Why Local SEO Is Important for Breweries

If you already have a brewery or you want to start your brewery, you might have thought about what would be the best way to improve your business. It also doesn’t matter if your brewery is a small independent one or if it is one of the big mega brewery corporations. After all, improvement is what we yearn for when we start a new business or have a business for several years. The very first step that you need to take is to let more people know about your services and products. You need to advertise your business as much as you can with local SEO for breweries. 

Digital advertisement is a vital part of every business these days since the competition in every industry is now much harder than ever. Starting a brewery is no different than others. If you want to start your brewery, you may find out that other breweries are providing many good services to their customers. This may seem intimidating especially if you are starting a brewery for the first time. You might think that you don’t have the experience and no one knows about you in the area, so how are you going to attract customers among all those other breweries that already have many customers? 

Various types of digital marketing can help you with your business. Search engine optimization or SEO has the most effective strategies that can improve your visibility no matter when you started your business and how long you have been running that business, but winning the local competition is why local SEO might be the most important marketing strategy for you when you are just starting your brewery.

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Breweries and Craft Beer

There are different types of breweries. Craft beer is a beer that is made by a small, independent, and traditional brewer. Small breweries are the ones that usually make less beer each year. That is why we use the name small breweries for them. Digital marketing seems much more essential for small businesses when they want to be known among their potential customers. They need digital marketing like any other types of breweries; however, since they are small breweries, they are considered local businesses and they need to be known locally. That is why local SEO is so necessary for the survival and growth of such small breweries. Local SEO can help small businesses that are run locally improve their visibility among other competitors and attract more potential customers to their business. 

Breweries and Near Me Searches

Ever since search engines added locations to their algorithms, “near me” searches have become one of the most popular ones. But what are “near me” searches? “Near me “ search results give you a list of services or products that are closest to your location. We are living in the era of consumerism. People want what they want as quickly as possible. That is the same for everybody and that is why “near me” searches have become so popular ever since. When someone wants to search for breweries, they often look up “best breweries near me.” It’s easy to see why the results of “near me” searches play a significant role in customers’ decisions and why you should use them to your advantage. You have to make sure that every time a potential customer searches “best breweries near me” they can find your brewery somewhere on or close to the top of the list. 

Local SEO for Professional Development

Digital marketing and SEO strategies are very important for your professional development. But for local breweries that produce craft beer, local SEO is one of the necessities for their professional development. But how local SEO can help you achieve professional development?

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Local SEO for Breweries Strategies

First, it is better to know what local SEO is. Local SEO includes methods that would help your website rank higher in local searches. For example, when someone in your area searches for “best craft beer near me,” your website would be at the top of the list or somewhere near the top. This is important because customers usually tend to check the first two or three websites that appear in every search result. This means that you can attract more potential customers by changing your rankings in search engine results. By improving your ranking you also improve your visibility and can attract more targeted traffic to your website. You would also enhance your credibility and build trust among your current and potential customers. There are many local SEO strategies that can help you improve your business by boosting your local ranking. 


Using relevant keywords is probably one of the most significant ways to improve your local ranking. You need to research your targeted audiences’ intentions and know the keywords that they usually use for their queries at your location. 

Content Creation

One of the most effective ways to boost your local rankings is by adding personality to your content. Probably one of the best ways for your local brewery to gain visibility is to use locally-focused information while you are creating content for your website. For example, you can use local expressions to attract local customers, but you still need to keep the language natural. By giving personality to your services and products, you can attract more traffic to your website. 

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Create Your Google My Business

Google My Business is essential for your local SEO strategy. One of the best ways to improve your local business is to optimize your Google My Business listing. You can optimize your GMB profile by updating your content and sharing new information about your business. 

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Most people use their phones to search and find local businesses and services. Most “near me” queries are on smartphones, so your website should look good on mobile devices. You have to design your website in a mobile-friendly way to improve your local ranking. 

Local Link Building

Link building is one of the most effective strategies to improve your local ranking in search results. For local link building, you need to cooperate with local businesses. For example, partnerships, guest posting, etc. are going to be good ways to get backlinks from local websites. 

Social Media

Making profiles on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on can help you improve your local visibility. All you have to do is post regularly and update useful information about your services and products every day. 

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SEO Design Chicago and Brewery Marketing

Using digital marketing and local SEO strategies needs time and expertise, but you also want to focus on your business. Many companies offer you professional SEO and digital advertising services. SEO Design Chicago is one of the best companies that provides its customers with professional digital marketing and SEO services for breweries

We have one of the best and most professional digital marketing teams in the US, serving many customers from various parts of the US and Canada. It does not matter if you are one of those mega-brewery corporations or you have a small and independent brewery, our team can help you improve your business. In case you are running a small and local brewery, our local SEO experts can help you gain visibility in local searches. Our brewery marketing services include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Facebook and Instagram advertising, content creation services for breweries such as social media and website content creation, and photography for breweries

Our team can help you enhance your rankings in local search results. They will help you create a Google My Business account and optimize it. You also need to make sure that your customers can find your brewery on Google Maps. Our services make you stand out among your local competitors and boost your potential customers. Our award-winning team is ready to help you with your business at any level. 


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