How Can I Increase my Click-Through Rate? 

When creating a website for your company, the most important thing is to make sure that your site is attractive, enjoyable, and represents your values. But what good is a website if nobody ever sees it? Once your website is created, you need to focus on the next big thing: getting people to visit. But ads can be so expensive! How do you know they are reaching the right people? You want your ads to be seen by the group who will purchase your product and come back over and over again.

There are so many different kinds of ads and ad agencies, but there are several ways to increase your views without breaking the bank. Some of the best ways to increase your click-through rates are through reaching the right audience.

Increase Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate 

What is a click-through rate? A click-through rate is the percentage of people who click on an ad to view a website. Compared to the amount of people who view the ads, this is usually a small percentage. But every person who clicks counts! Most websites that are not businesses sell ad space. So wherever you go on the internet, you will see an advertisement. Social media, mobile applications, and news sites are some of the very ad-centric places that people look at every single day.

One of the first things you’ll want to do before you select an ad agency and start producing ads is to decide what kinds of ads you want, and where you want them placed. Your click-through rate depends on what kind of ad you place and where you put it more than anything else. Look through sites related to your own, and find places on the internet where people will be more willing to click through. This can be tricky, but there are usually a few places online where you can easily find the kind of customers you are looking for.

For example, if you sell baby items on your website, you will want to look into placing ads on a site for new moms. It isn’t too hard to see where your clientele will be most likely to visit on the internet, and that gives you an excellent place to start. 

Pay-Per-Click Ads

After you have a basic idea of what you want, you need to choose an ad agency. The best way to advertise is through a system called PPC, or pay-per-click ads. This includes ads on social media, search engines, and other sites. Through using PPC, you will have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. This way, depending on your click-through rate, you will be paying only when your ads are working. Ads that do not work on PPC can sometimes be a waste of money, because the click-through rate is irrelevant to the advertisers. They just want to place the ad wherever they can.

Through PPC you will be paying for customers coming to your site. It can be so worth it! There are many different places where PPC can work well for you, but the social media sites are some of the prime places for pay-per-click ad campaigns. 

Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rates on Facebook 

Facebook is a great place to advertise because it is used by so many people. Unfortunately, that does mean there is a lot of competition. Facebook is scrolled through constantly by people all over the world, which can make it hard to localize. However, everyone uses it multiple times per day. It is full of users who are usually old enough to purchase things. Most teenagers have left Facebook, so it is generally looked at as a site used by mainly adults. This makes it a much more useful site for advertisements for products. What is the use of advertising to people with no money to purchase anything?

Many people consider Facebook a reliable source as well. This means that your ad will not be looked at as a scam or a fake. This is also a great place to utilize social media content creation. Ads are great things to post, especially if it is a video. This can increase your social media following and bring you more clients at the same time, so even though the average click-through rate for Facebook is about .9%, you will be surprised how many consumers it can bring in! 

Click-Through Rates on YouTube 

The best kinds of ads are always videos. We love to watch videos on the internet, that’s for certain, and YouTube is the main place to go. Click-through rates on YouTube vary quite a bit. There are always things you can do to improve. Plus, it is pretty easy to see improvement on YouTube because it tracks views so well. You know exactly how many people have seen your ad, whereas on Facebook it is a little harder to find that out. You can try placing your ads on all different kinds of videos to see what works well for you.

It is also pretty easy to target the type of people you want to click through, because you can find videos just like your product or service. You can even make a product video and have ads for your product included! It is an excellent way to bring people in and keep your content focused.

Click-Through Rate on YouTube

Sponsored Content 

If you don’t have product videos, one of the best things you can do is hire influencers to promote your products with sponsored content. People are much more likely to buy something when it is recommended by the influencers they love to watch. People trust their favorite YouTubers to recommend things that are worthwhile. If you can find a popular person on YouTube to promote your product, your click-through rate is certain to go up. Just make sure to choose a channel who is not controversial or involved in problems in the media. This can reflect back on your company.

An easy way to avoid that is by finding someone on social media who uses your product. If you sell makeup, have a makeup guru promote your products and include an ad. It can really make your click-through rate soar!  You can also have your product or service sponsored on a website like Buzzfeed. These are sites where the masses go to learn what’s popular and trending in the world. If a site like that endorses your product, people will want it because it will seem popular! Sponsorship is an amazing route when you are looking for a place to boost your click-through rate. 

Click-Through Rates on Google AdWords 

A place that can really improve your click-through rate is Google Ads. With an average click-through rate of 2%, Google Ads is one of the profitable ways to bring up your views while still being relatively inexpensive. The way Google AdWords works with click-through is that they place your ads at the top of Google searches depending on your keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that are frequently searched. It is important to choose the right keyword for your advertising campaign.

The way Google AdWords improves your click-through rate is by placing your ads in a Google search when a certain keyword gets searched. For example, if you have a used car business that sells all over the country, you could pay Google to place your ad at the top of the results whenever “used car” is searched. This is a simple way to find clients that are directly looking for your product or service.

Unfortunately, Google AdWords can be more expensive than other sites if you aren’t careful. However, you can get a much higher click-through rate in a short period of time. Luckily, Google Ads offers a lot of options on pricing so you don’t overreach. Google is the number one search engine, so having your ads on there is always a good idea. You might be surprised how many keywords they have available. This is just a great option in general, but it is especially helpful if you are having a hard time using SEO to get your website to the top of Google searches

Click-Through Rate on Facebook

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Now that you know the best ways to advertise, and what to look for, get out there and decide! Some of the most important things to remember are to stay within your budget, and make sure to choose an advertising or marketing company that will help you accomplish your goals. Increase your click-through rates by choosing websites that attract individuals who can easily become your customers. Look for influencers on YouTube that can sponsor your website. Try to find a company that uses PPC so that you are paying for your customers who actually click through.

There are so many things you can do to improve your standing. Whatever you choose to do, remember that if people are visiting your site, it needs to be just as good as your ads, so that your click-through rate is worth the time it takes to achieve!  

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