Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Social Media Services

Social media runs the world in the 21st century, which is why so many companies invest in social media services. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have become integrated into our daily lives and routines. Since these programs were first introduced, businesses have been finding different ways to use them to sell their products. If you’re interested in bringing extra traffic to your website or physical business, look no further than social media marketing services.

What are Social Media Services?

Social media services is a broad term for marketing services specifically geared toward social media platforms. The actual services usually focus on setting up an effective content strategy and the creation of engaging content. Working with an agency like SEO Design Chicago to develop your strategy and content will attract more engagement to your social media pages. Thus, attracting more potential consumers.

In developing an effective content strategy, the goal is essentially to help a business stay relevant on social media through consistent posting on any platform. Your business’ specialized content strategy will work as a long-term plan for your social media presence. In order to build a better relationship with your consumer on social media, you must create the right kind of content. There are many different avenues through which you can accomplish this. We’ll talk more about the specifics of content strategy and creation later on.


Reasons Consumers Might Follow Your Business

One of the first steps of social media marketing is to identify your audience. That said, there’s no better way of identifying your audience than figuring out the reasons a person might follow your account. Part of providing social media services to your business is creating an incentive for users to follow you. Let’s walk through some of the most common reasons someone might want to follow your business on social media.

Sales Information

People want to save money. If following a business’ Instagram or Facebook account saves them money, they’re gonna do it. A lot of the time, people coming across your page are looking for a sale or a discount. Giving out coupons, codes, and discounts on your social media pages is a great strategy for gaining followers and new consumers.

Customer Feedback

You might have potential consumers follow your social media page in order to decide whether your brand is trustworthy or not. Sharing customer feedback can help a potential customer decide to go through with buying your product. Sharing positive feedback can give potential customers the push they need.

New Product Information

Having a social media page also builds loyalty and trust between you and your regular customers. Those who already know your brand and have bought your products will likely follow you on social media. They want to keep themselves up to date on your products or services. Posting about new products leading up to their release will engage this section of your following.

Quality Information

Your followers are interested in learning from you. Your content should teach them something new or give them practical information to use in the future. A great way to provide your audience with new information is to share blog posts related to your industry.


Benefits of Each Social Media Platform

An agency’s social media services generally focus on drawing more attention to your page or website. In order to drive the most traffic to your website, you have to understand what content you should produce on each app. You can’t simply treat every platform the same way. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each social media app can help you strategize content for each one.


Facebook reigns supreme as the most popular social media platform, even in 2021. The app is particularly friendly to businesses, allowing you to create targeted ads to reach new consumers. On Facebook, you can share high-quality visuals, short or lengthy text posts, links, and items for sale. Generally, Facebook is the social media platform of Gen X and millennials.


Instagram doesn’t lag far behind Facebook in terms of popularity. As opposed to Facebook, Instagram is the social media platform of Gen Z. The content on Instagram is highly visual, with captioning and commenting capabilities. The main aspect of marketing for Instagram is creating compelling posts that catch the eye. To boost posts, you can also add relevant hashtags in the caption or the comments. Similar to Facebook, you can also create sponsored posts and ads.


When someone mentions social media, it’s likely that your mind doesn’t immediately jump to LinkedIn. However, having a strong LinkedIn presence builds consumer trust and positions you as an expert in your specialty. Content sharing on LinkedIn can show your network that you’re skilled in your profession.

When you work with an agency to improve your social media strategy, we keep in mind the platform while curating content. Understanding the platforms and what is appropriate to post on each one is the first step to getting more engagement.


Examples of Social Media Services

So now you understand what social media services are and how different social media sites can boost your presence and engagement. The only question left is how? There are countless ways for an agency to go about finding the right methods of posting. Here are just a few:

Profile creation

While creating a profile or account on a social media app doesn’t necessarily seem like a huge deal, it’s important to get the presentation of your brand’s account right. Pairing with an agency allows us to give advice on which social networks might be beneficial to your business. We make sure your profile looks good and is SEO-friendly.

Content creation

This is where we can really get creative with your business. We curate content to each specific platform. Image and text formatting for posts can vary from one network to the other, and different types of posts are popular on different platforms. Agencies take this into consideration when creating content to post for your business. We can write blog posts, do case studies, create videos and graphics, and more. By using collected data and analysis, we create content that means something to consumers for your brand.

Content publishing

Part of getting social media right is figuring out when and how often you should post. A lot of the time, businesses find it difficult to keep up with all the posts they’re supposed to send out to each platform. Another social media service is helping your business create a plan of action. Often, content calendars that tell you what to post each day can help with this.

Data and analysis

You can’t post without knowledge of your audience. At SEO Design Chicago, we get to know your brand and your customers. Really, the entire point of data and analysis is to inform your content creation strategy. Knowing who your audience is and what their interests are is the key to performing well on social media. Additionally, we can take a look at your competitors to see how their social media strategy is working to help you look at their strengths and weaknesses.


We understand that social media can seem new to plenty of business owners, which is why we guide you through using it as a marketing tool. We work with our clients to give them the tools they need to continue their social media marketing strategy in the long term. Educating clients on how to talk to their audience as a brand can be part of a consultation.


Why Do Social Media Services Matter?

The simple fact of life in the 21st century is that the internet runs everything. Ecommerce has been steadily growing over the years, and we saw this trend skyrocket last year because of the pandemic. If you’re an entrepreneur in any capacity, one of the best marketing decisions you can make is to use social media. If you’re not marketing your brand on social media, your business isn’t relevant.

Between the three social media networks mentioned in this blog post–Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn–there are over 3 billion users. There is great potential for your business to grow with so many users on just these three platforms, and those are only the platforms you absolutely must have. When you consider apps like Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube, you’re looking at almost another 3 billion users you could be engaged with.

Simply put, if you’re interested in marketing your company to as many people as possible, you need to be on social media. If not, you risk losing customers and revenue to your competitors.

Work With Us on Social Media Services

Here at SEO Design Chicago, we provide many of the social media services that your business might need. We specialize in content creation like writing social media and blog posts, videography, photography, and graphic design services. Additionally, we offer services for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more networks. If you have a question about social media services or want to learn more about the countless digital marketing services we offer to businesses, contact us today.


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