install a new generator, etc.)
  2. Consideration (Research & Discovery) – Customers begin evaluating electrical businesses and their competitors. They will look to websites, online reviews, and word-of-mouth to identify which contractor can best support their needs.
  3. Purchase – A customer buys your electrical services.
  4. Post-Purchase Experience (and Loyalty Loop) – A customer leaves your company a review online, subscribes to a monthly newsletter, and becomes a positive spokesperson of your services.

Additionally, the marketing should span across channels (paid, organic, social media, email, etc.). Today, 21% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses on a daily basis. This means that it is crucial for your electrician business to strategize its digital marketing endeavors. When utilizing the mentioned channels, they can work in tandem to increase your company’s visibility and leads.

By following customers their buying experience through various channels, you can positively construct a reputable name for your brand. Brands are important as they are a direct reflection of what a potential customer should expect from partnering with your company. Branding is important for all companies, but it is especially important to small businesses. To survive in an already competitive market, branding will be key to your electrician advertising. Ultimately, it will secure income and longevity.

Electrical Contractor Marketing Ideas

Having identified the importance of customer experience and marketing channels in the brand formation process, let’s dive into some useful marketing tips for electrical contractors to enhance your electrician advertising.

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Create a Great Electrician Website Design

Although 97% of customers use the internet to find local services, having a website will not simply secure their purchase. Around 75% of people have disclosed that they judge a company’s credibility based on its website’s layout. Furthermore, about 88% of internet users say that an encounter with a bad website will deter them from ever visiting the website again.

How to Improve Your Website

In order to ensure that your website is prepared to welcome online visitors, take a look at the following tips. They are excellent starting points to enhance your electrician advertising.

  • Your website should be visible – When we say visible, we mean that your business’s website should be detectable by search engines such as Google. We will mention how to optimize your website for search engines later in the article as well.
  • Your website should be mobile friendly – Throughout 2020, there were almost 1.5 million online searches for keywords related to electricians. Additionally, around 61% of those searches occurred on a mobile device. Even more importantly, about 57% of users agree that they would not recommend a business that has an unorganized or poorly designed mobile site. If all of these statistics have not convinced you of the importance of mobile compatibility, Google ranks mobile websites higher in search engine results pages.
  • Your website needs to be secureIs your website HTTP or HTTPS? It should be HTTPS as it is more secure. Many experienced internet users are aware of how common data breaches or hacked information is these days, and your website should reflect their desired precautions. The bottom line is that if your website has any location where users can provide their personal information, it absolutely needs to be secure.
  • Your website must have a great user experience – Is the site easy to navigate both on a computer and a mobile device? How is the contact information laid out and highlighted? Is it intuitive by anticipating the initial desires of potential customers? Is the website visually appealing? A positive user experience is one of the most vital components of electrician advertising.
  • Make your contact information easy to spot – Ensure that vital information like your phone number is easily visible on all pages of your website.
  • Capture email addresses – Make sure to ask your visitors to submit their email address so you can follow up with them through email marketing.
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Set Up Your Website with Local SEO

After you have created an attractive and user-friendly website, you are going to want it to rank favorably among search engine result pages. This means that when customers are searching for electricians, they will come across your website as one of the first options after a keyword search.

The way to accomplish this is by investing in effective local SEO for electricians. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Local SEO strategies help to increase your online presence and brand exposure, accumulate more website traffic and create more lead conversions for small businesses. This means that your contracting company will appear on local search engine result pages.

Many outside companies and services can help provide local SEO strategies. Here are some of the things that are typically included in a local SEO package:

  • A market analysis of your service area
  • Researching local competitors
  • Reviewing monthly volumes and search terms
  • Auditing citations for every online directory
  • Management and direction of local listings

Consider Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Services is an advertising platform that helps you (the business owner) connect with people that have searched for similar businesses on Google. This means that if you sign up for these services, ads will appear for your target audience who is searching for electrical companies in your area. How does this work? You only have to pay for the ad if a customer contacts you directly through it.

Local Service Ads are helpful for many reasons. The most prominent being that it is considerably low-cost for lead generation. Additionally, they will ensure that your website is Google Guaranteed and has proper licenses and certifications. Lastly, customers will view your company as more reliable because all the staff has gone through a background check in order to earn that “Google Guaranteed badge.”

Don’t forget to create a landing page for your ads to help your new customers convert!

Electrician with Electric Cable Preparing For Installation in the Newly Constructed Building.

Create a Social Media Presence for Your Contracting Company

As we have previously mentioned, social media offer fantastic channels for electrician advertising. As of 2019, about 247 million people are users of social media. Therefore, we can definitely say that social media is an important and effective way to connect with customers and conduct electrician advertising for your contractor business.

A proper electrician marketing plan will have a flushed-out social media strategy. It is important to regularly create and share relevant, captivating, and informative content on your profiles. Social media are fantastic arenas to showcase your customers’ reviews and to share examples of your business’s unique services. Make sure to link your social media to your website so that customers have a clear path to purchasing.

Develop a Video Marketing Strategy

Electrical businesses are all about displaying skills and techniques while also resolving electrical issues. What better way to accomplish this than through video marketing? Not only is it an easy way to visually capture these goals, but videos are also being engaged with now more than ever. They help to captivate your customers, foster engagement, as well as increase click-through rates, lead generation, and shares.

However, creating and sharing videos alone will not yield long-term success. You have to track their performance via YouTube or Google Analytics.

Series of electrician install and mount electrical power socket onto wall of residential home

Lead Your Electrical Contractor Marketing Strategy With Customer Service

It is fair to say that electrical contracting businesses revolve around customers’ responses, decisions, and reviews. Customers are proven to respond positively to actions over verbal promises. It is for this reason that customer service must be a critical point in developing your electrician advertising. It will ultimately help you reduce business costs, increase revenue, and maintain customers. With great customer service, customers are more likely to keep coming back to your company and refer others to do the same.

There are a number of ways that you can incorporate customer service into your marketing channels. From responding to social media comments, answering emails to live chat boxes on websites, the options are out there. All of these tools help ensure that a customer feels happy and acknowledged. If you need help with your marketing efforts, contact SEO Design Chicago today.


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