How to Make ASMR Videos Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you know anyone under the age of 16 fairly well? Then they’ve probably told you about  ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response. That’s the endorphin-producing feeling some people experience when they’re exposed to specific sounds and sights. But it’s not just any sound, image or video. Its sounds include whispering and crinkling. Videos include actions that include specific movements, often ones that are quiet and repetitive. 

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ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

ASMR is a term you should know if you want to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing, or if you just want to look cool to your nieces and nephews. We’ve compiled a list of other social media slang too. 

You’ll find tons of examples of ASMR on YouTube and TikTok. Popular ASMR video creators crumple paper bags, play with slime, brush their hair, fold sheets or whisper very softly into microphones. Fans of ASMR, called “tingleheads,” watch video after video.  They report that ASMR reduces stress, helps them focus and even lulls some insomniacs to sleep. 

Experts say ASMR is a form of synesthesia, a neurological condition in which some people can “taste” shapes or “hear” sounds.

You may be thinking, “Well this is interesting. But how on earth could it help my business?”

It can. ASMR videos have been used by brands to capture attention of ASMR devotees. And there’s more of them than you think. There are 4,350,000 videos tagged with “ASMR” on YouTube. On average, 11 new videos are posted with this tag every hour.

How Many People Identify as Tingleheads?

People may not call themselves “tingleheads,” but according to researchers at UCLA, a large part of the U.S. population finds ASMR stimuli relaxing and destressing. 

One study found that 75 percent of study participants felt a good-feeling tingling sensation when they heard people whispering. Some 64 percent reported feeling good when they heard “crisp or crinkling sounds,” such as wrapping paper being crinkled up. 

There are more than 70,000 subscribers of the ASMR subreddit, with hundreds actively online and browsing the page at any given time.

A recent report estimated that 20% of the population has a response to some type of ASMR trigger. So if you want to catch the attention of 20% of people, creating ASMR content for your website or social media may be worth your time and money, especially if your products or services are somewhat “made” for ASMR. 

Here’s an example of how a business realized, “Wow. Our product has some ASMR stimuli that may attract the attention of people and grow our brand awareness and maybe even our sales.”

And the business isn’t someone selling slime (those businesses have already seized ASRM digital marketing strategies). It was Michelob. That’s right. A beer company. 

How to Make ASMR Videos Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Michelob: How a Beer Company Realized ASRM Content Could Increase Brand Awareness and Sales

Michelob Ultra used ASMR videos when they ran a Super Bowl ad in 2019 featuring actress Zoe Kravitz. In it, she snapped her fingers, whispered and cracked open a bottle of beer, making an audible noise. And then the foam bubbles over. What a sight! And a sound! 

IKEA: How ASMR Videos Promoted Bedding

A lot of companies send their products to influencers who then use their products in ASMR videos. That’s one approach. IKEA, a leading furniture company, made their own ASMR videos. 

In this content, which went viral, a woman ran her hands over her IKEA sheets, smoothing them out or lightly scratching them. The viewers can hear soft and calming sounds, see a repetitive motion and they leave feeling assured that  it is relaxing to lie on IKEA duvets and cushions. The video was even called one of the most satisfying ads ever.

“A series like this is very much in keeping with the Ikea character,” said Ogilvy’s creative director Della Mathew and Ikea external communications specialist Kerri Homsher in an email to Adweek. “Plus, the format of ASMR videos allows you to deliver product benefits in a pleasant, calming way, something a TV spot or print ad doesn’t always succeed at. We hope this demonstrates to everyone who watches that Ikea has solutions that make your homework better. But really, we hope it does what it’s supposed to do: help everyone who watches it relax a little.”

Applebee’s: How Grill Sounds Got People Eating In a Restaurant

Applebee’s Grill Sounds video became a viral sensation. 

Sure, there’s none of the drama of a Gordon Ramsey show. Or the fun of Nailed It. But the short video appeals to meat lovers who can’t resist the sight of flames and sounds of the grill.

Gentlewhispering: How an Influencer Helps Companies Make Money

The top ASMR channel on YouTube’ is gentlewhispering. They have over  56,000,000 total views. Assuming the channel only earns the minimum CPM share from YouTube, this means its owner – a woman in Maryland named Maria – could  have made over $130,000 a year on average.

Maria is an influencer. Often companies with ASMR friendly products will send goods to people like Maria and hope she or others use them in videos, and tag the brand. Other companies make ASMR videos themselves. You can also do both, or hire a third party vendor like us to do this for you. 

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What Other Companies Can Make ASMR Videos?

Visual and auditory triggers like crinkling bubble wrap, smooshing slime, nail tapping or wrapping gifts can induce ASMR responses.

So if your business sells goods related to one of those (or anything remotely like it), you’d be foolish not to create ASMR videos for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Many companies familiar with ASMR create videos that trigger responses from their viewers. Those responses can include interacting with the content by liking it or sharing it, visiting a company’s website, commenting or making a purchase. YouTube reported that relaxation videos — including ASMR—have increased by 70 percent recently. 

Here are some other businesses that can naturally, quickly and easily create ASMR videos:

  • Any beverages that can be uncorked or unpopped
  • Any product that produces soothing noises, like fans
  • Anything that bubbles, like fish tanks
  • Anything that’s soft to push into, like certain types of stuffed animals
  • Anything that makes audible soft noises when pressing into it, like slime and other art supplies
  • Anything that includes page turning, like books or journals
  • Anything involving wrapping or folding like invitations or bubble wrap
  • Any foods that make interesting noises or sounds, like bubble gum or candies or involve slow eating
  • Any product involving nail care, so you can easily produce content that shows people tapping nails
  • Any makeup, haircare, or skin care products, all of which, with the right audio enhancements, can provide soothing sounds

And if you don’t have the time to create ASMR videos, or aren’t a believer in the marketing benefits of ASMR content, we can create the content for you, then prove it’s building brand awareness and sales through data driven reports that we’ll deliver regularly.

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Does ASMR Content Really Lead To Purchases? 

People buy stuff, or at least become aware of their surroundings (and brands) when they feel good. 

“From a personality perspective, people with ASMR tend to be more open to sensory experiences in general,” said Stephen Smith, a professor of psychology at the University said in an interview with a respected publication.  “They also tend to score higher on some measures of mindfulness, particularly those relating to being curious about the sensations that their body is experiencing.”

ASMR videos aren’t going to be up every customer’s alley but the people who don’t like it probably won’t seek out ASMR content. They probably don’t know it exists.

Get In On the ASMR Video Trend 

If you are a brand that wants to get in on the ASMR trend, give it a try! After all, video content should be a part of every company’s marketing strategy in 2023. ASMR services might be the answer for your business and we can explain why, and even prove it to you by creating a few videos and showing you the results in terms of ROI. 

What pleasing sound in your business or industry might make a good video? We are experts on ASMR for Chicago companies and companies located elsewhere. Contact SEO Design Chicago’s professional videographers for help creating your very own ASMR video for YouTube.



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