Why You Should Subscribe to Marketing Newsletters

Marketing newsletters are a great way to stay on top of news, tips, and trends. It’s an easy way to quickly digest applicable digital marketing information. Instead of spending your time searching for answers to your digital marketing questions, newsletters bring the answers directly to your email inbox. 

Let’s discuss what marketing newsletters are, why marketing newsletters are advantageous, and why you should subscribe to digital marketing newsletters.

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Digital marketing newsletters

Newsletters are emails that companies send to customers on a regular basis to update them about their products and services. Digital marketing newsletters are perfect for sharing valuable information about the industry.

Newsletters are an important part of email marketing. The return-on-investment rate of newsletters is often successful. Email newsletters affect consumer purchasing decisions as many customers purchase products and services directly from marketing emails.

Newsletters are important marketing tools for several reasons.

Lead to growth

Consumers spend hours on their email during the week. With targeted email newsletters, you can present your products and services directly to the consumers where they are—their email inbox!

Increase brand awareness

Newsletters can help you share everything your customers need to know about your brand. Not only do your features or products matter to customers, but so do your brand mission and values. Newsletters are a great way to develop trust and loyalty with your customers.

Boost website traffic

Newsletters should end with a call-to-action (CTA). This button or link will encourage recipients to view your website and other quality content that you have to share. The result is more website traffic (and potentially more sales too).

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Making marketing newsletters work

Just because you send out a newsletter doesn’t mean that people will automatically care about what you have to say. To make the most out of your marketing newsletters, make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

The content and the audience don’t match.

People subscribe to newsletters because they want information that will help them succeed in work and in their personal lives. Email blasts and tons of promotions will be doomed to failure.

The fix: Focus on user experience and deliver content that meets the needs and wants of your readers.

The timing is all wrong.

You’ll lose subscribers if you start off sending your newsletter once a week then suddenly drop back to once a month. You’ve got to set an expectation for your schedule and keep your promise.

The fix: Create a publishing schedule. This, in turn, will create habitual readers.

They’re unsolicited.

Email marketing is a privilege. You don’t automatically have the right to communicate with prospects, leads, and customers. Use the newsletter to help you build trust and earn respect, not to destroy it.

The fix: Don’t send your newsletter to someone unless they specifically request it.

advantages marketing newsletters

Advantages of sending marketing newsletters

Connect with more customers

Email is perhaps the most important marketing tool available for your business. Marketing newsletters provide an opportunity to share high-quality content that brings people to your website.

Increase your credibility and authority

You can increase your credibility and authority with your customers by consistently providing them with valuable and relevant information. Well-written and informative marketing newsletters will encourage customers to believe in and rely on your company for knowledge, products, and services.

Low risk, high reward

Email marketing is inexpensive and relatively easy to implement. Since your mailing list already includes people that expressed interest in your company, they will be more receptive to your marketing efforts. It’s a win-win!

Improve your content marketing strategy

Newsletters build on and enhance other content that you provide. Newsletters provide valuable information to subscribers while including links to your website. Customers are likely to click on links within your newsletter as well as forward the newsletter to others, which can help you grow your audience.

Increase customer engagement

Newsletters are easily customizable to reflect your customers’ interests and preferences. By personalizing newsletters, you can enhance customer engagement, and drive repeat traffic and sales.

Enhance analytics

Newsletters are a great tool for evaluating your marketing strategy and informing future decisions. Many email marketing platforms have built-in analytics to help you understand your company’s performance as well as your customers’ needs.

Long-term strategy

Newsletters are a time-tested means of engaging customers. They’re familiar and easy to use. This email marketing strategy is effective and pays off over time.


3 reasons to subscribe to marketing newsletters

Get advice

Digital marketing newsletters are the perfect way to get advice from other digital marketers. You can easily read valuable content that is specifically created for like-minded people.

Helpful information in one place

All your marketing news is in one place. There’s no need to spend time searching for information when the latest tips and trends arrive regularly in your inbox.

Check out the competition

Subscribing to a variety of marketing newsletters can give you insight into how different digital marketing companies operate. You may find inspiration to help you improve your marketing strategy. 

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Best newsletters to subscribe to

Check out these popular newsletters that focus on a variety of topics

Digital marketing

If you’re in the digital marketing field, subscribe to SEO Design Chicago’s newsletter. The newsletter offers insight into marketing trends. Additionally, you’ll have access to high-quality content such as blog posts and case studies.

Daily news

If you’re interested in daily news in an easy-to-digest format, subscribe to New York Time’s The Morning newsletter. Its broad scope offers authoritative news ensuring that you don’t miss out on pertinent news from around the world.


Even if you’re stuck at home, you can still dream of exploring far-off destinations with Atlas Obscura. This newsletter gives you five different options to choose from. Each one delivers bits of travel trivia and fascinating glimpses into other cultures.


The Climate Crisis newsletter from the New Yorker helps you address the climate crisis on a more personal level. Also, the newsletter explains that solutions are not only attainable but also entirely in our hands. 

Finance and budgeting

The Penny Hoarder breaks down common financial problems and budgeting tips in easy-to-understand language. This newsletter provides real-world examples of what to do (and what no to do) with your hard-earned money.

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