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This article will tell you everything you need to know about WordPress and designing WordPress websites. It will also tell you about WordPress design companies, and how SEO Design Chicago can help you with all of your WordPress website design needs.

If you own a small business or any size business for that matter, your website is almost certainly important to your business’ success. Websites can be the difference between surviving or not in today’s world. 

WordPress web design has become essential to having a top-tier online presence. WordPress is a third party platform that theoretically allows almost anyone to design a website. However, WordPress web design being available does not mean the “do it yourself” method is the best choice. Often, websites designed by either freelance WordPress developers or individuals are of less quality than hiring a professional.

So the question now becomes, should you design your own website or should you turn to the professionals? This article will explain that while the technology is accessible, the design and website expertise is not. 


What is WordPress? 

WordPress web design means designing a website within the WordPress platform.

WordPress is popular. The WordPress platform powers roughly 37% of websites on the internet. The reason behind the platform’s popularity is clear. It is a robust, powerful, and dynamic platform. It is heralded as easy to use for the creation of blogs, company websites, and personal websites. Many turn to WordPress thinking that it is easy to create a website and start getting recognized. WordPress Web design is a process that is more complicated than simply dragging and dropping.

WordPress Web Design

Some see website design as expensive and would rather refer to a freelance WordPress developer or simply make their own website. The downside of this method is that the website’s final form is most likely not cohesive with your entire brand structure. Good website design encapsulates everything a company, brand, or organization stands for and allows all elements of design to work together. 

If the importance of cohesive and strategized brand reputation is something that isn’t at the forefront of a website, it should begin to be immediately. It is now more important than ever to implement website brand management.

The eventual return on investment of a clear and high functioning website, built by a WordPress website design company, is extremely valuable to any website owner. 

WordPress Web design is a simple concept, but it is difficult to execute on. There are various factors that play into not only WordPress web design, but the overall management of the website. 

The following article outlines several areas where professional WordPress website builders can affect the success of your website. It is clear how professionals can assist with search engine optimization, analytics, fluid website branding, and more. 

WordPress excels with blogging and content production in general. If you plan to grow your site naturally, so as to avoid sinking money into paid search, WordPress has all the options for you. Luckily, WordPress web developers that have an entire company and agency working on your website. They can offer a product that will produce amazing results in search engine optimization.

Another reason for the use of WordPress website design is the safety factor. WordPress rates very highly in its safety. For this reason alone, many people choose it for their personal website. 

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Website Design Company

A WordPress website design company has specialists in website design and management who are familiar with the platform. What a website design company offers is a group of people to look over each webpage and help to optimize it.

Researching WordPress website design companies is an important task in order to pair yourself with trained professionals that can elevate your website. The work that a group of professionals can do for your website will be meaningful and impactful.

Also, since WordPress offers a very safe and protected website presence and a slightly more complicated content management system, you will be saved several headaches letting the professionals deal with design. In turn, the website design company will create a far superior product than most people can achieve at home. 

WordPress website design companies can integrate the strategy of your entire digital marketing presence with ease and a cohesive design. Save yourself the frustration and time wasted designing a website and invest in a strong and unique platform that will last with your brand, company, or organization for the foreseeable future. 

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Ultimately what this comes down to is finding the best WordPress website builder

People often are confused by WordPress and there are many misconceptions are out there about the CMS program. However, Designing WordPress Websites has many perks and offers very few downsides

“WordPress provides the basics so your developer doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel (and charge you for doing so). Your developer gets to begin with a well-coded framework that has been proven and tested and you can rest assured” – Pixel Fish. 

Common misconceptions like SEO incapabilities, the building from scratch method, WordPress Security, WordPress only for blogs, and many more are identified in the article. 

WordPress Design

WordPress Versatility

WordPress is the most versatile of all website design software. It is fully compatible with any social media content that corresponds to your brand and website in general.

In addition, designing WordPress websites allows for the integration of coding. The possibilities are endless and the introduction of CSS, HTML and PHP can help your website go from a template based site to intuitive and dynamic creative design. 

WordPress can also scale to accommodate a mobile presence, which is becoming more and more important for search recognition. 

In essence WordPress offers a massive amount of creative direction as a client, and when paired with web design professionals your WordPress site can do more for your online presence than most other website builders. 


WordPress Website Builder 

WordPress is a CMS (content management system). However, platforms like Wix, Squarespace and others are referred to as Website Builders. Though some people don’t realize it, there is a difference between a CMS and a website builder. 

Website builders offer templates and backgrounds to drag and drop material into, thus being an easier software for beginners to use. This method is quick and easy, however limits how unique and personalized one’s website can feel like.

WordPress as a CMS system offers little to no templates to pull from. Often WordPress Web Design can be overwhelming for people who do not understand high level website design. WordPress may even require a tweaking or rewriting of code in order to get features to work as desired. For this reason a professional website designer or even better WordPress website design company is best when using WordPress for your website. 

One of the most important parts of having a CMS style website is that, when paired with website designers, many different media types can be supported. WordPress web design is boundless in so many ways creatively. 

If you have an idea for an animated aspect of your website, a good coder and animator can integrate that. If you have an interesting style choice for how to present material, WordPress offers a way to break out from plug ins and molds. 

WordPress and SEO

Designing WordPress Websites is completely compatible with any SEO strategy. In fact, a WordPress designed website can makes it easier to integrate SEO. 

WordPress is commonly used for blogging and creating content. This is a key aspect of any SEO strategy. Additionally, WordPress Designed Websites are common in the SEO industry and can be altered by professional web developers easily.

Did you know that you can optimize your website for on-site and off-site SEO?

WordPress Website Builder

Freelance WordPress Developer

Freelance WordPress developers are everywhere. In general, going the freelance route with designing WordPress Websites is somewhat risky. Freelancers are often skilled. However, you will need to do a lot of research to find the right person for your website.

At WordPress Design Companies, a group of professionals focus on one objective and offer many opinions about the same thing. This process inevitably gets you a better product. There are a lot of differences between hiring a freelance web developer or a web design company like SEO Design Chicago. 

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A website design agency is definitely your best bet to produce a well-functioning and high-quality WordPress website. Though you or anyone else is capable of building their own website with WordPress, you can leave the hard work the experts instead and get the best result.

For all of your web design needs, contact the experts at SEO Design Chicago today. We provide expert website design with WordPress, or any other CMS or website builder you prefer for your very own website. You can leave the hard to work our web developers while you focus on your own company.

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