Why Blogs Are Important For Career Coaches

Are you a career coach looking to expand your client base? Career coaching is an ever-expanding and changing field, significantly altered by the rise of technology and working from home. All forms of content creation are an excellent way to market your business. In this article, we will focus on explaining how career coaches get more clients by blogging! 

Blogging is an integral part of search engine optimization, also called SEO. SEO uses keywords to group together search results, making ones that match the keywords in a user’s search appear more relevant to them. 

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Blogging for Career Coaches

Blogging is an excellent move toward boosting your career coaching business. Think about some helpful websites you may have used in the past. On how many of them were you reading blog posts? The answer is likely many!


Blogging for career coaches also provides the perfect opportunity to use keywords. You may be asking yourself, what are career coaching keywords? There are in fact many keywords for you to use that have to do with career coaching. 

Any word associated with employment is a good place to start. Words such as “jobs,” “hiring,” “job search,” “job vacancy,” “resume tips,” or “employment” will work wonders to market your services. Using these terms in conjunction with location-specific words will help you gain clients locally, too. 

Using terms to market locally is called local SEO. Local SEO can be done online or in person, however, it brings people to your business in person rather than just online. Local SEO is a great tactic for career coaches to use if they have a real office, or work only with people in person. 

For example, if you are marketing your career coaching services in Orlando, Florida, you can use words like “near me,” “Florida,” or “Orlando.” Since many people look for services in their area, using these keywords will help you find in-person clients near you. 

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Creating Content Online

Career coaching can be a totally online industry. It does help to know the area in which you are helping a client find a job so that you are familiar with the market there. That being said, there are lots of ways people can research careers virtually, and this is where blogging comes in. 

Because career coaching used to be totally in-person, and there is now a transition to include more online industries, creating content about the growing popularity of online career coaching and employment is something that career coaches should take advantage of! People are actively looking for information regarding careers, resume building, and professional development. 

These are all topics you can blog about! You can also blog about really anything related to employment, career coaching, and job searching. In fact, it is advised that you write blog posts about all of these topics and more, as to create a dynamic website with a wide breadth of content for people to take in. 

Blogging for career coaches also creates a good impression for future clients. Writing a blog shows that you are so interested in the field you work in that you are actively seeking to extrapolate the topics that you enjoy talking about. For readers online, this demonstrates your dedication to your business and makes people feel more confident in the work you do. 

Career Coach Websites

Your blog will be posted on your website, so it’s a good idea to make sure your page is comprehensive, accessible, and attractive to look at. A logo is a great addition to any company, too. Your website should be made up of many parts that come together dynamically. 

For example, you should have an “about” page to showcase yourself, your credentials, experience, and passion for the work you do. Career coach websites should especially include this information, as people are looking to you to be a qualified professional. So, having personal and professional information will help future clients get to know you better. 

Career coach websites should be putting out tons of content! As mentioned above, this content can be about anything related to the career coaching field. Putting out posts on your blog will create a good collection of content that showcases your interest and skill in the field. In fact, you should have a “blog” tab on your website for easy access to your writing. 

Another part of career coach websites is testimonials. It is a great idea to include testimonials on your website of previous clients you have helped. Testimonials showcase the work you do and allow your clients to tell others about how great your services are. In fact, testimonials can even help with how future clients see you as a person, as clients can discuss how you personally helped them with their careers. 

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Marketing and Advertising for Career Coaches

Marketing and advertising for career coaches rely heavily on content creation. A blog is an excellent form of content creation that can get you more clients in your coaching business, but there are many others, too. 

A huge industry that career coaches should tap into is social media! In fact, the use of social media is an essential avenue for the marketing and advertising of career coaching services. In today’s world, people like bite-sized forms of content that are easily digestible. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok provide great avenues to create this type of content, whether that be in pictures, videos or shorts, images, or textposts. Video sharing platforms, especially sites like YouTube, provide a special opportunity to create visual content that people can watch for advice and tips.

There are, in fact, tons of career coaches and tutors out there who create content on YouTube or TikTok, and they gain followers through these sites because of the posts they create, as they generate buzz around you and your writing. Social media usage is also a great opportunity to use keywords in your posts. Many of these sites use hashtags, and these can be your keywords. 

Although career coaching can be done totally online, there are lots of people out there who want your services in person, and you can’t forget about them! Marketing your services locally and online will allow for the most comprehensive type of advertising as it covers all your bases when it comes to your audience. Of course, since blogging can get career coaches more clients, blogging should be your first line of action when it comes to marketing. 

Getting People Involved

Career coaches work in a special type of industry that allows lots of opportunities for professional development and career experience. In fact, as a career coach, getting people involved can become part of your business. 

For instance, your blog is a great place to start. You can feature guest bloggers on your site so they can get writing experience, which will help them with their careers. Having guest bloggers on your website will also diversify your content, as people with many different views and experiences can share their thoughts. 

As your business grows, you can get more people involved. In addition to having guest bloggers, you can also create an internship or volunteer program to give people more experience. In this way, you become a really reliable career coach; not only can you just help people find careers and develop their professional identity, but you can also provide real career growth opportunities, too! 

As a career coach, much of your job revolves around educating others. This is why your content needs to be so varied and comprehensive. Many people are taking your content to heart and applying it to their own lives, so you have to make sure that what you put out into the world is solid and understandable. 

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Start a Blog for Your Career Coaching Business Today

Overall, career coaches can get a lot more by blogging! Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you market your career coaching services! In fact, we provide tons of resources for businesses looking to market both locally and online. For example, we can help you with content creation. In fact, we have a team of qualified writers who can create blog posts for you.

For career coaches in Orlando, Florida, our services are comprised of many. We can help you with online marketing, web development, content creation, local marketing, and mobile app development. An app is a great way to get clients involved with your blog. In fact, you can have a whole app dedicated to just your blog! We can also help you with link building, display advertising, content marketing, website design, Facebook Advertising, and other social media advertising, too. 

Check out SEO Design Chicago today to learn more about how we can help you market your career coaching services! 


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