How Do I Create Engaging Content?

Creating engaging content is key to running a successful business. People will not want to buy your product or service if you don’t produce engaging content that draws potential customers into your business. 

In this article, you will learn all about engaging content, including creating engaging content specific to Instagram and Facebook. 

Create Engaging Content

Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Be Unique

This tip might seem cliché but it is actually true! People are looking for the “wow factor” when looking at social media posts, websites, blogs, or any other platform with content. People don’t want to see the same kind of content over and over again. If you produce original content, you will be sure to stand out above your competition. It’s okay if you write a blog post with the same or similar topic to other posts; however, put your own spin on it. Add your own style and personality to your content to make people want to know more about your business. Many companies choose to outsource their content by having various people create content. Doing so ensures that the content is unique because everyone has their own ways of doing things. 

Use Strategic Keywords

Keywords are crucial to ranking high on search engine results. People are looking at your article or website for a reason: they want to know more information on that particular topic. To keep users engaged and coming back for more, you need to know how to effectively use keywords in your content.  

Create Interesting Titles

Did you know that 80% of people never make it past a headline? In other words, 8 out of 10 people read a headline, while only 2 out of 10 people read the entire article. This statistic shows just how important it is to create interesting titles. If your title is boring, people will not click on your article or blog. As a result, people will not learn all the great information you planned on telling them. You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Unfortunately, that is not quite true because people will decide whether or not they want to look deeper into your content based on your headline. 

How to Create Engaging Content 

Allow Users to Share Content

Making your content easily shareable is a great way to attract new customers and increase website and social media traffic. You can make your content shareable by adding social media widgets and icons which makes it easy for people to share your content on their own social media accounts. 

Include a Call to Action

A call to action is a very powerful, effective way to increase audience engagement. Essentially it answers the question of “Now that I’ve read this article or seen this image or video, what do I do now?” Creating a call to action tells your audience what they can do now that they have this new information. 

Have Accurate Information

This point might seem obvious but having accurate information is vital to great content. Make sure to fact check your content. Even if you pass along false information by accident, the outcome is still the same: you published inaccurate information to your valued followers. Anyone can publish anything on the internet today, so make sure you confirm with multiple sources that your information is accurate before publishing content.

Tell a Story

People find it easier to relate to stories than hard facts and statistics. Telling a story through your content will draw more people into your business, making them want to connect with you and learn more about what you stand for. Storytelling will set you apart from your competition by appealing to your audience’s emotions. There’s nothing wrong with using solid data. Just make sure to output your data in an interesting and creative way. 

Use Visuals

The human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than it processes words. Text is great; however, people are more likely to remember what they read if it is accompanied with a showstopping visual, whether it’s an infographic, photo, or video. Using various visuals in your content will take your content to the next level, making it impossible to ignore

Engaging Instagram Content

How to Create Engaging Content on Instagram 

Combine User-Generated Content with Original Content

A simple way to reach a large amount of people on Instagram is by creating content that gets your users involved. If you encourage your followers to create their own posts that connect back to your account, you will reach a wider range of people. For example, Frank Body, a beauty brand based in Australia, created an Instagram campaign to promote one of its body scrubs. They hired a group of influencers with many followers to showcase the body scrub. Each post had the hashtag #Let’sBeFrank and #TheFrankEffect. Using these hashtags makes it easier for people to find your posts on Instagram. These posts encouraged users to post their own photos of themselves using the body scrub. The main goal of user-generated content is to get your followers involved with your company, in addition to promoting your business. 

Host Giveaways and Contests

Hosting a giveaway or contest is an effective advertising strategy. This tip is similar to the last one, where both have to do with your followers. Through a giveaway, more people will learn about your business. The trick to increasing brand awareness is all in the rules. For example, to enter the giveaway you might require contestants to repost the giveaway post or tag some friends in the comments. Essentially, you want the rules to require followers to spread the word about your account. With so many different people tagging friends and reposting content, you will reach a wider audience on Instagram. Yes, you will have to give away a few free products or services; however, that “loss” will amount to nothing when compared to all the marketing and advertising you receive through the contest. 

Use High-Quality Images

Because Instagram requires a photo or video when you post content, you need to ensure that you are using high-quality images. It’s fine to use whatever images or videos you want on your personal social media account; however, for your business account, you want to come across to followers as a professional. You don’t have to be a master photographer to have high quality images. If you are struggling to find good photos, you can always turn to stock photos. For example, Pexels is a great resource where you can download free stock photos.

Engaging Facebook Content

Collaborate with Influencers

Building relationships through social media will enable you to create new connections in the professional industry. Collaborating with Instagram influencers will practically guarantee you new followers. Working with an influencer who already has a large following on social media will act as a symbiotic relationship. They will support your business and Instagram account by reposting or shouting out your company, while you do the same for them. Therefore, both of you benefit from your Instagram relationship.

Write Creative Captions

Coming up with unique and interesting Instagram captions is just as important as the photo or video itself. Sometimes people won’t fully understand what the photo or video is trying to tell them; therefore, you must have a good caption to get your message across to followers. Your captions are the perfect way to give additional information and context to your post. Creating an informative, creative caption is just one of the many tips for social media success

How to Create Engaging Content on Facebook

Look at Your Page Insights

Your Page Insights will tell you what’s working and what’s not working on your Facebook account. It will tell you helpful things like what types of posts are receiving the most likes, comments, and reactions from your followers. Knowing the areas that you need to improve on will allow you to fix them. Knowing the areas that you are excelling at will allow you to create new content based on that information. 

Post a Variety of Content 

You don’t want your followers to get bored of your content. To keep people engaged with your account, post a variety of content. You can post blog posts, photos, press releases, videos, or any other type of content that your followers are interested in. No matter what Facebook content you choose to create, make sure that it appeals to your target audience. 

Content Creation

End Each Post with a Question

If you end each post with a question, it will make your followers think about what they just read or saw. Essentially, this question is a call to action. You want your followers to answer this question to increase user engagement. For example, if you own a bakery, your question might be “What’s your favorite bakery item on the menu?” 

Create an Upload Schedule

Creating an upload schedule will make your posts reach the most amount of people. Your posts will do you no good if no one sees them. An effective strategy is to check your Facebook Insights to see when your followers are most active on Facebook. With that information, you can create a schedule to post content based on when most of your followers are active on social media. 

Now that you know how to create engaging content on Instagram and Facebook, apply those strategies to your own business account. If you follow these helpful tips and tricks, you will see an increase in followers, website traffic, business, and brand awareness. 

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