Finding the Best Google Ads Management Services Partner

This article talks about the best ways that a business can seek out a partner to run their Google AdWords (now called Google Ads) campaigns. The best AdWords management services partners will have experience working with a variety of different categories and company specific niches and subjects.

History of Google AdWords

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Google Ads was initially released in October of 2000 and was originally called Google AdWords. The best Google Ads compete with organic search engine results by displaying in key areas of the page such as top of page, bottom of page, and within map primarily.

Google Advertising has evolved into Alphabet Inc’s main source of revenue, contributing US$134.8 billion in 2019 to Alphabet Inc’s total revenues. Google ads can be used in a variety of different ways to make your business successful advertising its unique products and services. Different online advertising strategies can be used and should be used depending on what kind of goals you have for advertising.

Google Search Ads (text)

Google text ads adwords management services

The most common type of service that is managed by an AdWords management service is standard search ads, or text ads. Paid search let’s your business compete with larger companies across your industry. A good website of a small company with great original content, can dominate a larger company that has ads management techniques that are not optimized. Successful campaign management requires ongoing optimizations by your marketing agency or PPC management company.

Optimization requires years of experience managing different types of campaigns in different industries. It is also important to stay on top of the newest trends and features with Google AdWords as it is constantly evolving.

Our AdWords management services team used tested strategies that will lower your cost per acquisition, increase your click through rate and maximize the conversions for your company. Our team can optimize existing campaigns or create new campaigns based on the advertising objectives that you have for your business.

Display Advertising

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We have all seen examples of Display advertising online. Display ads are used across news websites, blogs and other places online that consumers go to look for information. Our AdWords management services uses many different display advertising strategies depending on what your business objectives are.

Display advertising can be used to target users by demographic information, interests, location and more in your ppc campaigns. Display advertising is usually a supplement to a text campaign or other digital marketing services.

One of the best ways that you can utilize display advertising is for retargeting or remarketing to users that have visited your site.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Every company that uses Google Ads should be using retargeting as part of their digital advertising strategy. Retargeting allows you to serve display ads to users that have visited your website or certain pages of your website. here are even ways to target display ads by different rules such as multiple visits or specific steps by users.

For businesses that have higher priced sales or services, there should always be retargeting used to target users in different stages of the buying funnel.

Retargeting functionality also proves to be quite effective for ecommerce by targeting users that are cart abandoners, or have been searching other websites for similar items that you sell. If retargeting is not a part of your current AdWords management services, it may be time to look for another management agency or identify why your marketing team is not using this effective Google advertising feature.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Google shopping ads management services

Google shopping campaigns allow you to effectively advertise specific items that you sell on your website. Multiple different campaign structures are possible to utilize for your Google Shopping campaigns. Your AdWords management services team should have multiple types of ad groups setup.

Google Shopping Branding Ads

These types of ads will focus on branded searches or terms that customers are searching for. Larger companies should use branded ads so that they are not outbid by other competitors in the marketplace. Bids will typically be lower cost with higher quality scores and increased relevance for your website.

Google Generic Shopping Ads

Generic shopping ads are going to be the most common types of Google Shopping ads you will use if you are not yet a nationally recognized brand. A great AdWords management service will experiment with a wide variety of terms and use keyword research to identify the best words to use for your campaigns.

Google Sale and Branding Ads

Everybody likes sales, and shoppers are searching for sales online continually. This shows why sales and branding combined into ads are so effective. When a user is looking for a specific brand and terms like sale, you know that they are bottom of funnel and more likely to purchase.

Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization

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Even if your AdWords management agency is experienced, if you do not have optimized landing pages for your small business and work towards lower costs per acquisition, it wont matter.

Any type of advertising campaign should be optimized continually to get better results. The set it and forget it mentality should not exist in your management services vocabulary. Trying out different types of campaigns and optimizing landing pages, load speed and user experience, will help you get lower costs per click and better returns on advertising. PPC management by account managers with experience will help business owners get better results with their adwords accounts.

AdWords management services should involve a partner that works with you to increase conversions and to lower your cost per acquisition. Conversion rate optimization helps you get more conversions at a lower cost. When you continually optimize keywords, landing pages and ad copy, you get better quality and better results.

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