How the New Threads App Is Taking Over Twitter’s Market

A new social media platform has recently surfaced under the umbrella of Meta. Meta is more commonly known as the company that houses Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other popular media sites. They have created Threads as the start of a new wave of communication and connecting. While there are many other successful sites out there, Threads has made waves in a very short period of time. 

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What Is Threads? 

To even begin to understand how this brand-new app is already rivaling Twitter, we must know what it is. Threads was designed as a Twitter alternative. It is described as a “text-based conversation app where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you care about today to what’ll be trending tomorrow.” This app is centered around not receiving notifications and seeing information about things you don’t have much interest in. Instead, it allows you to select more specifically what you are able to see.

This Meta app was created to allow consumers to more effectively control what they are seeing and who is seeing what they are posting as well. While many other forums allow you to see diverse content, some that you may be sensitive to or not have an interest in, Threads is allowing for more of a positive, communicative environment. 

How to Download & Start Threads 

While many other apps can be very difficult to sign up for, Threads is quite the opposite. As long as you have an Instagram account already set up, you can be on Threads within seconds. 

Once you are logged into your account, you get the option to follow your existing following list from Instagram on Threads. You can also scroll through your following to see who you would like to transfer over to the new Meta app as well. You can choose to follow new accounts on Threads that you do not already follow on Instagram and it will not connect the two accounts. Once you have logged on and chosen to follow or not follow your existing following, you will then be able to start scrolling and looking at what people have begun posting. 

How to Delete Your Account

The largest downfall to Threads is that once you have created your account, you cannot delete it without deleting your Instagram as well. Since these two apps are so closely connected, you are unable to delete one without the other. You can simply choose to delete the app from your phone or log out, but your account itself will remain unless your Instagram is also deleted. 

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The Goal of Threads 

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg claims that he wanted Threads to be designed to rival Twitter and give the market a newer app with the same concept but executed in a much cleaner manner. Since Twitter has been ruling the public market of conversation for years, it’s time for a new app to emerge. This one has different guidelines and creates a different environment that can get more people connected and involved. According to Zuckerberg and many others, Twitter has yet to be able to successfully complete this. 

Why Is Twitter Losing Relevance?

Within the last year, Elon Musk bought Twitter and promised new changes would be coming for the app. He said his goal was to create a platform with less glitching and spam. However, as time has made clear, this is not the case. There are many ways that this platform was hoped to be taken but at each turn, more problems seem to arise

One of the newest features is a rate limit which restricts how many tweets a user can view within a day. This addition alone hurt the app’s following and traffic immediately. With the glitching and the complications through viruses and spamming this app has seen, it has become less profitable for businesses and companies to advertise. It also gives consumers less peace of mind when they see something on the app. Typically, you can go to a store’s webpage straight from the social media site. However, consumers are less interested in following links and putting in any information if Twitter can’t be trusted with streaming videos and keeping the site clean.

Twitter was once known for having all the information right at your fingertips. If there was something going on in the world, whether that be in the political world, sports, the world, or pop culture, you ran to Twitter to find out. Everyone would tweet immediately and update the world about what was going on. This then led to it being liked, retweeted, and shared with others which alerted Twitter that the topic was trending. Due to the post being labeled as “trending,” it would start showing up on everyone’s feed.

Why Threads Will Be Successful 

Threads is already doing well for itself very early on for one very solid reason: Meta. Due to this app being housed under the Meta platform, there is already easy access to consumers. This company already has a large audience and range of people that connect and use their sites on a daily basis.

Why Threads May Take Over Twitter 

One of the main problems with Twitter is the constant spam. Users can receive messages that are from people they may not actually know or interact with. This is problematic for some users who want to maintain their privacy. On Threads, you have a private setup and can pick with who you are able to interact with. You will also not be overloaded by posts and information you do not find relevant. If you want to leave your Twitter notifications on, you will constantly see posts that you do not particularly have an interest in or that are being pushed by Musk and his team. It doesn’t matter if there is relevance towards you. The site has decided that it should be seen and pushed in your direction, in hopes you take notice. 

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Threads Marketing 

While on Twitter, companies can use advertisement space in order to push their brand along, which has yet to be achievable on Threads. It is likely a feature that will be available in the future, though. Zuckerberg and his team hope to further the positive and inclusive environment they have been building. As such, they hope to reach 1 billion users before discussing the topic of advertising. 

While Threads has yet to begin allowing advertising, Twitter still encourages advertisements. However, with the problems that have arisen since Musk has taken over Twitter, sales have rapidly declined by approximately 59%. It is expected that ad sales will continue to 

Plummet. This is due to several complaints arising from both staff and advertisers over the ads that are more graphic or inappropriate that they may not want their name associated with. This is a difficult time for Twitter and it may only get worse from there.

It is a concern for Threads that once they begin offering advertisements it will hurt their brand and reputation. Since there are so many advertisements on Twitter, the same could happen to Threads. However, as of right now, Zuckerberg hopes to avoid this. 

While you can’t begin advertising on Threads, your company can begin your page and start posting. If you need help creating content for any of your business’s social media accounts, SEO Design Chicago can help! Reach out to us to learn more about our services.


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