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Should you outsource Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing agencies exist for one main reason: they work. They are a great resource for any company that needs to outsource work.  Sometimes you may have projects or initiatives that are beyond the scope of what your employees can do.  An experienced agency can fill in the gaps, so you may not need to hire a full-time employee.  This is why many companies and some smaller agencies consider Agency Outsourcing.

Over the past fifteen years, technology costs have shrunk. Just look at our televisions. Remember that $50,000 tv? It’s now $1,900. High definition televisions are now in almost every household due to the cost drops and improvement in technology. The same is true for digital marketing. As more and more digital marketing companies expand and increase their services to companies, it makes sense for non-digital marketing enabled companies to hire agencies experienced in digital marketing.

Experts in Digital Marketing

It’s extremely difficult for a company to find the right talent. People with the skills it takes to be an expert in SEO, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, and more, are in high demand. And expensive. It can take time and money to find the right candidate. Even if the new associate is experienced, it will take time to get up to speed with your company’s culture. If your new associate is familiar with all aspects of your marketing needs, will they be experts in all? Very doubtful.

Full-service agencies can ensure you have the experts you require for your digital marketing needs. For a fixed price for a certain project, or ongoing marketing support, you’ll be guaranteed an agency full of experts in all aspects of digital marketing.

Risk and Cost Aversion

Employees typically cost twice as much as their salary. Recruiting, training, and the usual benefits add up and detract from you bottom line. If you are a smaller or mid-sized company, you may not want to invest in one or two new employees. When you outsource your work to an agency, you reduce your risks and long-term costs.  Agencies also tend to specialize in certain niches that can make you like a star to the client.

Experienced Agencies are Proven Experts

Assuming you are meeting with accredited agencies, you’ll meet with experts in all aspects of digital marketing. The needs you’re filling are marketing campaigns these agencies work on constantly and for many of their clients. They can help you answer the difficult questions, technological issues, and provide ideas you may not have thought of that will improve your marketing campaign. These agencies live and breath digital marketing. They are there to ensure the best results for your company.

Ever-Changing Technology

Most companies want to invest in marketing technology. Some estimations show there are nearly 5,000 digital marketing platforms from which to choose. Are you going to pick the right one for your company? You better pick the right one, it’s a very costly investment.

Take the worries away and outsource your digital marketing. You’ll get experts who are there to help you succeed. And you won’t have to sign a huge A/R.  

Finally, after reviewing the benefits of outsourcing. Let’s review why it benefits your basic day-to-day business. Focusing on your core business is your business. If you have a meeting with one of your largest suppliers to discuss late shipments, you won’t have to go into the meeting also worrying about your PPC campaign. Your IT department can focus on improving your order taking process because you outsource your digital marketing.

Adding SEO Design Chicago to your team allows you to continue the focus on your company and increase your offerings on a per project basis.  We specialize in activities like Content Creation, Local SEO and Digital Advertising.

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