The Cost of a Website for Small Business

Including an online storefront is essential to generating more sales for your small business. This article will explain everything your small business needs to know about how much it costs to create a website.

Why Create a Website?

Before purchasing a product, 81% of retail shoppers conduct their research online. With most consumers starting their buying journey on the web, it is essential to have a website for your small business. Allowing potential and returning customers to access all possible information about your small business on your website is crucial for building a trustworthy reputation for your brand.

Small business websites that want to include an online store can use e-commerce software that offers monthly plans or hire e-commerce website developers to assist in the process. It is recommended that small businesses that want to increase their sales start an online store so customers can buy products easily. One of the most popular e-commerce platforms is Shopify, which is $29 per month at its lowest pricing. This software offers availability to manage both in-store and online purchases from small businesses. It also gives you customizable features you can use to make your website look stylish.

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How to Create a Website For My Business

The first, and most important, purchase that needs to occur for your small business’s website is a domain name, also known as the URL. Think of the domain name as the title of the folder for your website, and the website has multiple file cabinets worth of information. Examples of some popular domain names are,, and GoDaddy and Dreamhost are the most popular places to purchase a domain name. Purchasing the domain name will cost a small business around $1-$12 per year. Not renewing your domain name is putting your website at risk for somebody else to take that domain name. 

Your small business’s website is on the internet because of website hosting services. The domain name is connected to the hosting service, acting as a folder for your brand in the World Wide Web file cabinet. This hosting service will ultimately give people access to your website on any browser. Website hosting typically costs $20-$50 per month for a “virtual private server,” which is optimal for a smaller business’s website. More complex website hosting services can cost upwards of $200 per month.

Once the small business has purchased its domain name and website hosting service, the brand can begin to create its website. The easiest way to create a good-looking website is using a content management system (CMS). Content management systems help maintain and build your website without having to be an expert web designer. These systems help organize information on your website, helping it look professional. They also help keep the software up-to-date so that there are minimal issues.

Content Management Systems

The most popular content management system for small businesses is WordPress. This system has a bit of a learning curve, so creating the website independently with WordPress may be difficult. If small businesses are not as comfortable designing it themselves, hiring a website developer would be simple since most are familiar with it. The biggest downfall to WordPress is that hackers target them since the system is so popular.

If somebody is creating a website for a small business by themselves, the most simple content management system would be Squarespace. This is a super user-friendly system. Squarespace is a quick and intuitive CMS for a small business looking to create its website promptly. One annual subscription includes website design, website development, a domain name, and unlimited storage.


Ensure the visual aspects of your website design remain consistent with your brand image. Being sure to include the same tone of voice with copy written on your website as you use on your social media is essential. A consistent tone of voice will provide an easy transition for consumers from reading information on your social media page to eventually reading your website. 

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Small Business Website Design

Aesthetics are one of the most critical aspects of keeping people interested in your small business’s website. Creating a brand color palette will make your brand seem visually cohesive, which consumers find very appealing. Ensuring products featured on your social media accounts are accessible on your website is crucial for generating sales.

Consumers first look for a menu bar when visiting a website. This menu bar will contain essential information for your consumers. Labels such as “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages are imperative to your small business’s website design.

Adding an Online Store

As most consumers prefer to shop online or through social media platforms, your small business’s website needs to have an online store where they can access and purchase all your products. Small companies will increase sales because most consumers purchase products directly online. It can be overwhelming to decide which e-commerce platforms will work best for your small business’s website design, so we will briefly compare the top eCommerce platforms.

If you choose to run an online store without using popular software, you must purchase a Secured Socket Layer (SSL). An SSL will encrypt sensitive data such as addresses and credit card information. Without an SSL, hackers can easily steal your customer’s private information which must be protected at all costs. Certification authorities distribute these SSL certificates, and prices range from $10 a month to $1,000 per month. 

If a small business creates its website on WordPress, the easiest option for an e-commerce platform is “WooCommerce,” which turns your WordPress website directly into an accessible online store. This option is not the easiest to set up and may require some assistance from a web developer. Once the shop is ready, WooCommerce offers impressive capabilities for your small business’s site. 

When designing the small business’s website on Squarespace, users can connect a store through their e-commerce subscription, called “Business Squarespace.” The best subscription to purchase for a small business would be for the plain online store option, which offers more security, discounts, abandoned cart recovery, and more. 

Whichever e-commerce platform your small business chooses to use, always promote it on your social media platforms. Including easily accessible online stores will be the quickest way for people to purchase your products, thus generating more profit.

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What Is the Average Cost of Website Design For a Small Business? 

After investing in a domain name, security, content management systems, and a possible online store, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out the average cost of a website design for a small business. The average price can be determined by how much effort you put into the design of your website, as well as how complex the features on your site are. 

Being sure to leave extra funds for marketing and SEO is essential if your business wants to see rapid growth. Some marketing tactics for websites on social media include leaving the link in your bio or posting stories with direct links to your new site. Other marketing tactics for your small business’s website include email marketing, placing online advertisements, or creating blogs. The easiest way to ensure your small business is succeeding in these different marketing tactics is by hiring a digital advertising expert.

The most popular free marketing tactic is posting on social media. Using different hashtags to be associated with your brand and picking a consistent theme for your layout will create a reputable social media page. One of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram, has its shopping section within the app. These posts contain a tagged product, which users can click on, leading them to the product website. Accounts can choose to pay to promote posts, which will show your product on the feed of more people. 

Totaling the Average Costs

Every business will have a different price for creating their website, which can vary depending on the project’s complexity. WordPress, as previously discussed, can be free if the business does not add additional features, but the more they add, the higher the price. Different web design companies can ensure your goals are being met and assist in creating your website. These designers charge between $2,000 to $8,000 for a small business’s website. More functions a company adds to the website and more complex designs can cost up to $40,000 per year. 

In 2021, the average small business spent $534 per month on digital advertising. Increasing or decreasing digital advertising for your small business’s website will fluctuate the price paid per month. The more traffic a small business wants to generate on its website, the more it must spend on digital advertising.

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