What Is The Best Twitter Image Size?

If you’re new to Twitter, or just curious about what the best Twitter image size is, this article is for you. It can be complicated to get a handle on which size images work best for which social media apps. This gets especially difficult navigating inside the apps themselves. While this is useful information for personal use, these are essential details when you use Twitter for marketing purposes.

Whether you’re an experienced user of Twitter or new to the game, the constant changing of Twitter’s image operations is confusing. Here, we’ll outline how Twitter uses images and the optimal sizes that will help you design graphics for your accounts. So, let’s talk about what works best for Twitter images across the app.

Twitter Images

Twitter and images have a complicated relationship. Up until recently, when posting a picture in a tweet, Twitter had an automated cropping feature that cropped your pictures. There wasn’t an option to choose how the image was cropped, and the cropping was decided based on contrast. However, after many complaints from Twitter users, this no longer is the case. This way, if you’re promoting something on your Twitter, you can post any graphic without worrying about how the image is cropped.

With that, Twitter images on your profile are where the sizing and quality come into play. The profile picture on your account is a different size than the banner behind it. For the best Twitter image size, Twitter recommends profile images to be 400×400 pixels. Twitter also specifies that the maximum file size for images is 2MB. Keeping this in mind is important because images with higher quality are larger files. Finding the balance between quality and size can be hard, but there are resources to help.

Twitter Banner Dimensions

Similar to your profile picture, the banner included in your profile also has a specific image size that works best. While you can get an ideal header by letting Twitter crop the image for you, it’s still useful to know the Twitter banner dimensions. Below, we’ll talk about how Twitter crops the images and what the Twitter banner dimensions are.

If you don’t need to know the dimensions, for a personal account or using a solid color background, Twitter will crop the images for you. After navigating to your profile, select Edit Profile and click on your current banner. Select the photo you’d like for your banner. After selecting, Twitter will show you the dimensions of the crop on the picture you chose. This gives you an estimate of the dimensions and gives you control. You can choose the part of the picture you want to be featured based on the cropping. After this, select Apply, and your banner is changed.

For those making a banner themselves, the banner dimensions that Twitter recommends are 1500×500 pixels. This means that it’s wider than your profile picture, so make sure that your image is wide enough to fit this space without losing quality. The best Twitter header will be these dimensions and keep in line with the overall look of your profile.

Optimal Twitter Image Size

Now that we know what the recommended sizes are for Twitter images, we can talk about what works best. As we mentioned earlier, Twitter has now gotten rid of the cropping feature when posting tweets. However, there’s still an optimal Twitter image size to post pictures with. This is most useful for those not running a personal account because it helps make your posts stand out. Thinking about the ideal sizing of images for ads or posts will help you design them easier, and get more benefits from your work. Using Twitter for content creation to the best of your ability means taking these factors into account.

Twitter Ad Image Sizes

Ads on Twitter aren’t a new feature, but what is a newer feature is being able to include multiple pictures in each ad. In the past, Twitter only allowed one image per ad or sponsored post. However, with Twitter’s new features, multiple images can be included in an ad. The user will just have to swipe between them on the post in order to see all the pictures. This expands the world of advertising on Twitter, so let’s talk about how this can be useful to you.

To get a user’s attention with a post, avoid posting a graphic or picture with the same sizing as Twitter ads. This way, users won’t initially scroll past and will feel more inclined to look at the image. But, it should be noted that ad sizing online is different than ad sizing on mobile.

The specifications for Twitter ad images can get complicated. Ideally, Twitter notes that their ad sizes are a minimum of 600 pixels wide, and qualify a certain aspect ratio. The recommended aspect ratios are 1:1, 2:1, 3:2, up to 16:9. For those not familiar, an aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and height of an image. As an example, a 600×600 image would qualify because it meets the minimum width and is a 1:1 aspect ratio.

An image the size of 1200×600 would also fit, as it meets the minimum and a 2:1 aspect ratio. After the 16:9 aspect ratio, all images will be cropped to fit 16:9. Additionally, Twitter mobile automatically crops to a 16:9 aspect ratio. Because of this, the best Twitter image size for an ad would be 1600×900. If you’re looking to standardize your ads across desktop and mobile, it’s best to create your images in 16:9 for consistency. Aspect ratios are very important when considering image quality because the more pixels in your image, the better the quality is.

Image Quality

Now that we understand the basics of aspect ratio and image quality, let’s go deeper and talk about what makes the optimal Twitter image size and quality. A higher aspect ratio means that more pixels are used in the picture, making the details finer. Overall, this improves the quality of the image you use and is important to keep in mind. The better quality your image is, the more professional your posts will appear to users.

If you’re interested in improving the quality of an image that already exists, try taking a look at AI Image Enhancer. This free resource is completely AI-powered and allows you to improve the quality of an image with only a few clicks. Specifically, it focuses on contrast, image color, and overall quality. Start by making an account and uploading your image to the website, then follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your enhanced image. This resource also offers a variety of other image enhancements, like enlarging, denoising, and sharpening.

For creating your own pictures and making sure they’re the right specifications, there are lots of free resources at your disposal. Namely, we recommend using Canva. Canva offers a free plan, as well as paid features to make creating images online easy and convenient. With the free version of Canva, you can create a template for whichever size you need, and upload as many pictures as you’d like.

What’s great about Canva is that they already have Twitter’s specifications in their system. This way you don’t have to worry about getting the sizes exactly right, you can just select which one you want. To do this, select Create Design after logging in or signing up, and search Twitter in the pop-up search bar. Here, you’ll see the templates for Twitter Ad, Twitter Header, Twitter Post, and more. Canva also has similar templates for Instagram and other social media platforms, all in one place.

Twitter for Marketing

Now that you know all the details about what makes Twitter image sizes work, you can use them to your liking. Whether for personal use or content creation, knowing the specifications about how Twitter images work is useful. There are lots of resources out there to aid you in making your images the best quality they can be, like Canva or the AI Image Enhancer. Canva is also great for standardizing your images across various social media. Keeping your digital marketing campaign consistent and quality is essential to successful marketing.

A helpful feature for marketing on Twitter is the schedule tweets function. This makes it easy to post times outside of your routine and means that an employee doesn’t have to be operating the account all day. Scheduled tweets are a great option for those looking to further engage with Twitter in their digital marketing. It’s especially useful for product drops. For example, schedule a tweet to post the same minute that a product launches. This way, the users looking at your page are directed to the product from the moment it launches. Combining this with the pinned tweet feature is a great way to get your product out there.

Keeping this information, and everything above, in mind, will help you use Twitter more to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to get engaged and get specific. Stepping out of your marketing box can help you reach new audiences and further your business.


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