What is Content Optimization?

Our websites are made up of all different types of content: text, images, videos, and sometimes even news. If you want your content to be seen, you need to optimize it for search engines. However, there are different types of optimization methods and strategies depending on the type of content you are producing. Many website owners know they need to optimize the text of their website for search engines, but might be missing out on valuable traffic by not optimizing the photos and videos on their website, too. This guide will teach you how to optimize the four main types of content: text, images, videos, and news. 

content optimization

Content Optimization

Content optimization is the process of ensuring that all of your content is optimized for search engines. Optimization is key to SEO. There are several different types of content optimization. In this article, we will tell you how to optimize text, images, videos, and news.  

How to Optimize Text Content 

Text optimization is the optimization of the text on your website for Google and other search engines. The most important key to text optimization is to write engaging content that provides value to readers. Here are additional ways to optimize text:

Provide Value

The very first step of optimizing text for your website is to ensure that the content you write offers value to your reader. Search engines will reward the best, most valuable content that answers the searcher’s questions best. 

Title Tags

Your title tag is one of the most crucial elements of text optimization. Your title tag tells searchers what your page is about in just a few words. They are often used on social media networks to 

Meta Descriptions

The meta description is where you describe what your post is about. It is the description of what your web page is about that entices searchers to click on it rather than the other options in the search results. That is why it is important to write great meta descriptions.

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are similar to meta descriptions. Though meta keywords used to be an extremely valuable tool for SEO, now they are somewhat controversial. That’s because some website owners started “stuffing” their code with high-traffic keywords to drive more traffic to their website. It is important to use meta keywords correctly and ensure that they accurately represent the content of your website and use no more than ten meta keywords per single web page. 

Optimize Your URLs

A URL that doesn’t contain your keywords is a missed opportunity for optimization. Your URL gives you another opportunity to describe your content, for both your audience and search engines. 

how to optimize images

How to Optimize Images 

Images are another way you can attract search traffic to your website. Did you know that many people perform searches for images? It is possible that your images could appear in not only image searches, but they can also appear in the main search results and make it easier for people to find your content. There are several ways to optimize images for search engines, including alt tags, image tags, filenames, and file sizes:

Alt Tags

Alt tags work as alternate text to describe the image when the image cannot be displayed. This is important if an image can’t be displayed due to a slow internet connection or if the page fails to load correctly. Alt tags are also important if a user is utilizing text-reading software, and the alt tag is read aloud to describe the image that is on the web page. Make sure to use simple keywords and phrases in your alt tags to describe the images on your site. 

Image Tags

Image tags, like alt tags, designate the words that should appear when a user scrolls or hovers over an image. The image tags also help your audience understand the context of the image, so the tag text you choose should describe the image accurately as well as have some accurate keywords. 

Here is an example of how alt tags and title tags are embedded in the source code of your image: 

<title’”chicagoskyline” alt=”chicago skyline” img src=”chicagoskyline.jpg”/>. 


Your alt tag and your title tag will give search engines an idea as to what the image is of, but the filename goes one step further. It gives contextual information about how the image relates to the rest of the content on the page. Just like your alt tag and title tag, your image filename should also include the focus keyword that you are optimizing your web page for. So, instead of a random series of letters and numbers, give your photo a descriptive file name, like “chicagoskyline.jpg.”

File Size 

Google and other search engines care about the speed of your website, which is why you need to ensure that your pages load quickly. (This also decreases the chances of someone having to read the alt text of your photo instead of viewing it if it loads too slowly.) So, adjust the file size of your images to make sure that your website can handle them properly. Files that are too large and web pages that are loaded with lots of images can make your images load slowly or not at all, which can affect your search rankings. This is why you need to reduce the file size of your images as much as possible, without losing the quality of the image. 

how to optimize videos

How to Optimize Videos 

We all know how important video content is these days. In fact, 86% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool. The first step to creating a viral video is making sure it is engaging content, but there are some more tips for optimizing video content. Just like you can optimize content for Google, you can optimize content for YouTube, too. 

Optimize Video Titles

Your video title should contain relevant keywords, but it should also be appealing for viewers. An over-optimized title stuffed with keywords will turn off potential viewers of your content. The goal is to write a catchy title that also includes your most relevant keywords. 

Optimize Video Descriptions 

Your video description should accurately describe the content of your video and set expectations for viewers. Though your description should also contain relevant keywords, you should mostly keep in mind that your description should appeal to your audience. Why should they watch your video? Don’t forget to include a link to a page of on your website that is relevant to the content of your video, to keep viewers engaged and provide them with additional information. 

On-Site Optimization for Videos

Just like when you optimize images for your website, be sure to also optimize the description and title tags on your videos when you post them to your website, so that search engines understand the context and content. 

how to optimize news

How to Optimize News Content

News is one of the most highly competitive spaces on the internet. Virtually every website has the ability to produce news related to their industry, whether it’s on a blog, a “news” section of the website, or through social media. Producing timely news content is an excellent way for brands to build awareness and be seen as a reliable and relevant source of information. Here are some tips for optimizing your news content: 

Submit Content to Google News

If you want your news content to show up under Google’s “News” tab, you need to get your website approved as Google News website. Google has requirements for websites that want to submit news content, but once you are approved, your content will be included in the search results. 

Static URLs 

If you want your news content to rank highly alongside other news websites, each news article you produce needs to live on its own static URL. This means that every article you create should have its own web page on your site. Don’t just add a news blurb to your homepage and hope it will rank!

Don’t Forget Keywords

Just like other pieces of content, your news articles should include relevant keywords. This also means any images or videos you include should be optimized, too, following the tips from above! 

Optimize Headlines

Every headline should grab your readers’ attention and entice them to click and read the entire article. It will also need to include relevant keywords that someone might search in order to find your content. 

content optimization strategy

Content Optimization Strategy from SEO Design Chicago 

Are you in need of a content optimization strategy? If you would like all the content on your website to be optimized on a regular basis and appear high in the SERPs, partner with SEO Design Chicago. Our team of search engine optimization experts is ready to help you optimize your website, from your homepage to your videos. 


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