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Wordpress based CMS websites are engaging responsive websites that allow businesses to manage and make changes to their website without learning complicated programming languages.

Wordpress is a free website creation tool written in PHP and MySQL. Initially, it was created as a blogging platform, but over time it has grown into so much more. Today, many Fortune 500 companies and new outlets choose to use Wordpress for their websites. In fact, 27.5% of the top 10 million websites in the world use Wordpress for their websites.

Wordpress has many additional plug-ins and extensions thanks to third-party programmers which significantly expands its capabilities. Most website features seen online can be done on Wordpress and after the initial setup can be managed by the end user. CMS based websites, like Wordpress, save companies since employees of the company can take on minor edits and changes to the website themselves.

E-commerce Solutions

Wordpress makes an excellent option for e-commerce websites needing to manage sales, inventory, and shipping all in one place.

Responsive Designs

Our Wordpress websites are fully responsive and tested on all major devices and browsers.

Wordpress Training

Once the Wordpress website is live our team will walk you through using and editing your new website if you would like.

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Secured testing environment for your web project

All Wordpress website development takes place on a secure staging environment hosted on our servers. Our secure development services stop your customer base from seeing your new site before it's ready. We also use complex tools to visualize your site architecture and enable us to make changes before the site goes live.

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