The Importance of a Monthly Website Maintenance Plan

That initial feeling after your brand-new website goes live is great. Your web design perfectly matches your brand and showcases your small business beautifully. You start noticing more and better leads coming in, but what do you need to do to ensure that an uptick in leads continues? One way for business owners to ensure their websites keeps bringing in a steady stream of leads is to keep up with a monthly website maintenance plan. Monthly website maintenance service can cover everything from swapping out images to ensuring your website is running the latest version of your CMS.

A lot of times, little things that you can’t see that are working in the background could be a factor in how your website converts, so having someone available monthly to maintain your website works wonders for your website.

Below are several items that should be on your website maintenance checklist.

Update Content

It is vital that your website always has the most up-to-date information regarding your company and the services you offer, such as with a monthly website maintenance plan. It does not look good to potential customers if your website is offering a President’s Day promotion during the holiday season.

Out-of-date promotions and deals or broken links show customers that you aren’t keeping your website up to date, which could lead to them questioning whether the rest of the information on your website is correct or, on the extreme end, whether your company is still in business.

With a monthly maintenance contract, you’ll have a company ready to update your website with your latest promotions and deals. All you need to do is let your web maintenance team know the promotion changes you want, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Contact Forms

Your contact forms are a key point to conversions on your website. If your contact forms aren’t working, then your site isn’t doing its job and bringing you leads. It’s an imperative part of site maintenance that you check your contact forms each month and make sure they are working properly. It’s pretty common for forms that were working when a site first went live to stop working due to changes made by your hosting company with how emails are handled.

Another common issue with contact forms is the person manning the email where forms are going leaves the company, and the forms continue going to that person’s now nonworking email address.

With a monthly maintenance package, it’s easy and quick to correct any issues with contact forms. In some cases, we can even send you the information for submissions that didn’t go to the correct email address. Without working forms on your website, you won’t have a good way to capture their information, and you’ll lose out on many potential customers who just aren’t yet ready to purchase.

Website Updates

If your website is built on a CMS, such as WordPress, a monthly maintenance plan becomes extremely important because WordPress themes and plug-ins all offer updates on a regular basis. Sometimes the updates are to deal with a security issue and other times, they are to keep up with current website trends, but all regular updates are important.

When parts of your website aren’t running the latest versions with the latest security updates, your site will stop running smoothly. The safest way to update your website is to have a website professional regularly check your website for you. Website maintenance costs are usually well worth it. When CMS, themes, or plug-ins are updated, it can cause conflicts that your website maintenance person can easily fix before they become an issue.

New Content

If your site has a blog, then it’s important that you are continually adding new content to your blog. Not only does continually adding content to your blog help with how you rank on search engines, but it also helps with customer confidence and user experience as well.

If you want to write blogs and articles yourself, your website maintenance team can put them live on your website for you. In the alternative, you can hire a marketing team to take care of writing and putting the articles on the website for you. Either way, it’s important for your site maintenance that your blog gets new entries on a regular basis.

Website Speed Tests

The longer your site takes to load, the higher your bounce rate will be. We live in a world of instant gratification, and customers expect websites to load quickly. Your website could be loading quickly for months and then all of a sudden slow to a crawl.

It’s helpful to have a crackpot team of maintenance specialists on call if you notice your website speeds slow down to a crawl. It is also important to test your website speed on a regular basis.

The Dreaded Website Hack

No matter how much you protect yourself against potential hacking risks, there always is a risk that your website will be hacked. It could happen through a vulnerability you don’t even have control over, such as through your host.

If your monthly maintenance package offers nightly backups, make sure to sign up for that feature to ensure your website is as secure as possible. If you get hacked and have a backup, the maintenance team will be able to roll your website back to before the hack quickly. Without backups, you may lose your entire website and have to get it recreated.

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