What Is a Good Conversion Rate on Google Ads?

Have you ever wondered how people make money off of ads? We have all had those moments when our seamless soundtrack on YouTube got rudely interrupted by a random ad or we opened a website and got welcomed by a series of pop-up ads. The answer is pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements where businesses get paid whenever users click on an advertisement. Google Ads are a common example of PPCs. They are an effective way of spearheading business, especially in the realm of digital marketing. 

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What Is a Good Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate represents the average number of conversions made per ad click. It is shown as a percentage and it helps the owner track the percentage of visitors actively engaging in some component of their website. Some common types of conversions include making purchases, signing up on a website, downloading something, subscribing to a service, or even using a section of software or app for a certain amount of time. 

The conversion rate for Google Ads varies but most recent research shows that the average clickthrough (CTR) rate is 5.06%. These percentages may change depending on the type of business or industry you are in. 

One slight drop in the percentage has a great impact on the company. The difference between a high and low conversion rate is explained by the post-click experience. The easier it is to navigate into the website, the better the customer experience and the higher the conversion rate. 

How to Increase Conversion Rate

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tool is a great resource to use to track the number of customers who end up purchasing your products or even signing up for services on your company’s website. In what ways can you boost your conversion rate? Having a fully functional conversion tracking system helps the owner of the business see how fruitful their campaign is and also find ways to improve it. 

Choose Keywords Wisely

Great keywords equate to great conversion rates. Understanding what keywords are most effective requires an understanding of what people are interested in and searching for. On the other hand, negative keywords don’t attract customers and should be noted and avoided. For example, if your company sells furniture, then customers wouldn’t be expecting to find shoe options on your website. Then “shoes” would be a negative keyword because if customers search for the word, they won’t find your website. Such keyword terms should be found in the search term report, which shows the list of terms that past visitors have typed out to find your website and can therefore be narrowed down to the keywords that you should maintain for future potential customers. 

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Add Prices

Adding price tags on ads can also attract potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing your products or services. It can be a great way to draw customers from a pool of competitors when your prices are relatively lower and more affordable. You may compare the effectiveness of adding the cost to the ad versus without any costs. 

Captivating Headline

First impressions matter! Your ad’s headline is what grabs the attention of the user. Create the heart and reaction you wish to inspire in your audience. While making the headlines, make good use of the maximum capacity of characters allowed for a headline. Google allows a maximum of 90 characters, hence every word counts. In the headline, be sure to include the specific details that the client would be curious to know answering the questions who, what where, when, how, and why. 

Quality Landing Page

A satisfying ad is one whose landing page serves the exact needs of the customer and provides a welcoming ambiance. The more customized the landing pages are for each section of the ad, the bigger the conversion rates. What’s better than setting a fine landing page is optimizing it such that the client can feel the same tone and language as they did when viewing the ad, and get exactly what they need quickly without having to stumble upon flashy pictures or other unnecessary visuals.

Conversion rate optimization aims at increasing the percentage of positive customer responses on your website. There is a difference between creating a stream of traffic and creating loyal, paying customers. The trick is to find the best way to maximize customer satisfaction as that results in more client engagement on your website and eventually high conversion rates. However, remember that there are other competitors who offer similar services and want to draw as many customers to their website. Consequently, you should not be satisfied when customers sign up once for your services. You should find creative ways to keep your clients interested in what you are selling to serve their unique needs. 

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Conversion Optimization Services

There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a website and feeling confused as soon as you land on it. To avoid this kind of customer dissatisfaction which can lead to the loss of potential customers, it is important to make your website as user-friendly as possible. Website redesigns can be made to increase conversions from visitors. 

One other popular way of maintaining regular customer engagement after the initial positive connection is remarketing, in which you reach out to the customers through email to send updates on sales or marketing. 

Conversion rate optimization has numerous benefits. Not only does it increase conversion rates but also helps the business owners understand the strengths and weaknesses of their website. Awareness leads to informed decisions that help the company thrive. You also build a strong network of connections with customers which can lead to rich partnerships to boost the business. Your website can also be a great source of revenue in addition to your regular sales. 

Conversion optimization agencies help companies reap the benefits of conversion rate optimization. Some common resources that they use include Google Analytics, a service that provides statistical tools for the analysis of search engine optimization. After a thorough analysis of metrics such as visitor insight, trends, and demographics, they help their clients analyze their sales funnel and style of marketing. 

Marketing Conversion Rates: Differences in Industry

Conversion rates vary not only by industry but also by other factors such as the type of keyword, landing page experience, and brand. The type of conversion can also vary depending on the metrics. Google Ad benchmarks help create a baseline to compare your campaigns and how they can be improved to generate high conversion rates. 

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Quality of Conversions

We can easily get caught up with the numbers and forget the importance of having quality conversions. How can we nurture quality conversions? The secret lies in understanding what the customer considers prior to becoming fully committed to your company’s sales. Depending on the goal of the company, its method of capturing the heart of the buyer may differ. Some may aim at leading the prospective buyer at doing more research on their business, others may want to convince their potential buyers that every penny spent on their products is worthwhile. What is the ultimate goal for your target clients? For a customer to choose your company first over every other competitor, the quality of services that you provide is essential.

What if your website traffic is too low? Consider upgrading the website’s content to make it more attractive to target clients who may visit the website. You can take the same approach on the website copy as well to address the concerns of the visitors. The content of the website can be impeccable but what catches the eye first is the aesthetic look of the website. Web design analysis is paramount to creating a pleasant experience for the visitors who would then want to spend more time and explore different sections of the website. To prevent customers from leaving your website, the nitty gritty such as broken links, complex navigation bars, and slow transitions from page to page should be taken care of prior to connecting the landing page.

Undeniably, being fully aware of where your business lies in the arena of industry competition is necessary to plan future upgrades and improvements. 

Know Your Customers, Build Your Proceeds

One thing we can take away from this article is that without understanding what your customer needs and how you can satisfy their needs through a few clicks on your website, then any work of promotion becomes a loss rather than a gain. To draw long-lasting customers, it takes a continuous process of studying, adjusting, upgrading, and comparing to keep your company at its highest peak of performance. 


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