How To Use SEO For DJ Marketing

SEO (search engine optimization) is useful in almost any business and that includes the DJ (disc jockey) industry. However, before SEO is utilized, a business must establish marketing and advertising methods. In this article we will not only discuss how to get started marketing your DJ business, but also how to utilize SEO and run advertisements to gain more customers.

SEO for DJs 

DJ Marketing 

SEO is an essential part of a DJ business plan, however, before even looking into SEO, research needs to be done on your DJ business and who your consumers are. What the best platforms are, what the website looks like, and what the advertisement says.

All of those are examples of what Marketers do. Before touching SEO, research must be done on who the audience is and what’s the best platforms to use. In addition to having your own DJ website, here are three platforms that are must haves to have a business page on.

Best Platforms For DJ Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook being the most popular social media platform makes it a must have on this list. It’s clean user interface and unique business tab makes it easy to put up your DJ business there. After that they provide ads (which will be talked about later) that you can put up. Anyone on Facebook near you can come across your page based on your information. The more information you put the better.

LinkedIn Marketing

Some may think LinkedIn is just for finding jobs and used by employers, however for DJ marketing it’s an essential because you can find consumers straight from there. It makes your DJ business look professional and an easy way for people to contact you.

The unique aspect of LinkedIn is its connections feature, the more connections you have the more the business you will get. You can collaborate with clients and can list all the people/events you DJed for. It is also a great platform for connecting with other small businesses in the entertainment industry.

Google My Business

Google being the most popular search engine with 80% of the entire web index, it’s essential to set up your DJ company there. The first-place people go to find something is usually Google, therefore it’s keen that you show up. Google prioritizes your business based on many factors which is why you use SEO to optimize your business’s chances of getting clicks. Get started with Google My Business today.

Facebook and Google also have rating systems. Having higher ratings is always good and can make or break a business. Overall these three platforms are ideal for marketing your business. Marketing and advertising as a whole is huge, to understand its possibilities for a DJ business.

DJ Marketing

Tips for DJ Marketing

Marketing agencies utilize graphic designers, salespeople, and data analytics. They are in charge of driving the product and marketing it to the public. From the designing and development of advertisements to the maintenance of social media and engaging with customers. Here are the steps to get started marketing your business:

Create a Marketing Plan

Marketing Plans are essential before starting a campaign for any product or service. It will consist of the overall layout on what exactly you will do throughout the marketing campaign and when it’s due. This includes when to post on social media, what kind of content will be released, and the research involved.

Research Research Research

The most important part of a marketing strategy is research. Everything from which platform is the best fit to how you will advertise the business to the public. Marketers will need to understand who their consumers are and specific ways to target them effectively. Therefore, you need to determine whether the target market for your DJ services are bars, clubs, birthday parties or corporate events.

Content Creation  

After creating a marketing plan and researching, it’s time to start creating content for social media. By this step you should have platforms that you intend to post on and start posting consistently on upcoming shows and other service offerings. Maybe even using the hashtags to gain more engagement on posts.

Ads are another option which will be discussed later. The goal of this step is not to give too much away but get people excited. For example, if you’re a DJ, you wouldn’t want to post your whole show on social media, rather play music in snippets to entice consumers and have them want to come to your show. There are many strategies you can use to have beneficial feedback.


After putting up content, you need to communicate with people coming across their page. This means replying to comments and reaching out to people. The more they are apart the project, the more likely they are to stay and spread the word!

How To Market DJs

SEO in the DJ Business 

SEO’s main role is to help a business receive more traffic and potential customers through search engines. This can be prominent especially in the DJ industry where your business is based on popularity and word of mouth. The best DJs had to build up their brand and can’t just rely on their career to skyrocket on pure talent and word of mouth.

SEO will help DJs not only expand their business but also create content in a way to excite people. The marketing part is done but SEO falls in the same line as marketing. After all the content and businesses are up on the internet, SEO’s job is to make your creations, ads, and business ranked higher amongst other searches on search engines. SEO can fall in the category of marketing but it’s completely different. You must adapt certain techniques and algorithms to make your work more appealing to search engines, not consumers.

The best example of SEO is when someone searches “DJ near me.” Google for example would pull up DJs near you but what makes them display the DJs in a specific order? SEO techniques allow your website and business to show as close to the top as possible.

DJ SEO Services

DJ SEO Services

There are many services that SEO has to offer for a DJ business. This includes on and off-site optimization, quality content creation, backlink strategy, and more.

On-Site Optimization 

On site optimization is what goes on the site, this means the keywords and actual content. Search engines look for specific things whether it’s keywords or website speed. Therefore, it’s important to not only have an efficient front-end page but also back end where the code is. On site includes the content put up on the site, the pictures resolution, tags, and keywords all matter.

Quality Content Creation 

Similar to topics introduced for on-site optimization, having ongoing quality content creation is important. The website and business need to be maintained regularly and the content needs to be on par. As a DJ you will want the best music and video quality because that’s what people will hear when previewing your work.

Off-Site Optimization 

Off-site is what goes on behind the scenes, the bigger picture. This involves the awareness of your business and prominence across the web. This is a little bit of marketing and making people aware of your brand. Connecting social media and guest blogging are examples of off-site optimization. Another aspect is backlinking to your website.

Backlink Strategy 

Backlinking is a favorable strategy and search engines like Google prioritize sites who do it. Backlinking is linking other websites across the web on your own. For example, if you’re writing an article, the more you link to external and internal websites, the better search engines will like it. This can be done on social media as well and it establishes a sort of trust with search engines depending on how many links go back to your site.

DJ Advertisements

DJ Advertisements

DJ Advertising is an essential part of marketing and growing your business. Many companies allow ads to run on their platforms which can give you an advantage against competitors. In regard to the disc jockey industry, advertisements need to target certain groups and the content matters. Videos get 100% more engagements than any other form of media so you can use that to your advantage when creating an ad. Preview your skills and music in a video and people might be interested.

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google all allow ads. Facebook for example helps you track engagements and is a cheaper option. Since it’s the most popular platform, ads will be easy to run. PPC (pay per click) is an important aspect of advertising and a DJ should have an advertising budget to be prepared.

In this article we discussed marketing, SEO, and advertisements for DJ businesses. Research, brainstorming business ideas, and creating a plan are the first steps to Marketing. Overall, there are so many strategies to help grow your DJ business. Here at SEO Design Chicago, we want to help any of your endeavors whether it’s marketing, SEO, or advertising. Reach out to us at SEO Design Chicago for a free consultation and help with all of your DJ needs.

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