What Is Drone Photography?

Drone photography is a type of aerial photography that uses drones to capture pictures or films from an elevated perspective. These drones have high-resolution cameras that can capture stunning photos and films from all angles and all places.

Over the last couple of years, drone photography has become more popular due to continued technological developments. As a result, it is becoming more accessible and affordable for people and businesses to use. 

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Flying Drones With Cameras

Drones with cameras are useful for a variety of things, including surveying, mapping, search and rescue, and more. The camera on the drone can be anything from a basic, low-resolution camera to a high-end camera that can record 4k videos and take high-resolution photos. Depending on the drone, some include a stabilizer to lessen the vibration and shaking to produce clearer results. 

Drones for Shooting Videos And Photography

Drones have become increasingly popular for shooting videos and taking photos because they are excellent tools for capturing images from unique perspectives. Often, videos and photos from a drone are nearly impossible to get without one. When choosing the right drone, keep in mind that high-quality photographs and videos can only be captured with a high-quality, high-resolution, stable camera that can last for a significant amount of time. Since it will constantly be collecting footage and taking photos, those are some of the many features to look out for. Another thing to consider when choosing your drone is the range. A drone with a long-range transmitter is able to cover more ground, giving you the greatest variety of shots. GPS capabilities are also important because they are easier to fly, can maintain their position more accurately, and more easily return to the starting point.

Some of the popular drones for shooting videos include the DJI Mavic Pro 2, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and the DJI Inspire 2. Drones that are commonly used for photography are the DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Phantom 4 pro, and the Autel Robotics EVO II. These are just some examples, but there are a variety of different options available based on your needs and budget. 

Drone Photography Tips

Whether this is your first time using a drone or you are finding ways to get better the following tips will help you take great drone photos:

Be Familiar With Your Drone

One of the most important things to know before you start using your drone is how it operates. Before your photography session, read up on the manual and ensure you comprehend all the different features and restrictions of your drone such as the controls, speed, and different flight modes. If you are familiar with all of these things before your photo session, you can spend more time taking pictures and less time figuring out how to work your drone. 

Camera Settings

Properly setting up your drone will help you capture the best photos. Having your camera set to auto mode may be more simple, but it is suggested that you set up your camera manually to have more control over the exposure, ISO, and shutter speed. This will help you capture clear and well-exposed images in a variety of conditions. 

Weather Conditions

When planning to fly a drone, it is crucial to check the weather before to ensure a safe and successful flight. Avoid flying your drone on windy or rainy days because it may be difficult to maintain control and capture clear pictures. There are other weather conditions to consider as well such as temperature and humidity, visibility, and lightning. However, ideally, the best weather for a drone photography session is when there are clear skies and good lighting.

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Planning Your Drone Shoot 

Plan your shot and scout out the area that you are planning to have your shoot at. When planning for your photography session some things to consider are: 


Are you concentrating on a small subject or detail or are you trying to capture a broad landscape? Defining your purpose will help you take the best photos because you can determine the height, angle, and location that works best for what you are trying to accomplish.


Choose a location that will give you a clear view of your subject. Avoid places that have a lot of traffic or other obstacles that could interfere with your shot. 


This ties back to the purpose of your shot. If you are trying to capture a broad landscape, a higher altitude is better because you are able to capture more. Whereas if you are concentrating on a small subject, a lower altitude is better because it can capture the close-up details. 


When planning your shot, take into account the lighting. The hour before the sun rises and sets, also known as golden hour, is the best time to take pictures because the lighting is the warmest and the softest then. 

Bring Extra Batteries

Typically drones have a battery life of 20-30 minutes, while the higher-end models can last up to 40-50 minutes. However, factors like wind direction, speed temperature, and flight patterns can further impact how long the battery lasts. It would be helpful for you to bring extra batteries so you can do the photo session for as long as you would like without having to rush to finish before your drone dies. 

If you take the right care of your drone batteries, you can help extend the battery life. Ways that you can extend your drone battery life include regularly inspecting and charging the batteries, keeping them in dry and cool areas and away from extreme weather, and not over or under-charging your batteries. 

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Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a good guide to follow while taking your photos. For a more aesthetically appealing and balanced photo, divide the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically, and put your subject at one of the intersections. When it comes to photography, there are no hard rules, but the rule of thirds is a great starting point to take your photos. 

Drone Laws

Drone laws vary depending on the country or region you are located in. Before using your drone, be informed of the local drone laws and restrictions. Some places require you to register your drone before using it and it has to be over a certain weight. There are restricted places where you need permission to fly a drone such as near the airport, public areas, or private property.

One of the biggest worries with drone usage is an invasion of privacy. Drones are and can be used to take pictures and videos of people without their consent, which can be a privacy concern. Breaking local drone laws can result in fines or even jail time, so it is crucial to understand all the rules before you decide to have a drone photography session. 

Why Should You Use Drone Photography?

Compared to traditional methods of photography, drone photography has a lot more advantages and benefits to it. Some of these benefits include:

Aerial Perspective

Thanks to drone technology, photographers can now shoot aerial viewpoints that were previously unattainable or too expensive. This makes it possible to capture unique photos that can showcase the scale of landscapes, structures, and events. 


Compared to traditional aerial photography where helicopters or planes are needed to take a photo, a drone can capture the picture in a more affordable and quick way. Drones can take high-quality pictures without all of the costly equipment. 

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Versatility and Efficiency

Drones can be used to fly in a variety of areas, including over water, through the woods, and in cities. This makes it a versatile tool for taking a range of photos. They are also fast and efficient, making it quick and easy to take a picture. This is helpful for photo sessions that require multiple different angles of the place or subject. 


Drones can be used to take pictures in dangerous or hard-to-reach locations without putting the photographer at risk. For example, drones can be used to scan disaster zones, inspect infrastructure, or take pictures of wildlife without disturbing them. 

Hiring a Drone Photographer

If you are a business owner or you are in need of good aerial photos and you don’t own a drone or don’t know how to use one, hire a drone photographer. At SEO Design Chicago, we offer drone photography services and it is easy to get started. Get a quote from us today to get great aerial photos. 

Overall, drone photography offers a number of advantages that can help photographers capture eye-catching and distinctive photos. Drones continue to become more accessible and affordable, making it easier for photographers to use aerial pictures in their work. Whether you are the one taking the photos or want to use the photos on your website or social media accounts, amazing and unique aerial photos can help your business stand out and provide a unique and engaging product to your customers. 


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