The Different Types of Content Optimization 

If you are looking to increase the exposure your content receives you should consider learning about different types of content optimization. What does optimize mean in the context of content? Content optimization strategies can teach you simple tricks that will increase your content’s visibility to consumers. Not only will the visibility of your content increase but you will not have to sacrifice the quality of your content to do so. You can often optimize your content with just a few simple format changes. It is especially important to learn what optimize means in the context of content creation if you are already producing content. Creating the content should be the difficult part, not optimizing the content. 

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Formatting for Content Optimization

Always Use Title Tags 

One of the most common internet marketing optimization strategies is to adjust the title tag to increase exposure. The title tag is the text below a piece of content that explains what the content is about. The title tag you have is very important because search engines like Google will rank your website partially based on what you wrote in your title tag. Additionally, you want to make sure that consumers get an accurate representation of which website they will be going to before clicking on the link. A consumer might not want to visit a website where they have no idea what the content will be like. You also want to make sure that the title tag is untabbed because a tagged title tag prevents consumers from seeing the title tag. It also prevents the algorithm from recommending your website based on the words in your title tag. 

Include Keywords in URLs

Similar to title tags, URLs are another internet marketing optimization tactic that is often utilized. You want to make sure that you include keywords in your URL. Keywords are words or phrases that consumers often search for. You want to include these in your URL because if the Google algorithm sees that you have a commonly searched term in your URL, they are more likely to promote your content. Long-tail keywords tend to be more effective, however any keywords you find will be beneficial. 

In addition to using keywords, you should make sure that your URL makes sense for the context of your website without being too long. Since consumers will copy and paste your website URL, you should be sure to include your website’s name in the URL. If you leave your website’s name out of the URL, consumers may become confused as to what link is for which website.  

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Adjust the File Name and File Size 

What if you are looking to improve the engagement your content receives, but it is not written content? If you have any content that you are looking to get exposure through a picture algorithm, like Google Images, you should consider adjusting the file name and file size of the photo

For the file name of the image, make sure it is not just a bunch of random numbers and letters. You should name the file in context to whatever the image is. This will ensure that the algorithm will be more likely to suggest your image first when consumers are searching for a similar image. Additionally, it will make your job easier by making it easier to keep track of all the images on the backend of your website. 

The file size of the photo is also important. If the file size is too large, your website may not be able to load the image. Not only will this make your website look unprofessional, but consumers will not be able to view your content. When you spend so much time creating and promoting your content, you want to make sure that consumers are actually able to view the content. 

Rename Video Titles 

Another internet marketing optimization tactic that is commonly used is to optimize the title of any video content you upload. Looking at the titles of the video content you upload could give you insight into how to get more engagement for your content. Make sure that your video titles are an actual representation of the content that is in the videos. If possible, including keywords in the title of your video content could help it get exposure. 

Keywords are great, but make sure the title is not too long and difficult for consumers to understand. Keywords should only be used if they make sense in the context of the video. Additionally, you want to catch consumer’s attention with an engaging title. Highlighting the most interesting part of the video could be a great tactic to increase consumer engagement. This is why it is important to not only learn what does optimize mean but how it can be applied to different types of content. 

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Use Strong Headlines 

Similar to when you are creating video titles, you should make sure that the headlines for your written content are able to grab the reader’s attention. Creating a headline that will grab your reader’s attention is one of the best content optimization strategies out there. Look at other popular content in the industry you are writing for. What words are they using in their headlines? What is the tone of the headlines? One of the best ways to do this is to look at what are the titles of the top articles and blogs when you search for similar topics. You can learn a lot about what content is successful with consumers based on other popular content. 

Headlines for written content are also similar to the titles you choose for video content. That is that using keywords will help promote your content. Just like when choosing the title for video content, make sure to only use keywords in your headlines if they make sense in the context of your content. 

Other Content Optimization Tips

Submit it to Google News 

If any of the content you create includes news, you should consider submitting it to Google News. Google News might not be the first result you receive when you are looking for ways to improve the exposure of your content. However, it can be a great resource to get your content seen by more consumers. 

Google News works similarly to Google images. It is a section on Google that showcases only news stories. So how do you get your news story featured on Google News? You need to submit your blog or article directly to Google News. Once submitted, Google will review the blog or article you submitted and if they approve it, they will feature it in the news search results. As long as your content does not violate any of the guidelines Google News sets, you should be approved. Your content will likely be included as long as it is actually a news story and does not feature offensive or harmful content. 

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Promote Your Content on Social Media 

Once you have created content and have published it, you should share the content on all of your active social media platforms. Social media is one of the best ways to expose your content to a new audience that may not be searching directly for your content.

The best way to successfully use content optimization on social media is through consistent posting. You should not expect the content you post to immediately go viral. Outside of a few rare cases, social media growth is built steadily over time. This is why it is so important to not get discouraged when you start posting content. As long as the content is high quality and consistent with your brand’s values, it will find its audience. 

The type of content you produce will likely affect which social media platforms you post on. If you are creating longer-form written content, then creating a Facebook page would be more beneficial than a Twitter page. For content featuring short videos or images, then Instagram or TikTok might be the platforms you should utilize. If you create video content that is long-form, then YouTube is likely the best choice of platform. 

It is important to note that even if you post content on one platform that does not mean you can not cross-promote your content. For example, every time you post a YouTube video, you can share the link to it on Twitter so that more consumers are able to see your content. 


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