What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator can help any business or user create marketing and advertising tools to promote their business or product. Marketing and advertising can differentiate you from other businesses and Adobe Illustrator can assist you with this. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Adobe Illustrator. We will discuss what techniques Illustrator offers, what you can do with it, new features, and what Illustrator will cost you.

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What is Adobe Illustrator Used For?

How you market and advertise your company is very important. It draws prospective customers and clients in. Many graphic designers and professionals use Adobe Illustrator for their businesses or own personal use.

Vector Art

One of the most popular tools Adobe Illustrator is used for is vector graphics. Vector graphics allows you to make artwork or logos into any size you want without losing resolution. 

They are great for small businesses who want to make different shapes in sizes of their logos, make stickers to put on their products or for poster designs to even billboards.

Typography Font Design

Are you tired of using the same font? And you want to create your own custom font? Adobe Illustrator allows you to do that. In Illustrator, you can draw freehand or you can import your own hand lettering. Adobe gives you instructions on how to do so on their website.

Icon Design

Need to design an icon for your website? Adobe Illustrator is here to help! Illustrator allows you to sketch your designs on paper and import them to illustrator. To spruce up your icon you can stack and combine vector shapes. You want to add some color? In Illustrator, you can apply color and adjust the opacity to make the perfect icon.

Infographic Design

In this article, we discuss how you can use Adobe Illustrator to create marketing and advertising tools to promote a business, brand, or product. However, you can also use Illustrator to organize data by making pie charts and graphs. In illustrator you can make creative charts and graphs you couldn’t make Excel or any other software. Illustrator allows you to make eye-catching graphs, pie charts, and flowcharts by adding illustrations and icons. Charts and graphs in Illustrator can be easily updated as well. With the charts tool, you can adjust information and data points without having to redo your artwork.

what can you do with adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials 

Adobe Illustrator is a software application that is fairly easy to use. There are many free tutorials on Adobe’s website for how to do many techniques, from how to create shapes, create drawing tools, and adding images and artistic effects. These tutorials are videos ranging from 11 to 30 minutes. Not only does Adobe Illustrator offer videos to educate customers how to use their software for beginners and experienced users, but many other platforms have videos on how to use and advance your skills with Adobe Illustrator. Skillshare and YouTube offer a variety of tutorials on how to learn or advance your skills with Adobe Illustrator as well.

Free Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Offers: 

  • Add text to your designs
  • Create with drawing tools
  • Design with color
  • Create with shapes 
  • Design with opacity and blending modes
  • Create and apply a pattern

What Can You Do with Adobe Illustrator? 

There are many things you do with the Adobe Illustrator, and the options are endless. It allows businesses and users to create their own graphics and advertising. Adobe allows you to make your own logos. Abode gives you the option of creating these logos into vector graphics which allows you to make it as small or large as you want with losing resolution. You can also make your own personal business cards with Illustrator and make them any size and shape you want. Adobe Illustrator even allows you to create email signatures that can allow customers or colleagues to click on your signatures that immediately redirect them to your personal websites or social media accounts. The list goes on and on, to even shirts for your business with customs designs.

Designing a Social Media Banner

Social media banners can be used for your companies LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or your Facebook page. Your social profile is important in driving sales and establishing your brand.

Follow these steps on how to create a social media banner for your business or your own personal brand:

  1. Add your own photo, choose file > place, and then click to drag to add the image. Then you will right-click and choose Arrange > and send it back to reveal a text if you choose to have one.
  2. Next, add your own logo to personalize your banner.
  3. Add a customized text and design. Select each line with the type tool and replace it with your own text and make it your own by changing the font and style.
  4. Lastly, upload to your social media pages and reflect your brand!

what is adobe illustrator?

Designing a Logo

Your logo will be the first thing that comes to mind to a customer when thinking of your brand or your company. When you think of McDonald’s, what comes to mind? The golden arches. It is important to design a logo that represents you or your product perfectly. 

  1. Create a doc and bring an image related to what you are trying to create to compare it to. 
  2. Use different shapes that are available to build your logo.
  3. Apply colors to your logo using the controls Adobe offers that allow you to make edits.
  4. Now adjust and scale your logo to the way you want.
  5. Add your brand or company’s name to your logo.
  6. Save your logo!

Add Text to Your Designs

Before making any logos, or social media banners you need to learn how to add text to your designs. Add texts to your designs in really simple and you just have to follow a few steps.

    1. Add a line of text: In Adobe Illustrator, select the type tool in the tools panel, click to add a placeholder text to your document. This kind of placeholder text is a point type, added to a doc in a specific location. Next, select the selection tool in the tools panels. This will create a box around your text, called a text object. Lastly, drag the text to reposition it.
    2. Add paragraphs of text: With now using the type tool, drag it in the doc window to add new text to the document. With the placeholder text selected, you can type in the text object.
    3. Format text: When selecting a font in the font family menu, you can click more to find different fonts. When you find a font you like click Activate to sync and the font you pick will sync to your computer. If you want to change the color of your text click the fill color in the properties panel and choose a color.

There are many other Adobe Illustrators that allow you to create and the list goes on and on. Other things you can do with Adobe Illustrator: 

  • Design a social media banner
  • Create sticker art
  • Create color gradients 
  • Custom drop cap
  • Create hand lettering 
  • Create color swatches and tints

Using Adobe Illustrator on Your iPad

Adobe now offers illustrator on your iPad. Users can do things on their iPad instead of using their PC or Mac.

Using Adobe Illustrator on your iPad allows you to design logos, graphics and many more from on the go. Using illustrator on your iPad allows you to utilize your Apple Pencil to draw whatever you want with ease and change tools with just a tap. 

Since Illustrator on the iPad is fairly new, these are some of the features illustrator offers:

  • Optimized for Apple Pencil
  • Patterns in a touch
  • Typography toolkit
  • Ability to create symmetry patterns

what is adobe illustrator used for

How Much Will Adobe Illustrator Cost You?

Interested in getting Adobe Illustrator for your business or own personal use? Here is the breakdown of what Adobe Illustrator will cost you. 

Adobe offers 3 different plans to choose from. The annual plan that is prepaid that costs $239.88 a year that equals to $19.99 a month. They also offer another option for an annual plan that you can pay monthly. This plan costs $251.88 a year that you will pay $20.99 monthly and an early cancellation fee will apply. If you do not want to commit to an annual plan then you can opt for the monthly plan that will cost you 31.49 a month. If you are interested in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, XD, and Acrobat DC as well, Adobe offers a monthly plan of $52.99 a month that offers access to all their services including Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrators includes many features for you to use. Create and combine shapes, Design logos, add effects to your artwork, trace and recolor photos and many more features. Illustrator updates automatically giving you new updates and releases. 

If you are in need of any assistance with using Adobe Illustrator, reach out to SEO Design Chicago to get help from the experts who can help you use the features and tools of Adobe Illustrator.

FAQs about Adobe Illustrator 

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