Outsourcing Your Company’s Social Media

This article will explain why outsourcing your company’s social media is important. Social media has quickly become a primary communication channel for people and businesses alike. A strong online presence for your company is key for managing a successful business in today’s world. This is especially true if your target audience includes millennials and younger generations, who are most likely to look to social media to decide if a social media company is worth investing their time and money into.

If your company needs to step up its social media game, a great option is to outsource your company’s social media and hire a social media marketing agency to manage your brand’s accounts. There are plenty of available, but SEO Design Chicago is the best.

Outsourcing Social Media

Why Outsourcing Social Media Marketing Is Important

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. They’re just a few of the channels that have become the giants of creative communication in the modern world. Data has consistently shown that interactions between brands and their consumers are largely taking place over social media rather than directly between business and consumer. It’s important to regularly post new social media content created just for your company on a regular basis.

Simply publishing a page is not enough to claim an active social media presence, because it’s all about engagement. Staying relevant in a time of quick turnover and short attention spans demands a balance of perfectly timed and strategic content. Too little activity, or too much activity can drive customers away rather than draw them in. That’s why staying on top of your accounts is essential to maintaining a strong social media presence.

Why Social Media is Important

Five Components of Successful Social Media Efforts

There are five components of any social media strategy:

User-Generated Content 

User generated content includes customer feedback, or what is known as “testimonials” as well as reposting content that customers have shared. Testimonials add credibility to your business because they show unbiased support for the product or service that you’re providing.

Educational Information 

Educational content is more professional, offering something to your audience that they didn’t have before. This earns a customer’s respect and interest in learning more about your company and what you have to offer. It not only applies to your offerings, but takes it a step further and helps the customer out with information they can use again and again.

New Launches 

New launches are especially helpful to existing customers. If they’re already loyal to your business, they will want to know when you have new products or services available. It can also be a way that new customers find you because you’re suddenly offering something they have an interest in. It’s important to schedule this kind of content in advance on your social media accounts to gather excitement before the launch.

Exciting Visuals

Visuals are most important on Instagram, as it is the social channel that relies on image-based content. People are much more likely to interact with social media content that includes dynamic and interesting images. This type of content catches the eyes of new customers. It is proven to draw people to your company’s page in a way that other content doesn’t.

Sales and Promotions

Everyone wants to save money. Piquing interest with discounts works like a charm. If your company is offering any upcoming sales of promotions it’s important to advertise that ahead of time on all social channels. Data shows that a large percentage of customers make purchases based solely on the fact that they found a great deal.

Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s Social Media Content to a Social media Marketing Agency

In order to stay on top of social media, especially when managing accounts on several different platforms, social media professionals create carefully calculated posting schedules that are referred to as a content calendars.

However, devoting time and careful planning on a regular basis is not something that every company is prepared to do. That’s why there are companies that exist to help struggling companies overcome the intimidating climb into social media success by allowing you to outsource social media marketing. Outsourcing your company’s social media content can be a huge game changer for many businesses. By doing so, you can easily advance your customer relations, broaden your exposure, and plant more seeds that could lead to new business.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing services can range from planning services to full management packages. SEO Design Chicago outlines our social media optimization packages that assess the needs of businesses, and then provide recommendations revolving around the identity of the company. We  then provide options ranging from a starter package to an advanced package. From there, a specialist will be assigned to specifically manage your accounts.

The strategy will include a variety of media content that includes articles, relevant images and videos, infographics, targeted statistics, and any other media that aligns with your company’s message. Following the targeted content, the company you outsource to can provide you with detailed reports that measure the success of your campaigns with social media marketing tools. This allows you to see the growth and engagement at a glance to really understand how the process works.

Benefits of Using a Social Media Agency

Which Social Channels Matter?

You don’t have to be on every single social media channel in order to be visible. What’s important is that you’re on the right ones for your business. In order to determine which ones are right, you must first understand what each channel is intended for.


Instagram is the most popular social media channel among younger generations. Seventy-seven percent of Gen Z are active users, and each generation thereafter decreases slightly in popularity on the site. The key to generating attention on Instagram is publishing eye-catching visuals and coupling them with hashtags. This will help make your content visible to the communities that you’re trying to speak to.


Facebook is the channel that attracts primarily Millennials and Gen X, meaning the age group falls between 22 and 53 years old. As there is not a limiting word count like other channels, Facebook lends itself well to more long form content. Many users turn to the site for base-level information like where a business is located, hours of operation, and links to the official website.


LinkedIn is most popular among Millennials and Gen X, with Gen Z quickly approaching as younger users become part of the professional workforce. This platform is where you should focus on sharing high-quality and informational content that speaks to your brand’s values and expertise. It’s also a great place to show your professional connections in the industry.


It’s not just for celebrities and politicians. You don’t have to have thousands of followers on Twitter to reach a wide audience. Most of Twitter’s 300 million active users are extremely active and engaged with the content on the site. Twitter is the place for short and sweet content that gets straight to the point.


Originally only popular among women, Pinterest’s male users have grown by over 100 percent. Pinterest allows users to follow emerging and existing trends, discovering new brand content along the way. The most attractive feature of the platform being the ability to “save” content to boards that can be revisited at any time. This garners brand loyalty and also connects users to other customers—making it ideal for referrals.

By outsourcing your social media content, you are effectively creating a partnership with the agency so they can help you understand which channels your company will perform the best on. The agency can then generate the content specific to each platform’s audiences and propel you into the world of successful social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Services

Benefits of Using Social Media Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing your social media to a skilled team at an agency is what you might need to succeed. Social media marketing services promise to increase your company’s visibility to online audiences and add great value to any business. Your primary focus can be on managing your business, while the experts at a social media agency focus on generating content for your social channels. This will ultimately drive more business to your site and helping you run a more successful business.

But how will the agency know what kind of content is right to post for your unique brand? The professionals that you hire are not only well-versed in general social media tactics and industry trends, but will take the time to do their research to understand your company’s niche and competitors.

SEO Design Chicago’s team of social media experts meets with new clients to go over goals your company hopes to meet. In other words, they’ll know precisely what content is needed so you can focus on your business. In the long run, outsourcing will save you time, money and a lot of worry.

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Smart use of social media channels can elevate a company and open it up to higher customer engagement. Optimizing your performance is key to achieving all of this, and more. The easiest, cheapest, and smartest way to do that is to outsource your company’s social media content.

If you are ready to outsource social media management to a social media marketing company, check out SEO Design Chicago. For quotes on social media management packages, contact us today. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that can handle all of your social media needs. Our team can create social media ads, create engaging content, and more.

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