Google Ads Training by the Experts

If you are ready to start using Google Ads, but have no idea where to begin, then our Google Ads training is for you. Once you complete our training, you will be able to create, develop, and optimize your own Google Ads campaign that will send both quality AND quantity traffic to your website. Learn more below about what you’ll learn in SEO Design Chicago’s Google AdWords training!


Learn how to drive regular traffic to your website or landing page, 24 hours a day.


Learn how to create, develop, and even optimize your own Google AdWords campaigns – and how to make them profitable.


You will learn how to advertise your products and services online, in a way that is actually effective.


You won’t just learn how to boost your website’s traffic, but sales on your website, too.


We will teach you how to utilize conversion tracking so you can track the progress of your ad campaigns.


Finally, you will learn how to remarket to previous website visitors and get them back to your site.



It is ideal that you have a website or landing page to send traffic to in order to take our Google Ads training, but it is not required.


All you need is a computer (desktop or laptop), smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection! You can choose between online or in-person training.


Zero experience with Google Ads or AdWords is required for SEO Design Chicago’s training. All you need is a desire to learn! 

Become a Pro in Pay-Per-Click Advertising with SEO Design Chicago

If you want to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Google Ads or pay-per-click advertising, then our Google Ads training is right for you. A knowledge of Google Ads can help digital marketers add to their arsenals of talent or help a business owner take back business from their competition. All of our digital marketing trainings are personalized to your needs and comfort level!

In our Google Ads training, you will learn:

learn how to use Google Ads
Google AdWords training

  • How to utilize reports and data on your competitors and customers
  • How to write and A/B test your campaigns
  • How to increase your quality score
  • How to decrease your cost-per-click
  • The best way to structure your account, campaigns, ad groups, and keyword lists
Google AdWords course

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FAQs about Trainings

Is Google Ads hard to learn?

Google Ads is not simple, but anyone who can take the time for training can learn how to use Google Ads! There are no prerequisites for SEO Design Chicago’s Google Ads training.

Our Google Ads training is for anyone who wants to learn how to use the most popular advertising platform available. Some examples include business owners who want to increase sales through their website, digital marketers who want to add knowledge of Google Ads to their resume, and students who want to learn more about digital marketing.

Yes, your training will take place with one of our professional digital advertisers who will share their own knowledge and personalize your training. This is not an online, one-size-fits-all course!

The length of your training is completely up to you. Whether you are brand-new to Google Ads and need a lot of help, or are just looking for a refresher, we can tailor our custom training to your needs!

By the end of your Google Ads training, you will know how to create your own Google Ads campaign, how to track its progress, and more!

Yes, we offer training on other Google tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Ads. Contact us if you are interested in any other kind of digital marketing training!

If you are interested in harnessing the power of the largest advertising platform on earth for your own website, then yes, Google Ads training is absolutely worth it!

Google Ads training will teach you how to customize and build your own Google AdWords campaigns.

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