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In the year 2021 alone, digital ad expenditures in the United States across all industries was $171 billion. With such a vast amount of ad dollars being spent in the digital realm, it’s no surprise that many ad campaigns are being planned and executed using full-service digital marketing agency services. As digital technology grows, so does digital marketing.

The benefit of the full-service digital marketing agency approach is the ease of coordination between stakeholders. Not to mention, the ability to synthesize all the moving parts of your ad campaign under one roof. No longer do you need to branch out your marketing efforts to different niche companies with the hopes they all deliver compatible results. And gone are the days of trying to navigate job boards for potential freelance talent. You don’t want to have to find one agency for SEO services and another for full service web design. Instead, choose one of the best marketing agencies that does it all. We are a digital marketing agency specializing in all the top marketing services.

Fortunately, expert full-service digital marketing agencies are available, and they’re here to offer a variety of digital marketing services led by experienced digital professionals. Whether you’re looking to redesign your website for better user experience (UX), you’ve discovered the need to improve the SEO (search engine optimization) of your site content, or you need a social media advertising campaign (search engine marketing), going the full-service agency route is the smart – and financially sound – choice. Take, for example, the average return on investment for an email marketing campaign is 3,600%.

So, let’s guide you through the many benefits of using full-service digital marketing agency services.

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What Is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency?

You might be asking yourself, “so, what’s a full-service digital marketing agency and how will it benefit me?” We get it. It’s possible you’re still wrapping your head around the concept of the full-service approach to marketing. Or maybe your company is still relying on an outdated traditional marketing approach, in which case, you’re doing the legwork to help move things in a new, more prosperous direction.

It’s time to embrace digital.

If you’re new to digital marketing, think of it as a way of doing business on the internet. With expert guidance, your company can utilize the wide array of digital channels available. This might include using email as a marketing tool, social media ads, website optimization, and so forth. One of the most valuable aspects of digital marketing is that you can get creative with your approach, simply because of the variety of digital channels, tools, and marketing strategies at your disposal.

Perhaps most important of all, full-service agencies are experts at combining digital marketing delivery with digital strategy. The best digital marketing agencies bring the experience (they know what works and what doesn’t), and they have a deep understanding of what digital channel is appropriate for which audience.

Better put: full-service digital marketing agencies know how to frame your products and services in the right light, in the most visible spaces.

Where to Begin With Digital Marketing

The first thing you must analyze when deciding how to plan and deliver a successful marketing campaign is the strategy you will take. And, of course, there’s good reason to make your strategy a digital one. A reported 57% of the global population is now online. While traditional marketing campaigns are still viable for larger, more established brands, they are often much more expensive, and it’s hard to analyze and measure ad effectiveness in real time.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is a more affordable way to reach your audience. The added benefits include the ability to target specific users, real-time analytics, and numerous channels for user engagement. With search engines and social media platforms providing built-in marketing tools, there’s never been an easier time to increase the visibility of your products and services.

Due to the large scope of the digital marketing realm, coupled with the variety of ways to advertise online, it’s best to seek expert digital strategists. That way you can rest assured that your marketing campaigns are in good hands.

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What’s Wrong with a ‘Niche’ Internet Marketing Agency?

In a traditional sense, niche agencies serve a great purpose. Let’s say you handle the majority of your marketing in-house. Yet, the visual components of your ads are always lackluster and don’t match the professional quality of your competitors’ graphics. The problem is, you don’t have a trained and skilled graphic designer on staff. The obvious choice, in this case, would be to find an agency that specializes in graphic design.

But when you start to move into the digital marketing space, companies that specialize in only one or two services don’t provide many advantages. Imagine hiring one company to produce your graphics, another to oversee your Facebook marketing campaign, and yet another to oversee a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with an affiliate marketer. Sounds like a big headache, right?

Oftentimes, relying on niche agencies to oversee different areas of your digital strategy will result in consistency issues, overlapping or competing for ad placement, and even observable gaps in your marketing approach.

Finding Marketing Agencies Near Me

Chicago has a long and storied history as the epicenter of business and advertising in the Midwest, even competing with the larger media markets in the coastal regions of the United States. This is especially true in this modern age of digital marketing and e-commerce. It’s safe to say that there are a number of niche agencies that serve Chicago and the surrounding area. So, how do you go about finding marketing agencies near you?

A basic internet search of “Chicago IL digital marketing company” will show you dozens of top Chicago digital marketing agencies in cities all along the western shores of Lake Michigan – from Chicago up to Milwaukee and beyond. That said, you will only find a handful of true full-service agencies.

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Top Digital Agencies in Chicago

There are many marketing agencies in Chicago, but one stands above the rest.

SEO Design Chicago

SEO Design Chicago (SDC) is on the leading edge of Midwest digital marketing agencies. And let’s suppose your company is outside of the Chicagoland area and serves an entirely different region than the Midwest. No problem. Our digital agency offers services to a wide array of industries in major cities all around the U.S.

Austin? Check. Seattle? You bet. San Francisco? SDC has it covered. What about the Big Apple? Yep, SDC also offers marking services in New York City.

To gain a sense of the benefits provided by a full-service digital marketing agency, take a look at just a small snapshot of the digital marketing services provided by SEO Design Chicago:

  • Content marketing
  • Digital marketing consulting
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media management
  • Digital advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Web design and web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Digital consulting and data analytics
  • More innovative marketing solutions

You can even request a free search engine optimization (SEO) analysis of your site, all thanks to the team at SDC! That’s certainly a great way to begin exploring your digital marketing options.

Besides the wide array of services provided, full-service digital marketing teams – like the one at SEO Design Chicago –  offer a convenience and expertise you’d never get in a traditional marketing sense. This is especially true when you think of full-service teams overseeing all your marketing needs in comparison to hiring several different niche agencies to cover the same bases. No matter how many different digital channels you include in your ad campaigns, you can expect consistency and focus with the full-service approach that is unrivaled elsewhere. We offer all the digital marketing services you need.

What’s the Cost?

Ah, yes. There’s always a cost. In most cases, digital marketing solutions are more affordable than their traditional counterparts. Digital marketing costs between $2,500 and $12,000 per month.

While prices look steep on paper – especially for smaller companies with less ad dollars to spend – the good news is that you can expect a significant return on investment (ROI) from all your digital marketing efforts. Using a full service marketing agency will further increase your expected returns.

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Top Marketing Agencies

As you might expect, the top marketing agencies have experienced phenomenal growth in recent years. Many have especially flourished during the pandemic, with more and more businesses taking advantage of the digital market. It was recently reported that online shoppers spent $870.78 billion in 2021. Oh, and that was just in the United States. With that amount of money flowing into the various digital channels, it’s no wonder digital marketing companies are seeing record-breaking profits.

Multinational marketing firms typically serve corporate clients with immense marketing budgets and a global reach. So, it’s fair to say small or even mid-sized companies wouldn’t seek their digital marketing services. But partnering with a top Chicago digital marketing agency is within reach.

Why You Need to Partner With a Full-Service Internet Marketing Agency

The digital marketplace is experiencing immense growth and continues to show promise for the years to come. In the United States, ad spending in 2022 is projected to increase 13%. This means it will surpass $300 billion ($320 billion) for the first time. Companies view digital ad spending as a smart and necessary strategy for growth.

And while there are still some areas where traditional marketing campaigns will succeed, smaller companies should focus their efforts on finding appropriate digital marketing strategies.

And you don’t have to go to one agency for content marketing, another for Google Analytics, and an advertising company for all of your separate needs. We have the ability to help you meet all of your business goals within digital marketing. Whether you need creative services or media relations, we offer every online marketing service .

Partner With the Top Chicago Digital Marketing Agency

There’s no better way to succeed in today’s business world than to work alongside a full-service digital marketing agency. And of all the digital marketing agencies in Chicago, we are the best full service marketing agency in the city. Whether you are looking for brand development, website development, or social media marketing services, our Chicago digital marketing agency is ready to help you with creative solutions.


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