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setup google ads conversion tracking


Conversion tracking is very important for any type of marketing your business engages in. When you run ads with Google Ads, you may want to see whether clicks on your ad led a customer to take a certain action, such as a purchase on your website, calling your business, or downloading an app. Conversions help top assess the cost of Google Ads conversions.

Different Ways to Track Google Ads Conversions for Advertising Optimization

The first step in tracking conversions is choosing what you want to track.

Note: If you’re new to conversion tracking and want to learn how it works, read about conversion tracking.

Choose the Types of Conversion Tracking You Would Like

Find the type of conversion you want to track on the left, then follow the link to the instructions on the right:

  • Choose one of the following:

    • Track mobile app conversions with Firebase
    • Track app conversions using third-party app analytics or third-party click-tracking
    • Track Android app conversions
    • Track mobile app conversions with Firebase
    • Track iOS app conversions
  • Learn more about mobile app conversion tracking

Choose one of the following:

  • Measure web conversions from Google Analytics App + Web properties
  • Measure app conversions from Google Analytics App + Web properties (via the Firebase SDK)

Choose one or more of the following:

  • Track calls from ads
  • Track calls to a phone number on your website
  • Track phone number clicks on a mobile website

Advanced Tip: Identify Multiple Kinds of Conversions

Do you want to track multiple kinds of conversions from the list above? Just set up a different conversion action for each type of conversion you want to track. For example, you can set up one conversion action to track purchases on your website, and another to track calls from your ads.

You can also set up multiple conversion actions for each conversion source. For example, say you want to track two different actions on your website: purchases and newsletter sign-ups. You’d set up two conversion actions: one for the purchases and one for sign-ups.

You may want to use the “Include in ‘Conversions’” setting to track multiple conversions.

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